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  In recent years, the bodybuilding trend has improved, coupled with the popularization of health concepts, many people have begun to pursue bodybuilding. Improve yourself by going to the gym, eating fitness meals, etc., to achieve personal goals. As more and more people demand professionalism, even post-exercise muscle repairs are provided with special “massager gun” subsidies. However, the massager gun amazon can’t be pressed all over the body. If it is used in the wrong place, it may not be loosened, and it may be injured.

  Things you should pay attention to before using the fitness artifact “massager gun”. The massager gun uses the rapid vibration of the front head to massage the tight muscles after training, which can effectively achieve a soothing feeling. However, it is particularly reminded that the massager gun is only suitable for massaging the “large muscles” of the body parts. If it is pressed on the neck, spine and other parts with less flesh, it may damage the inverted ligaments or bones. Even, pressing on the neck will compress the blood supply, causing dizziness.

  If you want to massage the spine, there are different tips to do the replacement, and follow a fixed direction to massage. But remind everyone, don’t just take a kmart massage gun to strengthen the pain point because a certain part is particularly sore. This will cause nerve or muscle strain. The best way to deal with it is to vibrate around the sore point as a massage point, or directly ask a doctor for help.

  The function of massager gun costco is only to soothe and relax. If you have a sore problem, you still need to consult a professional doctor. Don’t use the massager gun as a tool for curing all diseases. If you accidentally operate it, it may be pressed on the wrong part. It is not cost-effective to cause more damage to the body.

kmart massage gun

  Massage gun walmart has been popular for several years, if you don’t know the principle and effect, please read this one!

  massage gun ireland percussion massage therapy:

  Through concentrated high-frequency pressure pulses to target various parts of the body, it accelerates and enhances the repair of deep muscle tissue. This can increase blood flow to different key parts of the body, thereby relieving pain and improving the range of motion and function. It can also help stretch and stimulate muscles before exercise, thereby enhancing flexibility, athletic performance and physical reflexes. In addition, our brain is very responsive to high-frequency massage, which makes the muscle aches and pains become more sensitive and penetrates into the deep tissues.

  The magic massage gun walmart can relax your muscles in 15 minutes?

  Simply put, it uses high frequency (40 vibrations per second) and up to 80 pounds of strength to relieve muscle fatigue, promote blood and lymph circulation, reduce lactic acid accumulation, and activate the nervous system and muscles. Allow athletes or those suffering from muscle and muscle pain to have massage therapy at home.

  muscle deep tissue massage gun generally has 4 “massage heads”, it is recommended to choose according to the following conditions.

  Large round head: Use when pressing large muscles, such as thighs and calves.

  Thinner round head: Use when pressing on thinner muscles, such as the back and shoulders.

  Cone head: For specific locations, such as the feet, relieve plantar fascia pain.

  Attention: It is not recommended to use it above the neck, genital organs, wounds, wounds that are not completely healed, and children under 8 years old.

muscle massage gun walmart

  After burning fat efficiently, your body must be all kinds of soreness isn’t it all coincidentally? Pectoral muscle pain, arm pain, abdominal pain, thigh pain and many other discomforts. Today the old king will teach you how to solve all kinds of muscle soreness after exercise, chest back legs hands are not in the conversation, that is kraft gun massager relaxation method.

  The general method of using the kraft gun to relax the muscle groups

  massage gun reviews through precise and powerful hit, penetrate deep fascia, reduce muscle and fascia adhesion, for the stiff muscle to do stretch, quickly eliminate muscle fatigue.

  Whether it’s sports and fitness, work, daily life caused by muscle aches and pains can be effectively and easily relieved. However, it is important to note that the fascial gun does not feel where the soreness is hit. If used improperly, it not only can not relieve muscle soreness, but also may stimulate blood vessels, causing muscle spasms. Well directly follow the old king’s “rhythm” for massage gun kmart the correct way to use.

  Upper trapezius bundle relaxation

  Take the superior trapezius muscle for example, the shoulder and neck area is very close to the bones and joints and needs special attention. The first step is to touch the upper trapezius muscle with your hand to feel the direction of the muscle fibers, and the second step is to feel the trigger point, for example, the trigger point of the trapezius muscle is concentrated in the central area. For muscle soreness caused by daily life, take out the fascia gun and tap along the muscle fiber course. Use the fascia gun to hold a single point against the trigger point for 20 to 30 seconds.

  Muscle relaxation in the upper arm area

  For muscle relaxation in the upper arm area, take the biceps as an example. First touch the muscle group on the anterior side of the upper arm to find the direction of the muscle fibers. Then feel the trigger point again Normally, the trigger point of the biceps is concentrated in the central area. Afterwards, take out the kmart massage gun and tap along the course of the muscle fibers, holding a single point against the trigger point for 20 to 30 seconds.

  Muscle relaxation in the thigh section

  The muscle relaxation of the thighs is based on the quadriceps muscle as an example, again following the above points. First squeeze your thigh to feel the direction of the muscle, then find the trigger point and follow the direction of the muscle and hit the muscle back and forth, again finding the trigger point for 20~30 seconds.

  Well, the above is the general use of the body massager gun for various parts of the body muscles, in this words for a summary of.

  The first step is to touch the muscles with your hands to feel the direction of the muscle fibers

  Step 2, feel the trigger point

  Step 3, take out the phoenix massager gun and tap along the direction of the muscle fibers.

  Step 4, stay at the trigger point for 20-30 seconds

  The above four-step method is a universal method for every muscle group.

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  Massager gun amazon (Fascial) is the connective tissue that wraps the muscles. It is composed of densely arranged collagen fibers, like a tough film that wraps the muscle fibers. The main function is to connect the muscle fibers to help the muscles perform Contraction and stretching exercises also protect the muscles. Since the massage gun has only been widely noticed by the medical community in the past ten years, there are actually different opinions on the exact definition of “massager gun relaxation”. The most common ones are “massager gun can be relaxed” and “massager gun.” Cannot be relaxed” these two groups of argument.

  Statement 1: gun massager argos can be relaxed

  People who believe that the massager gun can be relaxed, we are in the process of exercise, in addition to the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles and cause pain, the muscle massager gun will also be pulled during the exercise. If the massager gun loses its elasticity, it will affect the mobility of the muscles and easily cause the muscles to be injured. Therefore, in addition to muscle stretching after exercise, the aid of equipment (such as roller massage) or stretching posture to help the massager gun relax can speed up the recovery after exercise and relieve the feeling of muscle tightness.

  Statement 2: kmart massage gun cannot be relaxed, it promotes the relaxation of surrounding muscles through pressure stimulation

  Those who feel that the massager gun cannot be relaxed think that the massager gun is a collagen-rich connective tissue, and its toughness makes it the second bone of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to use external force to deform the massager gun with bare hands. It is quite difficult. Robert Schleip, a German research authority on massager electric, pointed out in his research on massager gun (Fascial plasticity – a new neurobiological explanation) that a massager gun can sense changes in pressure. When a certain part of the body’s massager gun is under pressure, in order to avoid muscle When the tissue is injured, it will send a signal to the brain to readjust the tension of the massager gun, which promotes the feeling of relaxation in the muscles around the pressure. We can think of the massager gun as a tights covering the whole body. When the tights feel tight, we are not trying to break the clothes to relax, but by adjusting the position of the clothes to allow the tension to be properly distributed.

  Regardless of what it is said, the core concept of relaxation is actually to adjust the tension and pressure of the body tissues through auxiliary tools or specific posture stretching to achieve the effect of relieving tightness.

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  Muscle massage gun reviews are very helpful for CrossFit athletes, warming up before training, speeding up recovery after training, and so on.

  CROSSFIT is a fitness training system originated in the United States, founded in 2000 by Greg Glassman.

  How to use muscle after CrossFit exercise

  This time I will take everyone to pay attention to some of the key areas that need to be paid attention to before and after CrossFit exercise, including the middle and lateral gastrocnemius muscles, which can optimize ankle dorsiflexion, help squat lower, and also talk about the iliac-tibial band, adductor muscles, and pear shape. Muscles (rotators of the hips), chest muscles of the upper body, trapezius muscles on the shoulders, forearms (because weightlifting can cause these muscles to be very tight, so you must be fully prepared and rehabilitation)

  Use muscle massage gun ireland to start with the gastrocnemius

  Slide up and down on the back of the calf, avoiding the calcaneus, find the sensitive and sore area and stay there for 30 seconds, because 30 seconds of vibration and pressure will stimulate the muscle receptors, which will relax the muscles and help stretch the tissues. stretch.

  After treating both calves, release the iliac-tibial band.

  Use muscle massage gun walmart to treat the iliac band

  Starting from the outside of the buttocks, go down the outside of the thigh, and stay at the tenderness point for 30 seconds. At this time, everyone should avoid the knee joints, hip joints and hip bones. After both sides are loosened, come to the hamstrings.

  Use muscle massage gun to loosen the hamstrings

  The hamstring is a large muscle on the back of the thigh, first on the outside, and staying at the tender point for 30 seconds; then in the middle, sliding up and down, staying at the tender point for 30 seconds, and the piriformis muscle is loosened on both sides

  Use muscle massage gun to massage the piriformis

  The front and back of the hip bone are called the ilia, and the piriformis muscle is deep in the hip and stays at the tender point for 30 seconds. The health of the piriformis helps the squat depth during CrossFit fitness and prevents excessive stress on the knees, hip joints and back.

  After sitting down, relax the upper body, first loosen the chest muscles to avoid the clavicle, shoulder and biceps junction, and the acromion. Use the muscle massage gun to loosen only the chest muscles. Also stay at the tender point for 30 seconds.

  Followed by measuring the trapezius muscle on the shoulder, avoiding the acromion, clavicle, and cervical spine, using muscle massage gun benefits for deep relaxation of the trapezius muscle, which is very beneficial for warm-up preparation and exercise rehabilitation.

  When relaxing the arm, replace the massage head of the muscle massage gun deep tissue massager with a flat head to loosen the forearm.

  This helps to recover after lifting dumbbells, barbells or pull-ups in CrossFit.

  Use the massage blade to slide back and forth on the inside of the front half of the arm, avoiding the wrist bones and elbow joints, and acting on the deep flexors of the forearm. Stay at the tender point for 30 seconds.

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  Walking is a very good training exercise. I believe many people are familiar with it. In fact, walking is a sport between walking and race walking. Of course, walking is very beneficial to people, and it is not dependent on age. , Gender, physical strength, etc. So, how long does it take for ordinary people to lose weight by walking? Next, let’s take a look at how long it will take effect.

  How long does it take to lose weight by walking?

  It is recommended to walk 40 to 60 minutes a day. The specific number of steps varies from person to person. It is recommended to maintain 120-140 steps per minute, or even more than 140 steps.

  The benefits of daily walking

  1. Improve cardiopulmonary function and endurance

  is prominently manifested in reducing the heart rate at rest and during exercise under the same load, as well as increasing lung capacity, which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and cardiac emergencies. If a cardiac emergency occurs, it can also reduce its severity;

  2. Weight loss

  Insisting on walking exercise can significantly reduce body fat weight, reduce body fat percentage, increase and maintain muscle weight, endurance and strength;

  3. Promote bone and joint health

  can increase bone density, bone and joint strength, increase the strength of ligaments and tendons, prevent damage to various bones, joints, muscles, and tendons, and reduce the risk of osteoporosis;

  What are the misunderstandings of walking

  1. No lower abdomen

  Walking with a small belly straight, not only the posture is not good, but also the walking is difficult, and it is not easy to achieve the effect of weight loss. Pay attention to slowly tightening the lower abdomen when walking, and then slowly stretch it with the frequency of exercise. The abdominal muscles can be exercised well between the rest and the rest.

  2. Twisted limbs

  Some people like to shake their arms when walking, and think they can increase the amount of exercise. In fact, if the arm swing is too large, but the pace cannot be kept consistent, it will reduce the effective exercise level of walking, and it will become more tired as you walk, and the speed will become slower and slower. The correct approach is to relax your arms and allow your wrists to swing back and forth naturally, not higher than the shoulders.

  3. Walking with weight

  Some hikers carry backpacks and other items. If they carry too heavy things, their knees will be overloaded and will be easily injured. The weight should be carried so that they do not feel strenuous when walking.

  4. Quickly walk and stop

  Many people start without warming up, which tends to strain their muscles. Therefore, if you stretch moderately before walking, you can increase the speed when the feet are warm. Don’t slam the brakes when you want to rest. Slow down before stopping.

muscle massager gun

  In the past few days, I have seen some friends asking whether the massage gun can massage the muscles behind the neck, that is, the shoulder and neck position.

  It can be, but it can only be used in the lower part of the back neck.

  Because the neck is a more critical position of the human body, there are major arteries, trachea, esophagus, cervical spine and other key parts, so the front and side necks cannot be massaged with a fascia gun.

  Of course, Lao Wang has also published before about using the kmart massage gun to massage the shoulder and neck muscles. Those who are interested can check it out.

  Use massage gun near me to massage the trapezius muscle at the back of the neck. Because there are muscles that can be stressed, you can use a fascia gun to massage and relax.

  In fact, everyone only needs to grasp: the use of massager gun amazon must be applied to the thicker muscles, there is no big problem.