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  Speaking of the bench press, I believe we are not unfamiliar with the bench press is a common fitness exercise, and the bench press is also divided into the upper incline bench press and flat bench press and other types, but the upper incline bench press and flat bench press is there are some differences, such as the exercise of muscle groups. So, what are the differences between the incline bench press and the flat bench press? Here’s a look at what the differences are.

  The difference between upward incline bench press and flat bench press

  1. the exercise muscle groups are different

  In fact, we do each fitness action, but it needs to exercise the position is different, so you can do the appropriate action according to the effect you want. If you want to make the middle of your pectoral muscles look more solid, you can choose to use the flat bench press. Then the different grip distance for muscle exercise is also different, it will make your whole middle of the abdominal muscles look more three-dimensional full.

  On the contrary, the upper incline bench press. Push is to exercise the top of our pectoral muscles, it is different from the flat bench press he can exercise to the latter can not reach the position. When your upper chest training is more perfect, the overall muscle line will look better. So you can do it according to your specific needs.

  2. the angle of inclination of the exercise is not the same

  As you know the two movements, for the specific exercise position of our muscles are different. Flat bench press, as the name implies is lying on top of the gym equipment raw against the flat exercise. Different from this is, up incline bench press he needs to adjust the height of the plate, usually, just need the rest of the ground at an angle of thirty degrees on, but for different people, choose the correct angle of inclination, for fitness is quite important.

  The upper incline pushing action essentials

  Supine on the adjustable incline bench, head in a high position, so that the torso and the ground is about 30 degrees, the barbell should be pushed up vertically until the barbell is in the vertical line of the shoulder joint, so that the pectoralis major is in the “peak contraction” position, and stop.

  The main points of flat bench press

  Adopt wide grip distance, so that the pectoralis major muscle can be fully extended and thoroughly contracted; require the torso and chest to rise upward into a bridge shape, both shoulders sink, and the bar is placed on the upper chest at 1 cm above the nipple; when the barbell is pushed up until both arms are straight, the pectoralis major muscle must be in the “peak contraction” position, and pause. Exhale through the nose when pushing up, and inhale through the mouth when restoring.

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  Is the protein shaker bottle for fitness really tasteless? Its function is actually here

  What protein shaker bottle do I need to drink a protein powder? Is this protein shaker bottle a fool, or is it really useful?

  We all know that the protein powder’s instructions also mention that it must be shaken evenly so that the protein can be better absorbed by the body. This is true. The focus is on shaking, and if you use a bowl or an ordinary cup, it is difficult to shake completely. This is mainly because there is a professional “blender” in the protein shaker bottle, usually a stainless steel ball or The spiral spring, in fact, even if you take an ordinary cup and add a stirrer in it, you can shake it well.

  Then why do we choose protein shaker bottle?

  1. Material safety. The material of the protein shaker bottle is mostly equivalent to that of baby bottles, which is more environmentally friendly and does not contain BPA. Bisphenol A can be mixed into drinks when heated. Bisphenol A can disrupt the body’s metabolism and cause cancer. However, it should be mentioned that many of the low-quality protein shaker bottles that are bought for protein powder can not be counted as many. Not only the material is not good, but also because of the poor sealing, it is very easy to leak, which makes people embarrassed in the process of shaking powder.

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  2. More beautiful and professional. Most protein shaker bottles are layered, leaving a functional area for protein powder and pill supplements at the bottom. Friends who have used it all know that adding water and then pouring powder is not easy to form a precipitate at the bottom. Pour the powder first. If the cup is wet and then add water, it will stick to the bottom and it will not be easy to shake.

  Therefore, it is recommended that you use a professional protein shaker bottle to shake the powder. The purpose is to be convenient, easy to use, and safe.

  But in the process of using the protein shaker bottle, an “invisible bomb” will be planted inadvertently.

  I dare say that most people have been tainted by the bad gas in their protein shaker bottle because they forgot to clean the protein shaker bottle in time. As a result, they were overwhelmed by the odorous shock wave as soon as the lid was opened. If the protein shaker bottle is not cleaned in time, it will really kill your appetite in minutes.

  As for why it smells? It’s not because of the quality of the powder, it will happen to any protein powder. The main reason is that after we finished drinking the protein powder, we did not clean up the residue in the cup in time, while the bacteria, mold and other microorganisms in the air survive in the cup. Especially when you close the lid, these bacteria will decompose the remaining protein in the cup to form hydrogen sulfide, skatole and other substances. When you open it again, the stench will blow on your face. Moreover, it is very difficult to remove this peculiar smell after cleaning again, because hydrogen sulfide is corrosive and will penetrate into the inner wall of the cup.

  So please wash it immediately after drinking the powder, wash it immediately, wash it immediately! Do not cover the lid after washing, and ventilate it to dry, so that there will be no more peculiar smell.

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