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  Supine leg lift is a very effective exercise. When practicing supine leg lift, you must first understand the essentials and benefits of supine leg lift. Only by doing this can you better practice supine leg lift. Of course, if you practice supine leg lift frequently There are many benefits to raising your legs. What are the benefits of lying on the back for women? If you are not sure, you can come and have a look.

  The benefits of lying on your back for women

  1. Promote blood return from lower limbs

  When the human body performs supine leg lifts, the legs will be raised and then move up and down. At this time, the blood of the lower limbs of the human body can flow well, which has the effect of promoting the blood return of the lower limbs of the human body to a certain extent.

  2. Stovepipe

  The main part of the leg lift is the human body’s legs. It is a kind of aerobic exercise with a relatively large amount of exercise. Long-term moderate exercise can help the human body to thin the legs.

  3. Exercise leg lines

  Supine leg lift can not only promote the slimming of the human legs, but also help to train the muscle lines of the human legs, help to shape the perfect leg curve, and have a certain effect of training the human leg lines.

  Supine leg raise action essentials

  1. Lie on your back on a stool or the ground, put your hands under your hips for support, and straighten your feet forward. If you want to make it more difficult, you can lie down with your hips at one end of the stool, that is, your legs will be overhead.

  2. Always keep your legs straight, ascend as much as possible, and pause for a few seconds at the highest point (about 90 degrees between the body and the legs).

  3. Lower your legs under control, return to the starting position, and repeat.

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  The Voltrx back massager may not be huge, but it provides an intense massage for your entire body in a lightweight and portable package. With our massage gun, you can easily target any area that needs deep tissue relief, including the neck, lower back, upper back, chest, arms, hips, calves, hamstrings and adductors. As you insert the massage gun into the muscles and joints around your body, you can adjust the intensity as needed.

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  The vibrations produced by the portable neck massager will warm your muscle tissue and improve blood flow to the area. Think of it as a miniature hammer that repeatedly strikes the soft tissue, causing increased blood flow to the area. The gentle pressure helps relax tight muscle tissue and softens scar-like tissue, thus lengthening muscle fibers.

  They are healthy and effective and provide quick relief from discomfort in certain areas of the body that are often tense if not used properly, such as the neck, shoulders and lower back. They can also be used to warm up muscles before a workout or to help relax them.

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  The muscle massage gun works like an excavator’s crushing hammer, which is a reciprocating motion. But the driving principle is actually quite a lot worse, just like the Gatling and pea shooter is so much worse, right?

  Breaking hammer we have seen a lot, whack rock whack cement what can be whack, behind is a strong and reliable system to do support. Simply put, it is a hydraulic and pneumatic system with reversing valve to drive the brazing rod up and down movement. The massage gun is used to relax the human muscle, not as strong as the crushing hammer, the movement is also very simple.

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  So some DIY players will buy a special massage head to be installed on the Curve saw alone, moving small hands on the transformation of the massage gun affordable alternative. But the power of the Curve saw is too large, you need to plug the electricity also dragged the wire can not adjust the speed, noise and vibration directly take off. So it is still recommended to buy a massage gun.

  Voltrx muscle massager structure, is powered by lithium batteries, drive plate to provide variable speed, digital display what function, motor drive eccentric wheel, eccentric wheel drive drive rod, drive rod drive massage head. Product quality is very good, the price is moderate, a long time of stable use is no problem.

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  With the increasing prevalence of sports exercise, the style of massage guns sold on the market is also constantly iterating, in addition to reference to variable speed gears, range and other performance in the purchase of massage guns, to find the right gun for their own fascia.

  Myofascial gun selection from five aspects to choose

  Massage head type

  The massage head is an important accessory for the effect of the fascia gun, with the massage head can provide the appropriate massage effect according to different muscle parts.

  Large round head: massage, relax the whole body size muscle groups.

  Pointed head: also has a round bullet head, finger-type head variations, for single-point deep massage, but remember that the time can not exceed 15 seconds.

  Forked head: used to massage the neck, spine and heel muscles, stimulation is greater.

  Round flat head: used for patting and shaping the whole body small and large muscle groups.

  Half-moon head: along the direction of the muscle group massage, can be fixed to apply force to focus on the massage area.


  The weight of the fascia gun is also one of the key points to be examined by all the partners, too heavy body will cause the burden of the user when holding a single hand, suitable for holding the weight of about 1 kg or less.

  Variable speed gear

  Variable speed frequency determines the intensity of the massage, so that users can choose the appropriate strength of muscle massage, when the gun has more variable speed frequency, it can meet the needs of different strength of massage.

  Battery life

  Although in the use of fascia gun, it is not recommended to use more than 1 minute in the same part, but the whole body massage round of small and large muscle groups also need a lot of time, so the battery life of the fascia gun will be very important.

  Noise / noise reduction

  At present, various manufacturers have suppressed the sound produced by the muscle massage gun, but some partners still think that the late night use at home will be noisy to the neighbors, so in the purchase can still check the decibel sound of the fascia gun, especially for the use of partners at home need to pay more attention to the sound insulation problem. 60 decibels or less of noise is acceptable.

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  First of all, let’s take a look at what is a cramp?

  We commonly call “cramp” is “muscle spasm”, it is a kind of muscle spontaneous tonic contraction. It is a spontaneous tonic contraction of the muscles. We usually see it in the calves and toes. It is very painful during the attack and may last for several seconds or even tens of seconds. Especially in the middle of the night cramps often wake people up in pain.

  Cramps, since they are contraction spasms of the muscles, are naturally hammerable using a fascial gun.

  Previous solutions to cramps.

  In the past, if a muscle cramp occurred in the calf, the usual practice was to have someone rub the cramped muscle with both hands to “knead” the contracted muscle, and then the cramp would disappear. But because muscle cramps happen so suddenly and with normal hands it is difficult to rub the spastic muscles open, unless you are a professional muscle restorer. At this time, if you have a myofascial gun with you, you can turn it on to the maximum setting and press it against the cramped area, which will soon disperse the cramped muscles.

  The three states of leg cramps

  Methods of using the fascial gun.

  These are not created out of nothing, but are deeply experienced. The first few months I was trapped at home, every day I would go to the court to play ball, and unknowingly my calves would cramp up during the ball game. I took my Voltrx muscle massage gun with me on the third day, because I knew that it was the strongest myofascial gun I had ever seen. When calf cramps occur on the court, he uses it to hammer the cramp and “knock” it back quickly.

  Again, if you really want to use a fascia gun to deal with “muscle cramps”, please choose a trusted brand, Voltrx muscle gun is definitely worth having.

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  After an excessive amount of physical exertion, which includes no shortage of work exertion, running, playing ball and gym workouts. When you get home, playing a plate of hot water foot bath can dissipate your own fatigue, so that you can quickly get rest, it is very necessary to restore physical and mental strength, which is actually the same as going to a massage parlor for foot massage relaxation. Podiatry is the main purpose of blood circulation by pressing the acupuncture points on the bottom of the foot or by stimulating the pain points.

  And the use of the fascia gun is like a substitute for artificial only, we know that the role of the fascia gun is to deep muscle relaxation massage, in order to accelerate blood circulation. The use of massage head is a good response to the needs of different parts of the human body.

  If you want to use the fascia gun for foot massage, the cylindrical massage head is good to deal with single-point massage, as long as you can find the corresponding foot acupuncture points. Of course, if your feet are more sensitive, spherical massage head is a good choice. But in the relaxation effect is not as fast as the cylindrical head.

  The specific foot massage steps are: first use the massage gun with a spherical massage head to warm up the soles of the feet, and then use the cylindrical massage head for further massage and relaxation.

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  Stretching and relaxing the myofascia can not only prevent sports injuries, but also enhance sports performance, voltrx massage gun can help you. Older people actually need to maintain and activate the myofascia, however, older people need to be more careful than younger people in stretching and relaxing the myofascia!

  In the past few years, we have been understanding more and more about myofascia, and slowly we have built up the right concept. We used to think that myofascia only needs to be stretched, and then we added the concept of massage, and finally if we add myofascial strengthening training, especially focusing on improving the elasticity of myofascia, if we can do all three aspects, then myofascia can be kept healthy.

  However, there is another problem with myofascia is aging. If you have never done maintenance and training for myofascia before, then myofascia will slowly become less and less elastic over time and more and more prone to injury and inflammation, so many elderly people with myofascia problems come to the clinic and often say: I do the same thing, how can I not get pain and inflammation before? In fact, the problem is that the action is the same, but your myofascia has already aged and become brittle and weak. Therefore, activation and relaxation of myofascia is a very important issue, so let’s look at myofascial problems from the perspective of the elderly!

  The common problem of myofascia in the elderly is the deterioration of elasticity. Possible causes include: lack of stretching or exercise, which leads to shortening and tightening of the myofascia, or insufficient hydration, which leads to dehydration of the myofascia. Many clinical conditions are caused by myofascia becoming brittle and stiff, and the more common problems are as follows.

  Plantar fasciitis: The myofascia at the back of the calf connects to the Achilles tendon and then wraps around the heel to become the plantar fascia extending all the way to the toes. If special efforts are not made to stretch this section of myofascia from the calf to the bottom of the foot, then the plantar fascia will become tighter and tighter, eventually leading to inflammation

  Stiff neck and back pain: From the head, neck, back, buttocks to the back of the lower limbs, as long as there is a certain part of the myofascia is too tight, it may lead to stiffness and pain in the shoulder, neck and back, and even, spinal degeneration and long bone spurs are often co-existing with the problems of these fascia or as a result of each other.

  Tennis elbow: Overuse of the muscles on the front side of the arm or too tight fascia can increase the tension of the tendons on the front side of the arm, leading to inflammation at the point where the tendons meet the bones of the elbow, which is called tennis elbow.

  Myofasciitis around the knee joint: The knee joint is often the earliest joint to begin to degenerate in older people because the degeneration of the knee joint leads to chronic inflammation, and the inflammation of the joint makes the muscles around the knee joint tight and stiff, including the quadriceps on the front and outside of the thigh, the popliteus on the back of the knee fossa, and the muscles on the upper part of the rear calf. These muscles are tight because it hurts to bear the weight of the joint when walking, and the muscles do not have enough strength to share the weight of the body, so the muscles have to become very stiff, so stiff that it is like a knee brace, but the excessive stiffness of the muscles will produce pain and inflammation, so the degenerative knee joint, as long as the time is long, often combined with very serious myofascial pain problems.

  Myofasciitis around the hip joint: As above, the hip joint is also the same as the knee joint, and the surrounding muscles, including the gluteus and iliopsoas muscles and the adductor muscles, will also be accompanied by degenerative hip arthritis together with myofascial pain problems.

  So, what are the appropriate ways to relax myofascial muscles in the elderly? Which methods are not suitable?

  Generally, the common ways of myofascial relaxation are stretching, roller, peanut ball, myofascial gun, freehand massage, etc. Under normal circumstances, these ways of myofascial relaxation are possible, however, because the skin and blood vessels of the elderly are more fragile, the force of massage should not be too large, and stretching should never be forced.

  It is recommended to do active stretching, not passive stretching, that is, as much as possible with their own strength or weight to do stretching, this is called active stretching, because there is often a situation is, when the stretching class, the coach or students are too eager to help stretch out, often a pressure on the fascia to tear, or joint dislocation and so on. Therefore, unless you are a medical professional, do not let others help you stretch because it is very easy to strain or even lead to misalignment or slippage of joints, etc. The most unwelcome is spinal slippage.

  Are there any benefits of myofascial relaxation for the elderly?

  Myofascial relaxation can maintain the flexibility and elasticity of the fascia, which makes it less prone to injury or painful inflammation of the tendons. The recommended stretching for the elderly must be done without injury, so try to choose a more stable movement and one that does not cause increased pressure on the joints.

  What should I pay special attention to when doing myofascial stretching and relaxation for the elderly and mature people?

  The parts that should be avoided with a fascial gun: The parts that are more likely to be injured include the spinal nerves and blood vessels, therefore, the spine in the middle of the body, the head and face should not be hit with a massage gun. People who have arthritis problems in their wrists or finger joints are not recommended to use the fascia gun to relax, because the vibration force of the gun may make the joint inflammation become more serious.

  If you want to stretch these parts, you should be careful, and it is better to stretch on your own rather than passively, that is to say, don’t let others help you to pull and press the spine, it is better to stretch within the range you can do, and not to have pain during and after stretching.

  About roller relaxation: For older people, rollers are not suitable for relaxing the lumbar muscles because the lumbar spine is already relatively unstable, plus the trunk strength of older people is weaker, so if rollers are used to roll the lumbar muscles, it will often cause greater pushing pressure on the lumbar spine, which may lead to serious lumbar spine slippage, and conversely, people with lumbar spine slippage are not recommended to use rollers to relax the lumbar muscles.

  After the stretching and relaxation: Since older people are more prone to postural hypotension, remember to stay from lying to sitting and from doing to standing for a while, so as not to feel dizzy before you can stand up, and remember to drink more warm water afterwards.

  Myofascial relaxation is something everyone needs to do, and people of all ages can maintain their health through myofascial relaxation, they just need to find the most suitable myofascial stretching and relaxation and training methods, as long as they can maintain the flexibility of myofascial, it can reduce many musculoskeletal joint system damage and slow down the degeneration, the benefits are actually very much, but it takes time to do, and must be done continuously. This will prevent myofascial aging or rejuvenate the aging myofascial!

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  Nowadays, more and more young people pay attention to body management, hoping to quickly slim body shaping in a short period of time, of which, many people will use drugs, equipment, muscle massage gun is one of them!

  The fascia gun products are varied, expensive to thousands of dollars, as low as tens of dollars, fascia gun really so “God”?

  How does the myofascial gun work?

  Fascia belongs to the accessory tissue of the muscle, is a layer of connective tissue throughout the body, wrapped around the muscles, muscle groups, blood vessels, nerves, according to the level is divided into shallow fascia, deep fascia. The deep fascia of the extremities is deep between the muscles and the bone, which acts as a buffer to prevent friction during muscle contraction. Fascial gun uses a special high-speed motor to drive the “gun head”, which acts on the deep muscle and soft tissue through rapid and continuous mechanical vibration, effectively relieving tissue adhesions and overexcitation, and rapidly decomposing inflammatory products, thus achieving the effect of promoting metabolism and improving tissue environment.

  The earliest myofascial gun was used to relax sore muscles after exercise, in the NBA live screen, often see players off the court in the rest, immediately use the myofascial gun for relaxation and muscle protection. But now there are many people will fascia gun as a slimming tool, some users say that through the fascia gun to soothe the calf muscles, you can obviously see the muscles are relaxed, the legs have become slender, leg circumference reduced. In fact, the fascia gun can not eliminate fat, can not enhance muscle strength, and can not stretch muscle tendons and other soft tissue, so it does not play a role in shaping.

  ● But people who love fitness sports can use the fascia gun to quickly impact the muscle groups they want to exercise before exercise to increase local muscle blood flow and help achieve a quick warm-up effect.

  ● Using a fascia gun during exercise allows fatigued muscles to be reactivated.

  After exercise, the leg massager can help to metabolize lactic acid and reduce muscle tension to relieve fatigue.

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  This is where Lao Wang can definitely answer you: Maybe it is really unnecessary!

  Warm up before fitness, and massage and stretch muscles after fitness. These two points are essential knowledge points for iron enthusiasts. If you don’t warm up before exercising, you may be injured during anaerobic exercise. After the workout, if you don’t perform a stretching massage, you may not even be able to get up in bed the next day.

  Is it necessary for people who like to exercise to buy a massage gun?

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  Another example is the strain or stiffness of human muscles caused by long-term incorrect sitting or maintaining a movement for a long time. At this time, there is nothing more comfortable than stretching a waist. Regardless of the little stretch, this is actually just a muscle stretch!

  The appearance of the massage gun is to solve the problem of dispersing and relaxing the myomassage after anaerobic exercise. Its similar products include massage balls, peanut balls and foam rollers and other corresponding relaxing products. Among so many products, the relaxing massage efficiency of the massage gun is the highest. A good massage gun is “strong and powerful, gun to the flesh”, which can quickly break up tight muscles and expel lactic acid.

  As for why, fitness runners do not necessarily have to start with a massage gun. This is because as long as you can perform effective body stretching after finishing your fitness or running, or if someone gives you a very good massage, you don’t have to Get the massage gun!