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  I liked this blender bottle electric so much that I bought an extra one as a backup. One of the reasons I like it is that it doesn’t have a gasket so I have to pull it out to clean it. Each 5 gallon water bottle pump electric and lid is a separate unit that is easy to clean. Also, there is no unit like a sprinkler/straw, which usually gets moldy after so long. One thing is that it leaks after a while. All in all, this is by far the best electric bottle warmer design I have found.

  I have had my electric spray bottle for over a few years now and I have backups just in case. I really like this oster cordless electric wine bottle opener. honestly I think it’s construction and quality are better than the leading ‘blender’ bottles. I don’t know how people handle their shaker bottles. they look like they are cracked or broken.

  I have dropped my electric cherry bottle several times and it still looks as good as new. I’ll keep buying them, mostly because I like having extras and backups and am a little afraid they’ll stop making them. But I really don’t think I need to buy more. But I would definitely buy more electric protein shaker bottles! Would definitely recommend to anyone!

  This is not my first electric shaker. I have an old sports mixer that works well, but I want more than one, so I bought a new sports electric cherry bottle, which is more refined, not the old one, but it’s twisted. The guarantee is good. The traces on the side are the same. Tell me where to fill them. Clear and easy to read. If you don’t like washing dishes, I don’t think you should buy this bottle. What I want to say is that hand washing can ensure the best cleaning of all crevices. You will see other comments about this, please pay attention. If your lazy person doesn’t buy it, I don’t mind, because shaker bottle is a storage room for me.

  In general, I like the compactness of this bottle electric. My milkshake is salted caramel, biscuits and cream from ideal shapes. You only need a scoop of 8 ounces. If you need more water for your protein or meal replacement, please buy a larger bottle, but if not, this glass protein shaker is small and can provide more space for your lunch. If you want something small, light, compact, simple and leak-proof, you have to grab it.

  The only disadvantage of  protein shaker electric is that there are few colors, and there are more color choices than the old motion mixer.

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  I bought this bottle electric to replace my other mixing bottle, a 20-ounce bottle, which lasted for 4 years, until I dropped it and broke the lid. These electric shaker bottles are sturdy and leak-proof, mixing protein powder into a homogeneous liquid. Would recommend this instead of any other shaker bottle!

  Although this protein shaker bottle product is considered a gimmick, it has proven to be a very effective method of mixing protein powder. The protein shaker is also easy to clean. I wash it by hand immediately after I use it, and there is no residue or aftertaste. As long as you make sure that the top is tightened and the lid is closed, it is completely leak-proof. Excellent value for money.

  I bought this protein shaker electric. The three of us use these at home. They all got into the dishwasher, fell off the counter, got in and out of the car. Hold the money. Nothing special, but that’s the point. Good product.