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  Muscle growth in relation to age – Human muscle growth is constantly changing with age and can be divided into three stages: rapid growth, relative stability and significant decline. In men, starting from birth, muscle growth increases year by year as the body continues to grow and develop, reaching its highest value at the age of twenty-five, and then declining slowly year by year. In women, the maximum value is reached around the age of twenty-two.

  Adolescent muscle water content is higher than that of adults, while muscle protein energy material reserves are lower than those of adults, muscle fibers are thinner, muscle strength is weak, endurance is poor, and fatigue is easy. The younger the age, the greater the difference with adults. Therefore, younger adolescents are not suitable for prolonged, high volume and high intensity muscle training. Nearly youth, muscle growth is relatively stable, when the best results of high-volume, high-intensity training. In the period of significant decline in muscle training effect is relatively poor, but as long as the body is normal health, adhere to the appropriate muscle training can still achieve better results.

  A, the anatomical basis of muscle growth

  The thickness of the muscle determines the size of muscle strength, is a measure of the degree of muscle development, is the physiological cross-section of the muscle. That is, the number of muscle fibers in the muscle is large and thick, the physiological cross-section of the muscle is large, the muscle is developed. The physiological cross-section of muscle is greatly influenced by acquired factors.

  Muscle is mainly composed of protein. Fitness training can make muscle fibers thicker, the physiological cross-section of muscle increases, the reason is that training can stimulate the muscle, so that the anabolic protein is more vigorous, thus providing material security for muscle growth.

  Second, the physiological basis of muscle growth

  The growth of muscle depends on the accumulation of long-term hard training. When training, the body tissue cells consume a lot of energy material, which can only be gradually recovered after training through rest and nutritional supplementation, so that anabolism exceeds catabolism. Recovery will exceed the original level in a certain period of time, which is called ‘over recovery. Practice and research have proven that the best results are achieved when the next training session takes place during the overload recovery phase. The amount of energy expenditure and the rate of recovery are closely related to the intensity of muscle activity. Within a certain range, the greater the muscle activity and the more intense the exertion process, the more pronounced the overload recovery.

  The so-called ‘within a certain range’ means that the amount of exercise should not be too much, otherwise too much energy is expended and not easily recovered. Long-term overload can also lead to overtraining and even injury accidents. Only by grasping, using the law of recovery of excess, and observing the principle of gradual and orderly progress, can we make steady muscle growth.

  Third, the biochemical basis of muscle growth

  Regular fitness exercise people compared with ordinary people, the muscle energy substances adenosine triphosphate and creatine phosphate to more, more vascularity, acid resistance and anaerobic enzyme capacity. The higher the level of training, the greater the energy reserves, the greater the tolerance to exercise, and the greater the number of new capillaries in the muscle. The increase in capillaries increases blood flow to the muscles, speeds up metabolism, and increases muscle size. So only by adhering to long-term fitness training can you strengthen muscle substance metabolism, improve muscle energy reserves, make muscle fibers thicker and muscle mass greater

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  First fill a cup with about 200 ml of water or milk or your favorite drink and add a scoop of protein powder. Then start the electric cocktail shaker, it did not spill any water, I was surprised because the water kept spinning also formed a vortex, I repeated the spin twice. But you need to be careful if you add too much water you need to put the lid on to prevent splashing.

  I also have a 45oz shaker, if I need to drink a lot I use the electric salt shaker to mix it well before pouring it in.

  I do this because the best electric protein shaker mixes the drink better and tastes better than my hand shake.

vortex protein shaker bottle

  VOLTRX protein bottle is not rocket science, it should be leakproof and easy to carry.


  -To my surprise, the miscibility of protein shaker is better than steel wire. No pimple in my heart!

  -Marked so you know how much liquid you put in.

  -come in powder. The powder part is great because it has its own cap and can be screwed on to the bottom of the bottle, so that the powder part can be taken out of the bottle. Once the milkshake is mixed, the rest of the powder will be everywhere.

  -leak-proof bottle.

  -dishwasher safe

  -If you don’t want the powder part, just take it off and use it. The bottle will still be easy to use.

  -The quality of the plastic is very good

  -At this price, buy two protein shaker electrics.


  -They should also provide the best electric shaker bottle in different colors of blue and gray.

  -You should also choose to buy only one shaker protein.

  -Cannot be used in a microwave oven (for those who want to know)

  definitely recommend the electric shaker, they got all the stars.

protein shaker electric

  The pride of Slytherin! I need an energy drink. I am reducing the amount of plastic waste in my life and investing in energy powder and a bottle for endurance training. The electric shaker is easy to clean and can keep the drink in the bottle even if it is knocked down, providing enough liquid for the entire endurance training.

  They launched the Harry Potter protein shaker bottle amazon suit, which is very good. I can show off my Slytherin pride in the HIIT group. I got some compliments, and they finally got their own compliments to show their house pride.

  I am looking for fitness and Harry Potter themed gifts for my secret Santa. The electric shaker bottle is perfect! She absolutely loves it. It has all the best qualities of a hybrid bottle, but it shows everyone that she is a Harry Potter fan with an interesting theme.

  I am a big fan of Harry Potter, and I must have this electric blender bottle in my protein shake. It works like a standard mixing bottle, but has a magical essence, because who doesn’t like Harry Potter? If you want to make your protein shaker bottles magical, it is highly recommended.

  These electric shakers are very attractive and the size is perfect for those quick morning protein drinks or smoothies. Stirring balls help to mix the ingredients, or if your smoothies start to separate after a while (for those of us who make smoothies, let them sit for a while before drinking), shake them quickly and mix them. They are also very easy to clean, and there are almost no gaps, you can put your milkshake pieces (the only thing I found is the position of the flip cover on the beverage mouth, I found that cleaning is not a problem, because it is usually kept sealed, so the contents will not It dries up there) I usually wash these by hand, but I also put them in the electric protein shaker bottle, and both are no problem. My only complaint is that I cannot choose the color I received.

  I don’t know why I didn’t get these earlier. Somehow, I thought I could stir my electric protein shaker vigorously, but it always clumped in the end. I have been looking for a small shaker. The top row of these cups is 12 ounces, but the bottom of the bottle says 20 ounces (may be the maximum capacity, but you don’t want to fill it up). After reading other reviews, I bought the electric paint shaker for sale after knowing this, and I was very satisfied.

  These electric shaker bottles are really good. I think they will last a long time. Very strong. Easy to clean. There is no leakage. This is a good combination. I use protein powder, peanut butter powder, unsweetened almond milk, ice cubes and balls. This electric shaker bottle is perfect! I also like to eat two. I made a milkshake for breakfast and brought another one for lunch!

protein shaker

  I already have several electric blender bottle options, such as eddy current. Others lasted for several months, the power of the motor changed from strong to weak, and finally water leaked.

  However, this electric shaker defeated them by a great advantage. It becomes stronger and smarter. I took a bet and bought it, but I am glad I did. It took a week, 5-10 times a day, and it was the first time to charge. If you’ve been buying those transparent electric shaker bottles, but they are about to die, please try this first, so you can save money, eliminate frustration, and end the confusion of sound leakage.

  Ok, first fill the walmart blender bottle with about 200ml of water, open the lid, and add a scoop of protein

  This is my technique before adding the spoon. Open the lid and start the electric shaker price. It will not splash any water. I was surprised because the water was spinning. Start adding protein little by little. Rotate twice until it closes and repeat by adding more water. I like to shake the portable electric blender bottle while rotating, and be sure to hold the lid to prevent accidental spillage.

  I have a separate 20 oz and 45 oz, where I pour the drink and more liquid as my final shake

  I did this to clean and dry the electronic blender bottle to prevent it from emitting an unpleasant smell

  This way is very useful for me

electric shaker

  High leg lift is a very famous exercise, and it is also simple and easy to practice. If a person often does high leg lift, it will help the body a lot, and the high leg lift has very low requirements on the field, as long as there is suitable Do high leg raises at any time. So, what are the benefits of high-leg raises? Let’s take a look at the benefits of high-leg raises!

  The benefits of high leg lifts

  In the process of high-leg raise exercises, it has a good effect on our ankle joints, knee joints and other lower limb joints and other muscle groups, because in the process of exercises, muscle groups such as the legs, waist and abdomen need to be used to help improve The strength of the lower limbs can also help exercise flexibility, which has a very good effect on our lower body.

  How many high leg lifts do a day

  Do 30-minute high leg lifts in the morning and evening each day, which will definitely consume fat and have a certain effect on reducing thighs.

  The high leg raise also promotes the muscle production of the upper and lower legs. If you don’t like your legs to be too strong, don’t do it for a long time.

  If you want to simply reduce your legs, it is most effective to lie on your back and pedal a bicycle on your back. It is enough to last 15 minutes before going to bed or when you are free.

  Can high leg raises exercise abdominal muscles?

  Insist on walking with high legs for 10 minutes every day, which can relax the tight legs and fully exercise the waist and abdominal muscles. In the process of raising the leg, muscle movement can make blood flow back to the lungs, and the venous circulation is smooth, which is beneficial to the health of the heart.

  There will be a strong and extremely acid reaction below the waist, which will strengthen the detoxification, and finally expel the toxins in the sweat. Long-term persistence of raising the legs can also help eliminate the small belly and exercise the abdominal muscles.

  High leg raise exercise action essentials

  1. Stand up your chest and tuck your abdomen, and bend your knees to cushion the floor

  2. Keep your knees and toes forward, and raise your legs slightly above your hips.

  3. Put the forefoot on the ground and exert force.

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  Most people can hold their breath for about 3 to 4 minutes in swimming, but the specific time is still subject to changes in personal physique. Swimming is not entirely dependent on holding your breath, more depends on the human breathing rhythm to maintain energy. Therefore, holding your breath must do what you can. Don’t force yourself when holding your breath for the first time. You can slowly increase the holding time through later practice.

  The time it takes to swim and hold your breath

  Generally people can hold their breath for about 3 to 4 minutes in swimming, but the specific time is still changed by their personal physique. Especially for people with large lung capacity, the hold time may be longer. You can practice slowly while holding your breath while swimming. Don’t hold back too long at one time. The brain is prone to hypoxia.

  When you hold your breath in swimming practice, you usually don’t ask for how long you have to hold your breath, but it depends on the body’s physical fitness. When you hold your breath for the first time, you can test it slowly. When you feel the need to breathe, you can record the time, and then slowly increase the hold time when you practice later.

  However, swimming does not completely rely on holding your breath. It is more about breathing according to the human body’s regularity when swimming to maintain oxygen inhalation. Holding your breath for a long time will lead to hypoxia in your brain, which will gradually make your body fatigue. Therefore, the time of holding your breath must be done according to your ability to avoid harm to your body.