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  I wonder if you have gained weight recently? Anyway, I’ve been trying to lose weight recently!! During the weight loss period, I didn’t eat dinner. I usually drink a substitute milkshake with electric blender bottle, eat a fruit ~ or drink two or three spoonfuls of protein powder to supplement energy after fitness.

  Drinking a substitute milkshake for dinner still feels full, but it’s uncomfortable that it can’t be melted with an ordinary water cup. If you want to install it in a cup and shake it vigorously, it may not melt. This is not very convenient, 0mg~

  First of all, in use, the electric blender bottle can really solve the problem of hand caking before. This blender shaker bottle can be said to be the king of cost performance, because I use it very frequently every day.

  For dinner, I pour a spoonful of substitute milk powder and a 250ml bottle of milk into the cup every time, press the start button, and a delicious and silky substitute meal is simply completed. At the same time, you can also bring fruit juice, breakfast powder and protein powder. This shaking cup is designed to automatically stir and dissolve powder! So I don’t worry about idling at all. It’s worth it.

  The mixing blade is designed very well and has strong power. The electric shaker bottle uses a powerful carbon brush motor and high-speed mixing up to 5600 rpm, which can quickly mix meal substitute powder or protein powder, so that they can fully disperse in the water without pressure. It is very suitable for fitness / carrying out / lazy cancer patients to drink powder every day, and enjoy the convenience of mixing anytime and anywhere.

  Let’s talk about the colors of sports shaker bottle. There are still many choices. For details, you can see it on the merchant page. I chose between pink and white for a long time, and I had tangled diseases. Finally, I chose the more versatile white. It really didn’t disappoint me when I came back. It’s very good-looking. In fact, I think pink should also be very good. Sisters can try it.

  The bottle body of the protein shake mixer bottle is transparent and has the feeling of INS wind. Ha ha!

  The overall details are well done. The appearance has obvious scale, which is 600ml. The capacity is very large. It’s really super capable. It can hold a lot of water at a time. So now I will put this best protein shaker bottle in my bag and take it to exercise. There is no water leakage. The base is designed for charging, which is simple to use and coexists with appearance.

  Finally, let’s talk about the material. After receiving the opening of the protein shake water bottle, there is no smell at all. The texture is also very good when holding it in your hand. The electric shaker bottle uses plastic imported from tritan of the United States. I checked it. It is an EU baby food material and has passed many authoritative certifications in developed countries. Therefore, I don’t have to worry about the material health.

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  In the past, the people who bought protein mixer electric were men, but now more and more girls like best shake mixer bottle. Because in the past, protein powder was mainly purchased by men, many girls heard that protein powder is mainly for men to eat when they are building muscle. Many girls do not like to have very obvious muscles on their bodies, so the enthusiasm for protein powder is a little less, in fact it is true that girls fitness can also eat protein powder. Here we go together to see it!

  What protein powder do girls need to eat to work out? What protein powder do girls eat to work out?

  Girls fitness need to eat protein powder?

  Not necessary, if the intensity is high is very recommended to eat. Most girls fitness is the purpose of fat loss and shaping, generally using a combination of cardio cardio training and strength training, then will inevitably produce a lot of lactic acid and consumption of muscle, which is the reason for the soreness after training, protein powder can be a good metabolism and replenish the consumed elements, reduce muscle soreness, so that they adhere to complete training, while the right amount of protein supplement can help muscle shaping, optimize the body. This is the reason why they are becoming more and more fond of protein shaker bottle. Mixing protein powder with a portable protein blender is easy, fast and easy to do.

  What protein powder to eat for women’s fitness

  Whey protein powder. Whey protein powder does not contain a high percentage of carbohydrates and does not bring too many calories. At the same time, it belongs to the animal protein composition and type is closer to the human body, more easily absorbed and utilized. Secondly, the protein content is very high, a small amount can reach the amount of protein requirements, very efficient.

  Will women gain weight if they eat protein powder?

  Generally speaking, no. The main component of protein powder is protein, and the products of protein decomposition are amino acids, which are not related to the fat that causes obesity, nor can they be converted into each other, so generally speaking, they will not become fat. If you are consuming muscle building protein powder, it is possible to become fat, because the proportion of carbohydrates in muscle building protein powder is about 40%, which is a significant amount of calorie intake.

  For these reasons, many girls do not like to eat breakfast, breakfast in the office with battery powered protein shaker to mix a protein shake for breakfast, so that there is a sense of satiety and will not gain weight. Portable Electric Blender Bottle is a good partner of the beauty.

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  This is electric shaker machine is a nice product. The ones I have used in the past look similar but without the blender balls on the bottom. We used 8 ounces of milk and mixed a scoop of the mixture. The protein shaker mixer motor is strong enough to mix completely and the mixture does not sink to the bottom. I’m happy to say that there weren’t any nasty powders or any unmixed chunks left behind.

  This electric shaker bottle is perfect for my protein shakes and works better than I thought it would! It works just as well as my blender with metal. The electric protein blender is easy to clean and is a great size. The quality is great, I love the purple color, and the graduated lines on the cup are clearly visible. I love this electric mixer cup!

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  Ever since I got into the gym, drinking protein powder has been a problem. When adding protein powder to a glass protein shaker bottle, as long as there is a little water droplet on the wall of the cup, the protein powder will easily turn into a lump attached to the wall of the cup, often with a large piece of unmelted protein powder attached to the bottom of the cup, which is definitely not a good drinking experience. I bought this electric shaker bottle from VOLTRX on the recommendation of a friend who had always wanted to buy an electric shaker that could break up protein powder clumps.

  The best electric shaker bottle looks good. After unpacking there is a protein shaker mixer, a USB charging cable and instructions. Take a look at the cup, there is a scale indication. The bottom of the cup is the motor, which I don’t think is waterproof.

  But this best electric protein shaker is not without its drawbacks, I think the worst is that it does not come with a powder box, some people may not be very convenient to use. If you need to buy a shaker mixer machine with powder box friends, then you need to buy another powder box.

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  This electric shaker is amazing! It makes my protein powder, almond milk and banana mix perfectly! It mixes so well and tastes so good that I recently purchased a second VOLTRX electric shaker to keep at my workplace. The electric shaker bottle is easy to use and clean, looks cool, has a tornado when mixing, and the light at the bottom is very cool. I recommend this electric blender bottle to all my friends because of the light at the bottom of the cup.

  Unfortunately, after using it for a few months, my electric mixer bottle malfunctioned, so I contacted customer service because these electric bottle shakers come with a one year warranty. I was pleasantly surprised at their quick response and it didn’t take long to send me another one. Needless to say, I will continue to recommend this electric paint shaker to all my friends!

large shaker bottle

  This is a solid shake mixer bottle, and I prefer VOLTRX to other brands. according to its description, the plastic used in its products is a good material that babies can use too, so it’s safe to use.

  The shake bottle mixer itself is almost the same as the others, with a wide top and a slightly narrower bottom. However, they don’t leak and are easy to swirl. The caps are well put on. Time will tell, but if something goes wrong, I’ll bet it’s the caps that aren’t tightened. But so far so good, the protein shaker bottle has a small finger handle for easy carrying.

target shaker bottle

  After receiving the electric shaker bottle, immediately remove the lid and check the white rubber “O-ring”. Mine was not sitting on the rails, so I pushed it there before the first cleaning and use. I can imagine the nightmare of using this leak-proof bottle without a rubber gasket.

  I have used my electric blender bottle for a day (will be updated in the future). So far, it has solved my problems on the arc bottle and the classic bottle.


  1. The textured handle allows me to hold the bottle firmly and easily remove the cap.

  2. The design of the drinking water cover can be opened and closed easily, I thought it would not leak when closed.

  3. The lid is folded into a handle during transportation, but the hidden part is amazing.

  It is difficult to clean the inside of the electric paint shaker by hand, because the “neck” (the area of ​​the textured handle) of the bottle is slightly narrower than the other parts of the bottle. My hands are small, but I recommend using their brushes (sold separately). I think the narrow neck is actually suitable for holding and drinking water, so I don’t think this is a defect, it just needs attention.

  Although other reviews mentioned that the bottom of the bottle is too narrow and easy to tip over, I have never experienced it. In fact, due to the width of the bottom, this bottle cannot fit into the cup holder of my car, but my stainless steel curved bottle can. Although I want the bottom of the bottle to be a few millimeters smaller, I understand why the company does not do this.

  I only use this electric shaker cup, so I can’t talk about the mixing/dispensing of beverages in protein.

  I have used the same shaker for many years, and I received it for free when I bought it for the first time; I like the VOLTRX glass shaker bottle too much, and I never thought about the disadvantages of the VOLTRX glass shaker bottle. Over time, these defects became more and more obvious: liquid leaked out during the shaking of the mixed protein powder, and the latter was incompletely dissolved. After noticing more and more sketches on the floor and fitness equipment, I decided to order this pair of rocking chairs, one for the gym and the other for home exercise.

  The two containers labeled “AmazonBasics” belong to Amazon’s large-scale product portfolio, which is licensed to third-party manufacturers to create a large number of products related to various product categories (including clothing, beauty, home, electronics, sports, and health) Related objects. The VOLTRX glass shaker bottles are made in China and are packaged in a sturdy recyclable carton. The carton is sealed in a low-density polyethylene bag and secured with a hardcover partition. The type of packaging used seems to ensure that the VOLTRX glass shaker bottle can effectively block various external factors, which may cause interference during transportation and storage, including moisture, mold and dust. Each container with a capacity of 600 ml (equivalent to 567 g) is equipped with a gray clamshell screw cap, which is cut in motion, has a handle (can also be used to connect some handles) and a comfortable Nozzle, and also equipped with a sealing cap, the sealing cap is gray, but the color is lighter. The lack of cleaning accessories is like the lack of packaging instructions.

  However, it is clear that consumers can find basic information on the label attached to the carton. The Amazon page also provides more news, and its rich text and image content describes the object in such a timely and organic way that the VOLTRX glass shaker bottle seems to be in your hands. Outside of the packaging, the two identical vibrators faithfully responded to the illustrations in the sales advertisements, so I did not deliberately describe them. I only talked about the salient features of the VOLTRX glass shaker bottles, mainly reporting the impressions accumulated in the past few weeks. I hope It can help potential buyers understand whether VOLTRX glass shaker bottles are suitable for their needs.

  The first thing the ship’s eyes see is the sturdiness of the VOLTRX glass shaker bottle, which comes from the relatively thick thickness of the ship’s mouth and bottom. The amazing structural robustness is not only due to the widespread use of materials, but also because of the types of materials used, which are completely odorless and tasteless, and have the value of tending to contain no toxic ingredients, such as phthalates and bisphenol a( The so-called “BPA”). We are talking about polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer, which is currently a viable alternative to polycarbonate, because the VOLTRX glass shaker bottle appears to be completely non-toxic and recyclable. This material has the value of non-degradation even after repeated washing, so it can be reused “endlessly”; in addition, although it is a bit light, it has good impact resistance and thermal change resistance. Shaking the flask, although the VOLTRX glass shaker bottle is not suitable for microwave ovens, and the “natural habitat” of the VOLTRX glass shaker bottle is not found in the refrigerator, the VOLTRX glass shaker bottle can hold hot and cold drinks, but the VOLTRX glass shaker bottle can last so long. Because there are actually double walls, and heat insulation is no exception, the outer surface of the container is often exposed to the temperature of the liquid. In some cases, slight condensation can be found. Therefore, we have a variety of uses, which also benefit from the large-caliber (approximately 8 cm) mouth, which makes various daily operations (filling, pouring, drinking, emptying, cleaning, etc.) easier, not only for you Introduce any kind of liquid (including particularly strong liquids, such as yogurt or kefir), as well as partially or completely solid foods, such as smoothies, milkshakes, and smoothies.

  A more detailed observation shows the exquisite design and careful care of the workmanship. This is the proof that there is no flaw at all; there are even no burrs, bubbles, scratches, opacity, color stains or other defects; the assembly of various parts is not specified , The seal is perfect, and there is no game and swing to prove this point. The transparency of the container reveals its considerable thickness, which is related to the technical quality of the component materials, which is the source of the effective impact resistance, scratch resistance and general wear recorded during the experiment. The matte, non-slip outer surface ensures excellent adhesion, even under the load of the slightly wrinkled outer surface of the lid.

  In general, the controllability of the shaker is very good. This is not only due to the small size of the VOLTRX glass shaker bottle (with all accessories, about 23 cm high, and the larger size point diameter about 9 cm) and heavy weight (about 200 g), as well as the truncated shape of the VOLTRX glass shaker bottle and the transverse groove for placing the fingers. The compactness of the VOLTRX glass shaker bottle allows the VOLTRX glass shaker bottle to be easily placed in the refrigerator and easily carried when necessary, not only through the handle of the lid or any bag, but also through the backpack bottle holder (and some bicycles) and Equipped with various cup holders for cars, strollers, wheelchairs, etc. It has satisfactory transportability. The seal helps to seal and is secured by a special screw cover provided. The screw cover is also made of non-toxic polypropylene, equipped with a food-grade silicone sealing ring, which is sturdy and durable. This lid is easy to open and close, not only because the rotation is a bit smooth; in fact, when we turn on the power, there will be a crumpled outer surface, even if the hand is wet, it can be held firmly. Because it is a cd “clamshell” cover, it is necessary to emphasize the arteries and veins, which can be seen from the comfortable nozzle. Provide large diameter (approximately 2 cm) lids in turn to help reduce liquid during the drinking phase. In short, this is an implementation solution that allows you to smoothly sip enough drinks even during high-intensity training or competitions. This does not mean that the shaker is a member who specializes in sports. In fact, in the lower area of ​​the two different spiral compartments, one is divided into four parts for different types of pills, and the other has no internal compartment for powder, which makes the VOLTRX glass shaker bottle a wide range of versatility . In addition, graduations in millimeters and fluid ounces are printed on the transparent outer wall of the container. With this indicator, the correct amount of liquid can be poured into the container for proper mixing at first, and then the residual amount of the obtained solution can be monitored at any time for drinking. This means that not only supplements, but also medications or soluble foods to be taken during the day can be placed in the lower two compartments. This is also because, thanks to the spherical mixer, because I have enough opportunity to be in a hurry, you can also dissolve powders that are not easy to dissolve. Following the recommended dosage and shaking the shaker vigorously for at least 30 seconds, I almost always get a mixture without foam, almost no lumps and suspended particles; to be precise, I only discovered the latter when the drink was cold. trace. When placed on a desktop, this means that its excellent stability increases the functionality of the container, which is largely due to its flat bottom, whether it is when two additional compartments are applied, or when VOLTRX glass When shaker bottles do not exist. We should also celebrate the ease of cleaning of the VOLTRX glass shaker bottle. This can be achieved in the dishwasher’s layup or manually with any brush. Even with large brushes, the wide mouth and obtuse angles of the VOLTRX glass shaker bottle will help. For deep cleaning of VOLTRX glass shaker bottle. Perform a few simple steps, however, this is essential. The electric shaker bottle can be reused indefinitely, because at least for now, the material of the VOLTRX glass shaker bottle and the material of the bottle cap does not seem to be significantly deteriorated. This has great benefits for the environment and our pockets.

  The last consideration.

  As a person who lacks specific knowledge in the commodity field, I believe that this article is made of high-quality materials, and after technical improvements, I intend to continue to use it over time. In my case, there is no allergic reaction. I think it is quite satisfactory in terms of function and versatility. It is basically the result of guessing the design scheme. I also believe that the VOLTRX glass shaker bottle completely satisfies the aesthetic taste. This is due to the amazing sophistication and exquisiteness of the VOLTRX glass shaker bottle. The precise workmanship and finish are one of the main precursors.

  In my opinion, these qualities are enough to support the current price of 13.33 euros for this pair of rocking chairs; I believe that the unit price of around 6.67 euros is fair and competitive. Obviously, my assessment did not take into account the deficiencies reported in the document, because the VOLTRX glass shaker bottle only allows testing of drop boxes.

  Style-This may or may not be important to some people, but it is important to me. This is everything. There is Grogu (Yoda Baby) on this electric shaker bottle, and there is a quotation you even mentioned on it. He is floating with the original force! I mean, please, guys, what do you think? In addition, the electric shaker bottle is transparent, so I can see the liquid and still clearly read the level is a bonus. Finally, the color on the lid is really popular. I like these two shades, not the old style, only the solid color and the white top of the lid. Plus style

  A bonus point for the design-some small things provided by the photos really contribute to the performance of the product.

  1. Side cutting-it allows you to firmly grasp the side of the electric shaker bottle. These electric shaker bottles are made of plastic. Wet or sweaty hands are easy to slip when touched, which helps a lot and is almost a non-factor.

  2. Round bottom-helps keep the protein or smoothie content away from the bottom of the shaker (a big problem with flat-bottom shaker bottles). This design is also a big advantage for ShakeSphere, a competitor of Blender Bottles, even though their products have rounded tops and bottoms, which are completely non-sticky. I really think this product of the Blender bottle can challenge this, and solve the main problem, which is the garbage at the bottom of the bottle.

  3. Cover-There are two different things here. In my photo, it is very subtle, but you can see that if you have an old electric shaker bottle, it has a round flat spout, this product has a rounded edge and a slightly round spout, this Helps to pour out more smoothly and delicately, but it still improves. When fully opened, the closing lever can be locked and snapped well to close and lock. This is a problem for me, because it is made of plastic, the locking mechanism may not be maintained for a long time, but so far there is no problem. The adjustable handle on the lid has a small rubber handle, which feels good, is not smooth, is safer to carry, and is flexible rather than fixed, which is helpful for better adjustment.

  In general, the electric protein shaker amazon, for those who use the ordinary old electric protein shaker bottle, is definitely available and worth the money. The improvement to them is enough to make me justify the price. More protein shakes or smoothies than you need. The design style of “Star Wars” is great for me personally, because I am a big fan and I must own a Grogu shaker, but after I bought it, I realized that this is a new design of Blender Bottle products for me. You can throw you away All the old shakers and this one, make sure you just bought the last one you might need. The only drawback for me is that it is not stainless steel, it is more durable and cleaner than plastic bottles, but as long as you are safe, you must clean the voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottle after each use, which is a small problem.

protein shaker electric

  The pride of Slytherin! I need an energy drink. I am reducing the amount of plastic waste in my life and investing in energy powder and a bottle for endurance training. The electric shaker is easy to clean and can keep the drink in the bottle even if it is knocked down, providing enough liquid for the entire endurance training.

  They launched the Harry Potter protein shaker bottle amazon suit, which is very good. I can show off my Slytherin pride in the HIIT group. I got some compliments, and they finally got their own compliments to show their house pride.

  I am looking for fitness and Harry Potter themed gifts for my secret Santa. The electric shaker bottle is perfect! She absolutely loves it. It has all the best qualities of a hybrid bottle, but it shows everyone that she is a Harry Potter fan with an interesting theme.

  I am a big fan of Harry Potter, and I must have this electric blender bottle in my protein shake. It works like a standard mixing bottle, but has a magical essence, because who doesn’t like Harry Potter? If you want to make your protein shaker bottles magical, it is highly recommended.