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  If a woman can persist in exercising, then this woman is really too strong. On the one hand, we have to resist the temptation of various foods. On the other hand, mobile phones are also waving to you frequently. At this time, if a woman can put down her mobile phone and put down snacks to go for a run, it is really rare. So is it good for women to run? As long as you can persevere, these benefits will come to you.

  1. Make you more independent

  In our impression, women should be of the “嘤嘤嘤” type, but women who like to run are different, they tend to be more independent. Because running is a relatively boring process, it requires us to exercise for up to 30 minutes or more by ourselves, so we can cultivate our independent character, so women who run often tend to be more independent.

  2. Make you stronger and more confident

  Women are afraid of “Xiaoqiang”? not necessarily! Women who run often often encounter many creatures, and running exercises can also cultivate our strong will quality, which can make us stronger and more confident, and our courage will also become bigger.

  3. Make you more self-disciplined

  We have already mentioned that running is a boring process. If a woman can persist in running, then this woman is undoubtedly very self-disciplined. If one is self-disciplined, what else can’t be done?

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  4. Make you happier

  If you have female friends in the physical education department around you, you will find that these people are often more optimistic and cheerful than other girls, which benefits from the psychological effects of sports. Persisting in running can promote the secretion of certain hormones in our body, such as dopamine. This hormone can make us happier, and some of the troubles we encounter in life will also disappear, so we tend to behave better. Happy.

  5. Increase your resistance

  Compared with boys, women’s bodies are weaker, so many female friends will catch colds in winter. But this is still relatively rare among women who insist on running. Persisting in exercise will greatly mobilize our various systems and promote the enhancement of their functions. The immune system is not surprising. So friends who often run are not easy to catch colds.

  Conclusion: Running this sport has a great effect on the body, so is it good for women to run? The answer is yes, as long as everyone can put down their mobile phones, the above benefits will come to you, which can increase your endurance, make you more optimistic, enhance your resistance, make you better in shape, and make you more self-disciplined.. ….

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  If you are still shaking after a workout, you have done a mistake. The ending of the story.

  When I realized that adding protein powder to the beautiful and powerful Typhoon Almond Dew (rising from the depths of my voltrx bottle) increased its efficiency, my world opened up. Add your liquids (such as water, milk, vodka, etc.), add your ingredients, and start! It perfectly combines the advantages of Lingtuo.

  In addition, it is sexy white, so if you have a lighting-themed kitchen, it will be the perfect choice for sitting in the corner of the counter.

  Buy one today. You will not regret it.

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  My initial evaluation of the electric protein shaker is a clear five-star rating. It has a fairly sturdy structure and has no problems in performing its functions. It seems that it can last a few seasons.

  I am writing this review mainly to clarify two issues I have seen in other reviews, both of which are about closing the lid quickly. Some commentators pointed out that if you can’t open it all the way, the cover will be poked on their foreheads. This person just didn’t drive enough, because it’s good to drive it 180 degrees, it really drives. So, unless your forehead looks like a hanging cliff, you won’t have a problem.

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  Another problem mentioned by is that the lid does not have a safety switch and feel. They must hold their hands tightly to ensure safety. In fact, the lid closes very safely, and the only way to open it yourself is to shake a glass of carbonated drink vigorously inside.

  If I encounter any problems, then I will update this comment, but I doubt if I need to do this because this project is well established and appropriate. This is a good protein shaker bottle, which can stir things well without heavy balls or fragile metal stirring balls. Of course, there may be some drinks mixed in the corner, depending on the product, but this should be a realistic expectation, because it does not have an internal stirring mechanism, it depends entirely on its unique design.

electric protein mixer bottle

  Without carbon water, where is the power?

  What is carbon water?

  It’s sugar!

  If 3-5 hours before training,

  Did not consume any form of carbohydrates.

  The lunch is not very rich,

  Then you can’t train at all!

  Four reasons why you must take in carbohydrates before practicing

  NO.1 insulin


  Can balance the body’s blood sugar.

  Prevent muscle breakdown,

  And the intake of carbohydrates,

  Can quickly promote the secretion of insulin.

  So as to promote muscle growth,

  Prevent muscle breakdown.

  of course,

  More insulin is not the better.

  Too much insulin,

  Can cause cell receptors to develop resistance,

  Lose sensitivity,

  It also causes the body,

  Lost the opportunity to use fat as fuel.

  What we need to do is:

  Get insulin at the right time,

  Play the right role.

  And before training is a perfect time,

  This one is not only suitable for people who gain muscle,

  The same applies to people who lose fat.

  NO.2 protect muscles from being broken down

  And insulin has a protein protective effect,

  In targeting some burn patients,

  And the study of the general population found that

  Although insulin cannot promote protein production,

  But it can prevent protein breakdown.

  The use of large doses of exogenous insulin,

  With other steroids,

  It can effectively improve muscle synthesis.

  But this technique is limited to,

  Extremely professional bodybuilder,

  General sports people,

  It is definitely not recommended.

  NO.3 The heat of the tower near the water

  One gram of carbohydrate provides four kilocalories,

  A bowl of white rice can be provided,

  40-60 grams of simple carbohydrates.

  One apple can provide,

  20-40 grams are rich in dietary fiber,

  And vitamin C carbohydrates.

  NO.4 Hearty pump feeling

  The so-called muscle pump sensation,

  It means that the target muscle gets more “blood flow”,

  It means the “dilation” of the target muscle blood vessel.

  The blood contains many nutrients,

  Including sugars, amino acids, etc.

  They make your muscles get enough nourishment,

  So as to achieve “pump sense”.

  High-quality carbon water source

  Composite carbohydrates:

  Oats, brown rice,

  Beans and other grains.

  Fast Carbon Water:

  Sports drinks, glucose

  Supplements such as maltodextrin and branched-chain cyclodextrin

  Everyone has been emphasizing the importance of protein for lean people to build muscle, but PT has often repeatedly emphasized in the community that for lean people to build muscle, the significance of carbohydrate is far greater than that of protein. Because you can’t lose muscles.