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  I liked this blender bottle electric so much that I bought an extra one as a backup. One of the reasons I like it is that it doesn’t have a gasket so I have to pull it out to clean it. Each 5 gallon water bottle pump electric and lid is a separate unit that is easy to clean. Also, there is no unit like a sprinkler/straw, which usually gets moldy after so long. One thing is that it leaks after a while. All in all, this is by far the best electric bottle warmer design I have found.

  I have had my electric spray bottle for over a few years now and I have backups just in case. I really like this oster cordless electric wine bottle opener. honestly I think it’s construction and quality are better than the leading ‘blender’ bottles. I don’t know how people handle their shaker bottles. they look like they are cracked or broken.

  I have dropped my electric cherry bottle several times and it still looks as good as new. I’ll keep buying them, mostly because I like having extras and backups and am a little afraid they’ll stop making them. But I really don’t think I need to buy more. But I would definitely buy more electric protein shaker bottles! Would definitely recommend to anyone!

  I’m skeptical about the string ball, but I don’t think I can use it. As a result, they worked very well. They are elastic, not hard or round, and easier to clean the protein shaker. It is much better than protein shaker electric or other powders or any mixing method with plastic inserts. I like to buckle my hat very tightly, unless you need to make sure you buckle it fully, you will end up making a mess. This happened to me several times, but I am now relieved. I use these two every day. They are easy to clean.

  I just want them to be bigger.

  Besides, these are great protein shaker bottles. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a high-quality protein shaker blender.

  I bought these because they are small versions of the best protein shaker bottle that I grew up with. Accurate brand, accurate threaded ball, but smaller size. So basically, I bought them because they are brands that I have become accustomed to, and brands that I keep coming back to.

  Since I changed my diet and exercise plan, I no longer need the 28-ounce size. The protein shakes shaker (for protein powder) focuses on pre-exercise and muscle recovery, and does not even need about 20 ounces. These meet the requirements, and they did a good job. I only use one a day, but I have a second one just in case.

  Please note that you may not receive the colorful electric shaker bottle in the picture. I caught these because of red and black, but I got red and blue bottles. It’s really not important to me, just to remind everyone. Their colors are declared as “multiple”, so if you are looking for a specific color, you can try to contact the seller and they may provide you with service.

  Great protein shaker bottles. They work very well as usual. They can afford it. The seller is great. They will be given to me soon.

miixr aa electric shaker bottle

  I usually don’t comment, but it saves time. By adding soy milkshake to my diet, I have lost 50 pounds. I drink milkshakes 2-5 times a day. Use and quickly clean this portable protein mixer can save time. In the first few days, the cup did not look good, because the battery seemed to need to be recharged frequently. I think the battery gets better and better over time, and it can be used for about a week at a time. I might just play too much. I wash it in the dishwasher every week, otherwise I just rinse it and rinse it with clean water.

  However, this also has negative effects. I used the VOLTRX best protein shaker bottle, which does not seem to be capable of 100% mixing.

  straight to the point, this is an excellent product, I recommend it.

  To clean the electric water bottle, you only need to add soap and water to open it (you have to clean the lid manually).

  It is very strong; it feels quite powerful. Charging is easy; just plug the stand into the included USB charger.

  rechargeable protein mixer mixing system is perfect. Simply perfect. There are no lumps in my protein shake. I have to admit the bottle electric, the lights and whirlwind inside are very beautiful when running. I never see myself going back to those stirring balls again.

miixr electric shaker bottle

  The stirring effect of protein shaker electric is as good as or better than using a stirring ball. In order to make the electric paint shaker perfect, it would be nice if the flip can be opened further back. You will bump your forehead while drinking, so be sure to tilt your head far back. If you have had neck surgery or have other problems, it may be more troublesome. If necessary, I will buy an electric paint can shaker.

  The   protein bottle shaker is easy to clean without leakage. I dropped the bottle many times when I was at work, and it was still very new. Dissolve my protein, pre-exercise and fiber mixture in a few seconds. I have 0 complaints about this bottle. Start using it as soon as you get it. It’s already my favorite thing. All the negative comments I have seen about its leaks and incorrect mixing are wrong.

  I really like the vibrator that is rarely seen in Japan.

  The protein shaker bottle is very easy to use, and I often carry it for training.

  I want to buy a voltrx glass shaker bottle next time