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  The powder is perfectly mixed without lumps, just rinse it off-even if you shake the voltrx shaker bottle with something nasty and sticky, there are no hard-to-reach areas. I shake everything, then pour it into a glass, and immediately rinse the promixx vortex mixer. These allow me to make a chocolate protein milkshake that can quickly kill candies in the morning without the noise and confusion of the portable shake mixer. I never thought that a stainless steel steel wire ball could make such a big difference, but it is true. These are also very large and spacious. I usually use about 10 ounces. Add protein powder, green powder and cocoa to the milk, plus three ice cubes (not completely melted, just cool everything), the container is almost full when shaken.

  Recently, I had to start drinking protein powder to help me gain weight. I bought these protein mixer electrics. They are very affordable and very good. They blend perfectly with protein powder, although you should put the liquid first, then the powder to avoid clumping at the bottom. I forgot the first time, that was the only time it was together.

  is cleaned in protein shakers bottles and will not leak. I am very happy about this because I have been spilling drinks. I will definitely buy these protein bottles shakers again and recommend them to anyone who needs to mix powdered mixtures.

  I chose to use a famous brand because I don’t want to take risks. I am glad I did. I like these little electric shaker bottles! My kids and I use them every morning. It’s easy to know if they are closed properly, because they make a loud clicking sound, and you know they won’t leak once damaged. I like to put the lid of the electric shaker cup when you drink, and I like to throw them in the dishwasher.

  Preferential price for 2 bottles of portable shake mixer for basic life. I used these to make iced matcha, detox mixture, protein powder, bulletproof coffee. They are the perfect size for most drinks, so you can mix them at work or on the road. A big mouth for food and cleaning. The included mixing balls are great. No lumps, no lumps!

  I have used this voltrx electric protein shaker bottle for many years. If you forget to wash the dishes, you can spin it 5 or 6 times. I prefer this size to the larger one. I just use it to make protein shakes and always add more water. The size of the electric cup mix also fits any free gym locker I have used.

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  The stirring effect of protein shaker electric is as good as or better than using a stirring ball. In order to make the electric paint shaker perfect, it would be nice if the flip can be opened further back. You will bump your forehead while drinking, so be sure to tilt your head far back. If you have had neck surgery or have other problems, it may be more troublesome. If necessary, I will buy an electric paint can shaker.

  The   protein bottle shaker is easy to clean without leakage. I dropped the bottle many times when I was at work, and it was still very new. Dissolve my protein, pre-exercise and fiber mixture in a few seconds. I have 0 complaints about this bottle. Start using it as soon as you get it. It’s already my favorite thing. All the negative comments I have seen about its leaks and incorrect mixing are wrong.

  I really like the vibrator that is rarely seen in Japan.

  The protein shaker bottle is very easy to use, and I often carry it for training.

  I want to buy a voltrx glass shaker bottle next time

electric bottle shaker

  To be honest, I have never mixed protein powder so well. This electric shaker bottle is incredible and easier to clean than other shakers.

  Great electric shaker bottle product, carefree and easy to clean. Great value for money! There are no protein chunks. Be sure to release the water first.

  This is a very good electric protein shaker product. It does not leak and is very easy to clean. Again, it is a very powerful product. I will definitely buy this protein shaker bottle electric again. The only complaint is that if you put too many cups in it, your protein powder will stick to the top of the cup. If you put the powder first, it will get stuck at the bottom of the cup, but to be honest, it’s not enough to attract attention.

  I use this protein shake mixer product to make my protein powder, and the effect is 1000 times better than the shake flask I used before. There is no pure power at all. No need to shake the ball to clean is also a big advantage! This electric shaker bottle product is highly recommended!

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  This voltrx shaker bottle is great! No more chalk shakes. Earlier today, I accidentally left negative feedback from the seller, wanting to make sure it knows about protein bottles shakers. I have no questions about this seller, and try to leave feedback to different sellers. thank you

  I have used the electric shaker bottle for many years, and it is my favorite so far. I suggest staggering your protein mix instead of all the supplements-add a spoonful, shake well, add a spoonful, shake well right away. I picked up the second bottle because they are so versatile!

  I bought a shaker for my protein shake. I don’t like how other cups make my drink lumpy. With this cup, I won’t have this problem. Easy to clean. The only cup I like to use.

  A long time ago I made a promixx vortex mixer, it still works, and it started to cake randomly. It has a good effect on my protein and before exercise. Because there is no protein mixer electric, this one is great. When it started to condense, I thought it might be protein shakers bottles or something. I contacted the company and they were fine! They gave me a new bottle because of the lumps and explained different possible reasons. Thanks for customer service and portable shake mixer.

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  I really like all the bottle electrics I treat myself, and I bought two new bottles. I got my first one about six years ago. It’s still pretty. This product is very durable. I have put the mixed bottle filled with liquid on it and there is no leakage of any liquid. I like these. My only complaint is protein shakes shaker. I want more color choices.

  Finally, you don’t have to take out the blender every time you want to stir the protein powder! When I ordered this, I was a little skeptical, but I was desperate and I was really touched. I use Vega protein powder mixed with water. This little invention blends it perfectly. This is not a protein bottle shaker, but it makes my protein drinkable.

  I also have another company’s electric shakers, but I keep leaking and I can’t shake the drink to the consistency I want. But this electric bottle shaker is very durable. Unlike my other one, I can actually drink water with it. Worth a try!

electric shaker bottle

  I hope I bought an electric drink shaker a long time ago! The “316 Surgical Grade Stainless Steel BlenderBall” line blender made it so easy to thoroughly mix my protein shake this morning. Sturdy structure. It is recommended to rinse it off with cold water immediately after use, and then put it on a drying rack for easy cleaning. Please pay attention to the electric bottle shaker, this does not apply to hot liquids not mentioned in “About this item”.

  Is there a better vibrating screen for the electric pepper shaker? Probably. Can it get the job done? Absolutely.

  Protein shaker electric is a sturdy product that can be placed in the dishwasher or in the hot son sitting in your wife’s car for a week!

  The electric shaker bottle works very well. It is durable and easy to clean. Mine has dropped many times with or without liquid, but it is still solid.

  My only problem is that the hook is too short or too shallow, don’t know the best description, but it is really small ti and comfortable to carry. Insert your finger. I like electric bottle shakerso much so I bought 2 more haha

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  When we do fitness, there are some fitness exercises that are not easy to practice and need to do some basic skills to practice. Among them, the human body banner is a more difficult fitness exercise. How to practice the human body banner can be carried out by hanging legs and guiding The body is propped up and other methods. So, how can the human flag be quickly practiced? Let’s take a look together below!

  How to practice human flag

  1. Hanging leg lift

  The exercise of hanging legs to exercise the abdomen can also exercise the grip strength. This has a good exercise effect for people with weak abdominal muscles, heavier body, and weaker grip strength. When doing this action, in order to achieve the best results, you need to raise your legs to ninety degrees and bring your knees closer to your upper body, so that the lower body will appear a pelvic backwards movement, which enhances the stimulation of the abdominal muscles!

  2. Pull-ups to prop up

  When you get up, you need to press the shoulder blades down, which allows the trainer’s shoulder and back muscles to actively participate in the pull-up force, and exercise the shoulder and back muscles that are the main force of the human body. The gravitational upward support is because the full-course exercise can stimulate the target muscle more than the half-course exercise, while maintaining good joint mobility and activating more muscles.

  3. Narrow push-ups

  Narrow-distance push-ups are movements in which the triceps muscles are more powerful but the chest muscles are less powerful. On the basis of push-ups, shorten the distance between the hands so that the distance between the hands on the ground is narrower than the shoulders, and the upper arms are close to the body when the arms are bent at the elbows.

  4. Plank support

  Plank support is a static core strength exercise. It mainly enhances core strength, stimulates many muscle groups, and also develops muscular endurance.

  5. Arm flexion and extension

  This movement of arm flexion and extension can be practiced to the lower part of the arm triceps and chest muscles. Hold the bars with both hands and support the parallel bars with your arms. Keep your body upright. After bending your knees, your calves overlap the ankle joints of your feet. Slowly bend the elbow joint, while the shoulder joint stretches and flexes, so that the body gradually descends to the lowest position. In the process of devolving, the speed should be slow and as low as possible to keep the body from shaking randomly.

  Misunderstanding of human flag action

  1. Did you hold your chest when you did the action? It is difficult to exert strength if the back muscles contain the chest, and it is naturally difficult to complete.

  2. Is the waist straight? If the waist is not straight, the core will be difficult to stabilize, and naturally it will not be possible to complete.

  3. Is the grip distance between hands too narrow? At the beginning, you can relax the grip as much as possible.

  4. Is the kick high enough? At least let the thighs be higher than the waist.

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  If we exercise regularly, it is very beneficial to our body, and after exercise, it can improve our physical fitness and at the same time shape our body. How to exercise the abdomen, you can exercise the abdomen through exercise ball curling, traditional abdominal curling, reverse abdominal curling and other methods. So, what are the men’s abdominal exercises? Let’s take a look at the actions together!

  1. Fitness ball for abdominal crunch

  Lie flat on the exercise ball, feet flat on the ground, hands on the side of the head, arms open. Tuck your chin slightly toward your chest, exhale, contract your abdominal muscles and lift your upper body about 45 degrees, hold it for 2 seconds, and then slowly return to the starting position. In order to maintain balance, your feet can be separated more. If you increase the difficulty, you can do it with your feet together.

  2. Traditional belly roll

  Lie on your back with your lower back close to the ground. Put your hands on the side of your head and open your arms. Lay your legs flat on the ground and bend your knees. Tuck your chin slightly toward your chest, contract your abdominal muscles, exhale and lift your upper body, keeping your lower back from the ground, hold for 2 seconds, and then slowly return to the starting position.

  3. Reverse curl

  Lie on your back on the floor, with your lower back close to the ground, your hands on both sides of your body, raise your legs 90 degrees to your upper body, cross your legs, and bend your knees slightly. Tighten your abdominal muscles, then exhale and lift your buttocks slightly, keep your lower back slightly off the ground, hold for 2 seconds, and then slowly return to the starting position.

  4. Lift your legs and curl your belly

  Lie on your back on the floor, with your lower back close to the ground. Put your hands on the side of your head and open your arms. Raise your legs up to 90 degrees to your upper body, cross your legs, and bend your knees slightly. Exhale, contract your abdominal muscles, raise your upper body, keep your lower back from the ground, hold for 2 seconds, and then slowly return to the starting position. Pay attention to keeping the chin slightly closed to the chest.

  5. Boarding in the air

  Lie on your back on the floor, with your lower back close to the ground. Put your hands on the side of your head and open your arms. Raise your legs and slowly climb the bike. Exhale, lift the upper body, touch the left knee with the right elbow joint, hold the position for 2 seconds, and then restore. Then touch the right knee with the left elbow joint, hold it for 2 seconds, and then slowly return to the starting position.

electric shaker

  I like my new electric shaker! It mixes well with my protein powder, does not clump or leak, and is easy to clean! The only thing I don’t like is the measured value on the side of the bottle. The glass shaker bottle does not have a 12-ounce line, which is the standard amount for most protein shakes. I have one in my old mixing bottle, which is a bit disappointed.

  I always think these best protein shaker bottles are expensive, but after trying other cheaper electric shaker bottles, it makes sense to spend more money on ergonomic bottles designed for mixed supplements, so in the end It is a good choice. If you want to avoid the common problem of the top falling off, be sure to tighten the lid from the bottom, not from the drinking pipe.

  I like my protein shaker price. It has been in use for 5 years, and my shaker ball is not rusty at all. This is a good electric shaker that can be used continuously after proper care and treatment.