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  I like these portable mixers very much. I bought different colors and sizes. They can enter the dishwasher. I put them on top of the dishwasher over and over again without any problems. They never leak and are tough plastic. The color is very beautiful. The only problem I have with them is the portable protein mixer. If I drink cold drinks, they will condense on the outside. So I always put it on a coaster or folded paper towel. The quality of protein bottle electric is so good, it’s worth spending a little more money.

  My wife used to go to work without breakfast. By lunch time, she was obviously hungry. It was not ideal for nutrition and health. She bought several such vortex portable mixers, and she did not drink protein shakes at work in the morning. She ate something for breakfast and did not starve to death during lunch. They can be cleaned in the dishwasher (only on the top shelf), and the stainless steel stirring balls can be placed in the silverware box. The shaker bottle is easy to clean and reuse. Winner!

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  Hula hoop is a very common training tool in life. Hula hoop is mostly used to improve the flexibility of waist and knee joints, and is loved by many people. I believe everyone will ask what is the best time to transfer to a hula hoop. Then, what is the best time to transfer to a hula hoop?

  When is the best time to turn the hula hoop

  There is no time limit for turning the hula hoop, but it will inhibit gastrointestinal peristalsis when turning the hula hoop, so it is best to choose between 9-11 o’clock in the morning, or between 3-5 o’clock in the afternoon, but generally People need to go to work or work during these two time periods, and there is no extra time to exercise, so they can also choose to hula hoop 1 hour after a meal.

  How long does it take to turn to the hula hoop to have a weight loss effect

  Hula hoop is a kind of systemic exercise, which can lose weight and bodybuilding. If you want to achieve weight loss effect by turning hula hoop, you need persistence. The exercise intensity of hula hoop is not strong. Only continuous persistence can have significant effects. Generally speaking, Persist in 30 minutes of exercise every day, it will be effective in 2-3 months.

  turn to hula hoop every day, okay?

  It is not recommended to turn to hula hoop every day.

  Turning the hula hoop mainly uses the psoas and abdominal muscles to exert force. Turning the hula hoop every day will damage the waist and abdomen, and it is also easy to cause intestinal volvulus, and it will also bring certain damage to the cervical and lumbar spine. Therefore, it is best not to use the hula hoop every day It’s enough to rotate three or four times a week.

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  Chest muscles are very capable of showing manhood, so many people like to exercise chest muscles, that how to train chest muscles, in fact, you can use the barbell bench press, dumbbell bench press, supine flexion arm pull-up, dumbbell flying bird and other movements to exercise chest muscles. So, what are the chest muscle exercise movements? Here’s a look at it!

  Barbell bench press

  1. barbell bench press

  Supine on the bench, two feet on the ground. Both arms straight above the chest to slightly wider than the shoulder grip distance grip barbell. With both arms naturally abducted, bend your arms to place the barbell 2-3 cm above your nipples. Lift the chest, sink the shoulders, extend the arms, raise the barbell to the vertical position of the chest, and straighten both arms. During the force, the torso is in a bridge shape, lift the chest, sink the shoulders, and make the pectoralis major muscle contract completely. When the barbell is pushed upward, it is slightly forward in a parabolic shape.

  2. dumbbell bench press

  Dumbbell bench press mainly exercises the pectoralis major, deltoids, triceps, is to use dumbbells instead of barbell bench press. Supine on the bench, the upper back and hips touch the bench surface, chest force upward, both hands hold the dumbbell up and push. When the bell is pushed up or dropped back down, its trajectory should form an “arc”.

  3. supine flexion arm pull-up

  The two legs are bent, the feet are slightly wider than the shoulders, the waist is relaxed and the chest is tucked in. Grasp a dumbbell in both hands and lift it above your head first, bend your arms slightly and lower the dumbbell from the back of your head towards the ground. When the dumbbell is at its lowest point, stay for 1-2 seconds and return to the preparatory position along the original route. Always keep your chest up and your abdomen in, sink your hips and loosen your waist, and pay attention to “chest clenching” during the movement.

  4. dumbbell flying bird

  Supine on the bench, both feet solid, torso into a “bridge”, the upper back and hips touch the bench surface, two arms dumbbell natural straight above the shoulder joint, the distance between the two hands is slightly less than shoulder width. The dumbbells fell slowly to the side of the body with both hands, and the angle between the elbows gradually became smaller during the descent, to the limit, the elbow joints into 100-120 degrees. The pectoralis major muscle contraction, the dumbbell will rise along the original path, rising route is “arc”, the angle between the elbows gradually increased, restored to the preparatory position. In the whole process of action, the shoulders, elbows and wrists are always in the same plane. Mainly exercise pectoralis major, deltoid.

  5. narrow grip bench press

  With the thumb axis grip (accompanied in the same way as the other four fingers) grasp with the thumb grip less. The width of the hand is reduced by about taking effect when unloading the barbell to your chest. The more weight you bench press, the harder it is to balance it on a lighter weight finish. This needs to be performed by narrowing the width of the hands to fairly stimulate the triceps, the purpose of which is because it is the contraction of the medial pectoralis major muscle (the side closer to the center of the body) known. The narrow grip bench press exercises the triceps, pectoralis major, is a two-handed bench press while narrow in width.

  6. push-ups

  Two hands spacing slightly wider than the shoulders, both arms straight, shoulders out forward, the shoulder joint of the plumb line and the arm into a 10 – 15 degree angle, chest up, abdominal, tight waist. With the pectoralis major muscle control flexion arm down to the lowest position, the shoulder relaxation and slightly forward lead, more than the equal line of the two hands, down to the extreme point, the pectoralis major muscle contraction, so that the two arms straight recovery. The push-up uses the strength of the pectoralis major to control the forward lead and descending action of the trunk.

  7. double bar arm flexion

  Bend your knees, cross your calves, bend your elbows to support your arms, lift your head and draw your body forward as far as possible. Pectoral muscles active contraction force to straighten the arms, when the upper arm over the horizontal position, head down with chest and abdomen, the body weight back, until the two arms are basically straight, and then return to the original route into the preparatory position. Bend elbow support when the head, as far forward as possible to lead the body. When straightening, lower the head with chest and abdomen, and shift the hips back.

  8. Sitting chest

  Sitting on the end of the recliner, head and upper back against the back cushion, both arms spread backward to rest on the brace cushion, controlled by the tension of the pectoralis muscle. Then, the pectoralis major muscle contraction, so that the two arms inward clamping, until the pectoralis major muscle in the “peak contraction” position. A short pause, and then the tension of the pectoralis major muscle control position, slowly make the two arms to the sides of the expansion of the restoration. In the whole process of action, must be strictly in accordance with the technical requirements of the action, so that the pectoralis major muscle has a full extension and contraction.

  9. lower incline bench press

  Vertical and ground push-up. Lie supine on an adjustable incline bench with the head in a low position and the torso at an inverted incline of 15-20 degrees to the ground, with the bar placed on the fifth and sixth pectoral ribs below the chest. Push the barbell vertically upward to the vertical line of the shoulder joint, so that the pectoralis major is in “peak contraction”. With the tension of the pectoralis major in control, slowly lower the barbell to its original position. The lower incline bench press mainly exercises the pectoralis major (especially the low) anterior serratus triceps brachii. The exercise to stimulate more of the lower pectoralis major muscle.

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  I have bought these bottle electrics for many years, because they are really the best. I bought three this time, and there was one protein before and after exercise. They mix well. My drink powder has no grit at all. The protein shaker is easy to clean and touch.

  Protein shaker electric is easy to clean and very suitable for breaking down protein powder. It has been several weeks now, and I have no problems with the smell or fungus accumulation in the rubber ring.

  What a protein shaker! Excellent mixing, leak-proof, all parts can be washed in the dishwasher! I definitely recommend any mixed drink to anyone! Easy to use.

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  In fitness exercises, supine leg lift is a simple and easy exercise, and it is also an effective exercise. Of course, if a person insists on training supine leg lift, there are many benefits, but if you want to have these benefits, the correct way is very important. So, what is the correct way to lie on your back? Let’s take a look at the prone position.

  The correct way to lie on your back

  Lie flat on a mat or on a bench (hold the bench with both hands to keep it stable), put both palms behind your head, keep your back flat and lie down on your back, press your head against the palms and spread your arms flat on the floor. The whole body is in a straight line. Use the strength of the abdomen to pull up the legs and lift up. Straighten your legs and slowly return to position. Move as slowly as possible, straighten your legs, don’t bend, don’t use force.

  The benefits of lying on your back

  1. Promote liver detoxification

  Often doing supine leg lifting can detoxify our liver, because in the process of elevated legs, the blood will flow back quickly, and after the back flow, it will be retained in the liver and kidneys, then detoxification and detoxification will be performed again, so not only It can only increase our metabolism in the process of doing this exercise, and it can also help the blood detoxify again. The benefits to the body are naturally obvious.

  2. Stabilize blood pressure

  The exercise of raising the leg on the back can also be regarded as raising the foot, and when we are raising the foot. Because Dantian training breathing can effectively reduce the burden on the abdomen, so that the dirty air in our chest can be discharged. It is of great benefit to alleviating the depression of the heart and chest and the lower mood. After the mental health pressure is reduced, the blood pressure will be more stable. Therefore, it is more recommended for people with unstable blood pressure or high blood pressure to do this exercise.

  3. Unblocked blood

  When doing supine leg lifts, the belly button will actually help us to pass the qi and blood unimpeded, and will expand the pores, so that the skin metabolism will be faster.

  4. Helps sleep

  If you often do supine leg lifts, put your legs on the wall. Leaning can also let your body relax deeply. At this time, if you can cooperate with slow and regular breathing, and breathing more evenly, it can help everyone solve the problem of insomnia. Moreover, after doing this exercise more exhausted, sleep will be heavier.

electric shaker bottle

  I have used the    protein shaker electric for at least 6 months, and the quality has not deteriorated at all. My electric shaker has only a few scratches because it was dropped during work and exercise, which only proves the durability of this thing. There is a small gap in the bottle mouth. I think you would call it a cage. Even that thing is very strong. Materials and manufacturing are important. The only problem I noticed is that the electric shaker is in the groove, the bottle head is screwed into the bottle body, and there is an O-ring to prevent leakage. This seal is particularly difficult to clean, leading to the growth of mold and bacteria, which is an obvious problem. I have tried using sponges, multi-tap nozzles, and dishwasher cleaning, but the effect is not good. Right now, I just use soap before some questions are prompted to reach the inside. If you use more than water, clean the electric shaker after each use. There is also a metal ball stirrer, which is provided with the electric shaker. It can help shake any sediment left on the bottom of the electric shaker. It is especially easy to clean because you can smooth it and scrub it with a sponge.

  I have some protein powder. It’s so thin that it can’t be mixed with a spoon. It floats on the liquid. When I add bananas or frozen fruits, I use my Vita protein shaker bottle, but sometimes I just want to mix powder and milk. So I want to try Brandt. I suspect it’s because I mentioned it just now, but I can’t tell you how happy I am. After the milkshake was finished, the powder was completely mixed together without any signs of lumps; it was just a smooth, creamy drink. This is a good thing.

  These 20 ounces are enough for me, but may be a bit small for some people. When you open the electric bottle shaker box, its size may surprise you.