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  This is the best! I got the electric shaker. It really works! My mixture is 12 ounces of water, which is perfect, because I added ice, it reaches the top perfectly! Even if the plug-in electric mixer bottle is a bit ice! It says 20 ounces, but not high . It is relatively short. The beautiful roundness fits the hands perfectly, and the mouth is perfect! I used a glass and hand blender, and the residue got stuck-this unique electric cherry bottle is seriously free of residue! My milkshake is completely melted! Highly recommended! Super happy !

  like this glass protein shaker. I wake up very early and like to be able to mix my sports drink in a very quiet shaking cup. Since there are no loose balls in the cup, there is a stirring wire that can slide up and down on the rod connected to the lid so that I can shake it without waking up my Hunny Bun! This drink mixes well and listens when shaken It looks like swishing water. No noisy ball can be thrown away. Besides. It just makes me smile!

  I am very satisfied with the performance of these electric protein shaker bottles. I’m afraid they are not up to the task. However, they serve their purpose. They do a good job of mixing the powder, and there is no residue on the inner wall of the electric paint can shaker. There is no big powder in the milkshake. A show. They are sturdy and unique and will not leak from the cap when shaken (just make sure the cap is fully locked). My only problem is that the design makes them a bit difficult to clean. Cleaning the lid and accessories is a bit difficult, because the metal is more like a tight spring-loaded design than a loose vibrating ball. But this is feasible. I believe this electric spray can shaker design is good for performance.

  I am a little worried about buying an unfamiliar electric shaker brand (because some shakers do not have effective sealing and sealing when shaking), but I am surprised by the high quality of these cups. I like the way the internal agitator rotates around the central rotating body, which can reduce the noise during use. I want to know if connecting an electric paint shaker (don’t shake the whole cup loosely) will prevent thorough mixing, but this is not a problem. After shaking, the product does not agglomerate and the effect is very good. If you don’t like the idea of ​​connection, it is easy to separate and can be used without a rotating rod. It is also easy to clean. I dare say I like these more than Jaxxelectric mixer bottle. I will buy this brand again.

  I have used it for about a week, and I haven’t missed it yet. I have to put it on the side of the lunch box, so there are many opportunities for leakage.

  The electric shaker bottle on the pole is a bit interesting. The electric cherry bottle is as easy to use as a freely moving vibrating ball. I have no problems mixing my products. I’m sure to add some liquid before adding powder, and after adding powder, add more liquid. The powder on the bottom is easy to stick to the bottom, and the powder on the top will get stuck in the mouthpiece. But this is a small problem I encountered with these two kinds of vibrating screens.

  Over time, we will see their performance, but for now, I am very satisfied with the best protein shaker bottle.


  I have many such automatic protein electric shakers, and I have to say that they are by far the best. It is very easy to clean, has a long battery life, and feels comfortable when drinking, and I have no problem with the blender bottle electric being damaged. Its lighting and overall appearance are also very beautiful.

  I will definitely recommend this product and buy it again by myself. Hope this comment is helpful to you and have a nice day!

  I like my Voltrx electric shaker bottle. The effect is very good, the effect of mixing protein powder, collagen, and matcha is very good. My electric shaker motor stopped working after I bought it for about a year, which made me very frustrated. I contacted their customer service and they quickly and easily honored the one-year warranty of my paint can shaker electric. I use my bottle almost every day and I am happy to continue using it! There must be!

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  As for the stair machine, I believe everyone is familiar with it. The stair machine is the same common machine as the treadmill, and both of these machines can allow people to exercise well indoors. As for how to use the stair machine, you may still have some unknowns. Next, let’s understand how to use the stair machine.

  How to use the stair machine

  The use of stair machine exercise is very simple, as long as you step on the pedal and alternate feet twice, the machine will automatically display. Then, input the resistance value according to the training purpose. If you just want to lose fat, you can adjust the resistance to 8-12. Keeping the time at 30-40 minutes will achieve a good fat reduction effect. Keep your heart rate between 130-140/min. If you want to improve your cardiopulmonary function, adjust the resistance to 6-8 and hold on for 20 minutes will have a good effect. Keep your heart rate between 100-120/min.

  The correct posture when exercising on the stair machine

  1. Grip the bar lightly

  When doing stair machine exercise, you can gently hold the handlebar with your hand. If you just need to keep your peace better, you can just touch the bar with your fingers.

  After getting used to the exercise of the stair machine, let go of your hands and let them hang down naturally on both sides of your body, not only can you strengthen your cardiopulmonary function, but also your body’s balance ability. Of course, this is to ensure that you can maintain your balance and not fall. It can only be done under the premise of falling.

  2. Keep your body upright

  Keep the body in a standing posture. You can lean forward a little bit, but you can’t bend your waist and back, and you can’t tilt your body left and right. The shoulders should be relaxed, and the abdomen should be tightened slightly.

  3. Keep the same step length

  When using the stair machine to exercise, make sure that the step length is consistent every time, and not too long or too short. A too long stride can easily cause damage to the muscles and joints of the legs, while a too short stride will reduce energy consumption and the exercise effect will be compromised.

  4. Put the whole foot on the pedal

  In the use of the stair machine, try to put all the soles of the feet on the pedals. If you pad the toes, the calf muscles will fatigue faster. And when the sole of the foot lands, it is best to use the tribal ground of the foot to cushion the impact on the leg.

  5. Adjust the appropriate slope

  When using the stair machine to exercise, you don’t need to increase the speed, just adjust the slope appropriately to increase the exercise effect. When you first start exercising, you can start to exercise from a smaller slope, such as 15 degrees, 16 degrees, and gradually increase the slope gradually.

  6. ​​Observe changes in heart rate

  When exercising, be sure to observe the changes in your heart rate at any time to keep your exercise in the aerobic zone for the best exercise effect. The formula for calculating the aerobic interval is as follows: aerobic heart rate = (220-age) × (60%-85%).

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  This voltrx electric shaker bottle can easily mix protein powder. I shake the protein powder with almond milk and water for about 10 seconds, and then stir it evenly. There is no lumps or any powder on the sides. My blender cannot mix quickly or completely. I find that the electric blender makes the powder fluffy, resulting in very tight mixing. Using a vibrating screen, the consistency remains the same as the consistency of the liquid to be mixed.

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  The main body of the electric shaker bottle is a very durable plastic material, as is the top. I found that the top one is not as annoying and messy as other comments.

  I decided to use other linear vibrating screens to solve this problem. These vibrating screens have many reviews, but they are all made in China. Even if it is twice the price, it is worth buying made in the United States! And I am sure the quality of the voltrx protein shaker bottle is better than cheap Chinese junk.

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  I like this “Shaker Bottle” very much, so I have a second one! I use them every day to replace my Surent meal. I think it will help guide my process step by step, and hope to show how awesome these bottles are!

  These steps are performed together with the pictures attached to this review.

  1. These are two bottles of my own. The color of the product is pink and island paradise. The color belongs only to the bottle cap. The other colors are the same.

  2. I use these bottles every day to stir my powdered food substitutes; I personally use Surente, but I think any substitute powder in these bottles has the same effect.

  3. At the end of the day, I have to fill both bottles with water (just an ordinary faucet for me) to about 12 ounces; this is based on my personal preference for my water/powder ratio, which can be based on It is easy to adjust to your own preferences, thanks to the very convenient measurement mark on the bottle!

  4. Then I put these two bottles in the refrigerator overnight.

  5. The next morning I took a bottle and added a full spoonful.

  6. Half a spoonful of breakfast.

  7. Because the seal of the bottle cap is very tight, when you screw the cap back and tighten it completely, be sure to align it correctly; you made a mistake when you first used it, and water began to leak around the cap. I quickly realized My own fault, but not my fault, but the bottle’s problem. This is an easy mistake to avoid, as long as you pay attention to it.

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  8. It is also important to make sure that you completely cover the drink so that it will click; press down a large indentation, and you will feel, hear, and it is safe. The entire process provides a reliable leak-proof seal!

  9. Then shake it!

  10. The translucency of the bottle makes it easy to see if there is agglomeration. (Using Soylent, I hardly noticed (if any) clustering.)

  11. I usually don’t unscrew the lid between shaking and consumption, but I want to take pictures here. It looks great, there are no lumps! (Some people may unscrew the cap after shaking and add other ingredients. In this case, I recommend washing the cap first before screwing it back.)

  12. If you do not unscrew the rinse cap after shaking, there will be some liquid on the convex surface when you open the drink for the first time. You can wipe it off as long as it feels suitable and you can continue to drink.

  13. Fold the wine flap to keep a considerable distance; I never touch my forehead when I drink this bottle of wine.

  14. I usually reseal and unseal between the small mouth and the lid of the drink, but it does not weaken in any way.

  In general, I am very satisfied with this voltrx protein shaker product. I am glad that I chose a slightly more expensive but unique product instead of countless cheap shaker options. Originally there were no extra balls to sell to me, but all other elements really made this a prominent product. What caught me? I want to recommend this wholehearted confidence! Forget cheap alternatives, this is what you are looking for Yes; you will not regret it if you buy it, you will like it!