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  Ordinary plastic cups can not be shaken evenly, and the taste of the mouth is not good. In order to stir evenly, sometimes we have to bring a spoon to stir, which is very troublesome. Even if we buy a shake cup, we find it very tired to shake it manually, and it is also very difficult to clean the protein powder. So a friend recommended VOLTRX automatic electric shake cup.

  Protein Shaker Cup has a dual graduated body

  This electric cup has a diamond-cut surface and a cool atmosphere light on the base that creates a unique rotating light effect when stirred and a ceremonial feel when moving. The cup body is a double scale cup body, so I can better control the amount of supply. The maximum amount marked is 600ML, and the cup can hold 700ml at most, which makes it more convenient to use.

  The Electric Shaker Cup is made of baby accessible material.

  The body of the cup is made of Tritan material, which does not contain BISphenol A. It belongs to the highest food grade and is A baby food grade accessible material, which meets the national standard certification, which is also very beneficial to our health.

  Electric Protein Shaker bottle has its own safety lock, so it does not worry about leakage caused by accidental contact

  VOLTRX is a food-grade leakproof lid with a silicone ring in the lid, which won’t leak even when upside-down, so it can avoid a lot of embarrassing situations when used outside. There is also a safety lock at the switch, which locks the mouth of the cup upward. There is no need to worry about leaking caused by accidentally touching the switch. After tightening the lid, you can throw it into the backpack at will, without wetting the whole bag.

  Intelligent stirring, low noise: strong motor, fast stirring

  As an electric shake cup, of course, the most important part is to stir the protein powder. Large caliber cup mouth can easily add a variety of powder, and then press the button once, rotate 30 seconds can quickly stir the powder, powerful carbon brush motor, speed up to 5000 RPM, such a high speed will not produce much noise, the use of very good. The resulting protein powder was a far cry from what I had made manually. It was smooth, granular and smooth.

  The Best Protein Shaker Bottle can be intelligently cleaned

  I bet most of us have been poisoned by the fumes in our own tumbler because we forgot to clean it in time, only to be overwhelmed by the shockwave of the fumes as soon as we opened the lid. If you don’t wash your cup in time, it will ruin your appetite in a minute. But with VOLTRX electric shake cup is different, just need to add water to the cup, press the button twice, turn 100 seconds, you can quickly clean the inner wall, such operation can be completed in the gym, do not worry about the original want to take the cup home brush, but forget the situation again.

  Single hand open cover

  This electric shake cup is also particularly humanized in design. Whether I am running outdoors or in the gym, I can open the lid with one hand and drink directly to my mouth. When my body needs to replenish energy, it can be directly replenishment, which is cool and does not waste time.

  Base running lamp with origin blind plug magnetic contact charging design

  The base of the electric shake cup is designed as a horse light, which can display the electric quantity when charging. The light flashes when using, and the appearance level is super high. If you want to check the electric quantity, you can press the switch for a long time. My favorite is its origin blind insertion magnetic contact charging design, no need to find a charging port, close to the charging port can automatically adsorption, convenient charging, automatic stop when full, protect the battery overcharging.

  The beauty of detailed design of portable Electric Protein Shaker bottle

  In addition, the VOLTRX electric Tumbler has some nice details: a sturdy base for the cabin. The lid has a pull-back design that is not only beautiful, but also easy to use, and easy to hang on your finger or wherever you can hang it.

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electric blender bottle target

  My colleagues were surprised and wanted a blender bottles. I have now purchased plastic shaker bottle as a gift for my friends and colleagues. I am very satisfied with the quality and design. Electric bottle shaker is a good choice for anyone who makes a lot of their own milkshakes.

  I like this blender. The protein shaker bottle is very suitable for office use, especially USB charging (only our office appliances), and it is quite quiet (no annoying colleagues use a deafening blender or a ten minute shake bottle).

  An excellent blend of standard protein powder and supplementary powder. I have bought this product twice – because I accidentally dropped the first one and broke the cover. The electric bottom is rechargeable and powerful – more important than the replaceable battery option (I also have that version.) select this option. The electric blender water bottle of protein shake bottle is made of food grade plastic, which is very safe to use. The feel is also very good, and the high transparent texture is also very good in the sense. Especially when it is used to stir some colored drinks, it can fully show the charm of protein shake blender bottle!

  The built-in high-speed rotating motor is very good in both speed and solubility. Although it is often stirred with cold water, there is no need to worry about caking, because electric shaker is mixed evenly. The base can be disassembled, and the diameter of the electric blender water bottle is relatively large, so it is particularly convenient to clean. Value for money.

  I like this blender! Protein shake mixer bottle can remove all lumps in my protein shake! Everyone who saw the gym shaker bottle in my “box” said they wanted one! I also have an older model, and the power of the model can last for a long time. My new one hasn’t been long enough to know how long the portable electric protein shaker bottle can last. It can be easily cleaned after each use of the shake shaker cup.

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  I’ve been mixing my protein shake with an ordinary jar without a blender. I used to agglomerate in those, and sometimes the powder got stuck where the side and bottom met. I doubt how helpful it would be to put a small piece of plastic like an egg beater there, but I can drink all my protein now! That stupid little plastic piece of protein shaker bottle created a miracle.

  I bought this protein shaker to consume non caking post exercise protein on my way home from the gym. No matter how many times I shake the glass with a wire stirring ball, there are still lumps in my drink. The only thing I notice is that you have to make sure your drink is not thick or makes it difficult. I started using a pure protein. When it was mixed with the recommended amount of water, it seemed to slow down because the drink would thicken too much because of the strength of the cup. I added a little water and started working again. Glass protein shaker can mix some charm. If you mix without covering, it will indeed spray a layer of mist from the protein shaker cup. This is my preference, because I like to add protein powder slowly to avoid caking again. It’s no big deal. Generally speaking, I am very satisfied with my purchase.

  I exercise during my lunch break and shake quickly before I go back to work. It makes me happy to know that I can shake the shaker cup while driving without risking spilling it anywhere or watching it leak from the side of the cover. In the long run, the additional costs now will exceed one leak in the future, and these will last for a long time without replacement (if any).

  I like how easy vortex protein shaker is to clean. When I heard about a small stirring tablet, I thought it would be painful to clean, but that’s not the case. Protein powder shaker is also very durable. I dropped a cup 20 times, but it’s still good.

  Put the appropriate water into the protein shake bottle, then put the protein powder in and press the button. 30 seconds later, it came out beautiful and smooth without caking.

  Cleaning up is also simple. We wash everything here by hand, but it only takes a few seconds to rinse it off. I didn’t stick anything. Protein shake blender bottle will wash off immediately! This is a must-have for a protein shake.

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protein mixer bottle near me

  Protein shakes are more popular than ever. Dieters and fitness enthusiasts around the world use them to replace one or more meals to supplement their diet or to recover faster from training. Some people think they are a valuable weight loss aid. It is scientifically proven that protein shakes are beneficial to overall health, athletic performance and weight management. These drinks provide flavor and nutrition, making it easier for you to clean up your diet.

  When making protein shakes as part of a balanced diet, they can make bones stronger, repair muscles and reduce fat.

  Considering these facts, it is no wonder that protein shakes are becoming more and more popular all over the world. By 2025, this market is expected to reach 21.5 billion US dollars. From athletes, fitness enthusiasts to low-carb dieters, everyone is praising the benefits of protein shakes. Some people say that these drinks can keep them longer and curb their sugar cravings. Others use them to fill nutritional gaps, perform better in their chosen exercise, or speed up recovery after exercise.

  At this time, using a electric blender shaker bottle to make a protein shake can give us the nutrients we need. A good sports protein powder and a vortex cup are essential.

  This mixer electric shaker bottle is very suitable for mixing my protein powder. I used to leave big chunks on the bottom of drinks and mixer cups. This is not a problem. This voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottle is well stirred, rechargeable and easy to carry.

  The automatic shaker bottle is powerful and has a long battery life. I think my protein shake tastes better in the portable electric protein shaker bottle than it does in the shaker. The electric mixing bottle can be shaken smoothly. The battery life left a deep impression on me. I use the best shaker bottle to stir milkshakes twice a day. Now I bought a best electric blender bottle as a gift for friends and colleagues. I am very satisfied with the quality and design. This is a good choice for those who make a lot of milkshakes on their own.

  It is very convenient to charge with a USB charger. It has an easier mixer than conventional mixers, with an inward rotating vortex for better mixing of powders. For mixing powders and proteins, the electric protein mixer is the best. This is the design of the protein shaker. Don’t make smoothies, add fruit or ice cubes. After using it, you will also fall in love with the vortex bottle shaker, and you will prefer to drink protein shakes.

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