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  This protein shaker bottle is perfect! My boyfriend drinks Kratom every day. His ordinary cup is an electric shaker bottle. Use an ordinary bottle. Hed must shake each drink by hand for 5 to 10 minutes to dissolve all the mixture. Anyone who has drunk Kratom and OJ knows how bad it is to have a mouth full of unmixed Kratom.

  I’m glad I did it. I bought him this electric protein shaker bottle. Vortex cup motor is very powerful and convenient. The rechargeable base and dry storage container make it very easy to carry anywhere, and the milkshake is ready.

  Only with the experience of using vibrator, you have to do it manually. It’s very good! After exercise, it is very convenient to put shakers for protein shakes into my cup holder without worrying about shaking my protein when I go home. It is much better to completely dissolve the powder than using a traditional vibrating screen (I also pre exercise in it). One of the advantages of the vortex blender bottle is that the bottom of the cup is padded, so if they don’t include this contact, you won’t hear too much noise from the device.

  Protein shaker bottle Electric has a light on the motor housing to let you know whether it is charging (red) and when it is fully charged (green). Unfortunately, the beautiful cup in the cup is used to hold powder. It can only hold 1 teaspoon of protein powder I use. I usually take 2 teaspoons after exercise, so I have to use a separate container for this. I definitely recommend this shaker bottle. I’m glad I bought the electric shaker cup. Is this a convenience item? Yes, can you live without voltrx shaker bottle? Yes, but I do think this product is worth it.

  Make protein milkshakes easy. I even took portable shake mixer to work for lunch. I can’t leave home without electric cup mix. Convenient charging and long-lasting battery. Powerful motors sometimes cause confusion. Be careful when adding powder to the cyclone. There may be splashes and spills, but I like challenges! ha-ha. No more shaking. Press the button and watch the voltrx electric protein shaker bottle run! Buy one yourself.

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  People who have just been in contact with protein powder may have questions. They don’t know what effect protein powder has. They just heard others say that drinking protein powder is good for their health, but they don’t know what the specific benefits are. Now let me, a sports expert who has drunk so much protein powder, tell you the specific benefits of drinking protein powder and the benefits of drinking protein powder in a protein mixer shaker. The benefits of protein shakes are enough for you to include them in your diet.

  Even if protein shakes are not necessary, they can improve your health and well-being. As part of a balanced diet, these products will make it easier for you to lose weight and maintain weight, improve your performance in the gym, and help you recover from exercise faster.

  The benefits of protein shakes on body composition are well documented. In particular, whey protein, as part of a diet and strength training program to lose weight or maintain weight, can improve your muscle-fat ratio. This supplement itself is unlikely to undergo major changes. You still need to eat a healthy diet and stay active to reap the benefits.

  The VOLTRX electric shaker is a high-quality shaker that can free your hands and improve the efficiency in all aspects. It is faster and more stable than manual shaking, and has better mixing effects. It does not clump and does not stick to the cup, which is greatly reduced. Granularity, the motor has been tested and adjusted thousands of times to the torque and speed that can fully stir the powder and liquid, and it is very quiet when in use.

  The shaker protein mixer electric is very convenient to use. The base is detachable and comes with a breathing light to monitor the power at any time. There is a switch button and a charging port, which is very clear and simple. Switch the mode by pressing the button. Press and hold to see the power. Press once to stir for 30 seconds. The usual time for stirring protein powder and other supplements can stir the protein powder thoroughly without leaving particles.

  The advantage of drinking protein powder with an electric protein mixer shaker is that it is smarter and more convenient, making the milkshake smoother without lumps. The taste will be better.

  protein shakes are praised for their convenience and versatility. Some are powdered and can be mixed in a protein shaker. Others are sold in the form of “lens” or bottles, so you can use vortex protein mixer for protein shakes anytime, anywhere. According to your needs and health goals, you can use the protein shake mixer to make protein shakes before going to bed, in the morning, before and after exercise or at any time of the day to replenish energy.