protein mixer

  I only used it for a few weeks, but the protein bottle shaker can mix my protein shake well. It’s quite easy to clean and charge, and it’s fun to use.

  I use these for a few things. So convenient and easy to carry and mix all day. The battery can last for several days. I like that you can know its power through the lamp at the bottom. We now have three shaker cups. It’s definitely a valuable purchase!

  I use this electric protein shaker bottle every day!

  The blender shaker bottle is durable and easy to charge. Even if I use this cup three times a day, I can charge it continuously for a long time.

  Easy to clean – I always wash by hand!

  I prefer to use the protein shake mixer bottle indoors, because the sports shaker bottle sweats, and I live in Florida, where the humidity is very high (this is the only disadvantage of this cup)

  I prefer to add ice after mixing drinks, because the mixing effect is very good, which can melt the ice!

  Tired of using a mixing bottle with balls to mix my protein powder, so I decided to splurge a little and get this shake shaker cup. The mixer itself does what I need it to do, although the only problem is that the motor is not the strongest. When I first used it, I poured the protein mixture before the milk, which caused the motor to run very slowly. So I have a valuable suggestion is to add liquid first, and then add powder.

  I like this portable electric protein shaker bottle very much! It works well to mix my tea and protein shake. Easy to use, clean and charge. I like the color and the size is just right. Very satisfied with this purchase!

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electirc protein shaker

  This is a great best electric protein shaker, which is very suitable for the protein shake I need after exercise. My only complaint is that it’s hard to clean. Even after I cleaned the electric shaker bottle after shaking, there was still a lingering smell in the container. I’m surprised and excited about it! I never like powdered drinks, but I wonder why not. I got the black on the black, so I can take the electric protein shaker bottle anywhere. I won’t even look like a child at work, or it looks disgusting to put the rest of the powder aside.

  In fact, the electric blender bottle Walmart is well mixed, and there is not much powder left after shaking. The mixing ball has good effect, can be folded and easy to clean. I saw other people’s comments. If possible, put the liquid first. The effect is very good. I really like the function of prostak. It’s super easy to use!

  I found that I took voltrx electric protein shaker with me every day to work and in my car, not even for dinner. Convenient milkshakes stop me from “let’s drink milkshakes or mcfurry”. Sometimes you just want something more than water. The extra spare powder protected me from many temptations of high sugar products. And I found that I can even wash the electric shaker bottle by hand without taking out the excess powder at the bottom. The powder is kept dry inside, no problem. The lid is tightly sealed, but surprisingly easy to open, easy to clean and well designed. Generally speaking, I really like this product and it’s worth every penny! This shaker is great! I can tap whey, press the button and go away! It’s not difficult to shake the manual shaker, but it’s too convenient.

  I see a healthy nut using one of these types of blender containers, so I think I’ll try it so that I don’t have to mix with a blender that will never work or a light fork.

  The success rate is 100%, satisfactory. I mix a spoonful of my favorite healthy mixture with almond milk. Portable electric protein shaker will not leave any residue. As a reference, I used amazing grass green super food. After drinking, it’s almost clean, but just put some warm water and shake it gently. For the sake of safety, I made a second warm water filling.

  In most cases, electric bottle will basically “clean itself” with soapy water after you finish. I like the lights and animation under the lights, but the electric shaker bottle is not too flashy. The bottom seems to be waterproof. I don’t have to worry that the shaker bottle will drip. Make sure the top is tight. I thought this was the first time. The best electric shaker cup dropped a little, but I tightened the blender bottle target a little, and then it worked well. There is absolutely no complaint from me. This is a very durable high-quality USB electric juicer bottle blender!

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best shaker bottle

  I bought this plastic shaker bottle specially for mixing protein milkshakes, because I’m tired of my old SHAKE MIXER bottle, which inevitably leaves lumps in every milkshake I’ve made. This electric protein shaker bottle eliminates almost all lumps and provides a smooth texture. So far, I only use it with almond milk + casein or ordinary protein, and the effect is very good.

  Vortex protein shaker cleaning is also easy. I just fill the cup with warm water about 3 / 4, open it and add detergent. Eddy actually did most of the work for me. I doubt I can go back to the ordinary shaker at this point. Found this. It’s absolutely perfect! No overflow, no shaking, just click the button and let it rotate for a minute or two! It’s much more expensive than ordinary bottles, but it’s worth investing in.

  I have been using electric shaker cup every day for two weeks. The highlight is: excellent. These vibrating screens look and feel very expensive. High quality voltrx electric protein shaker bottle.

  So I have been using one of those popular protein milkshakes brands, but one of my biggest problems is always forgetting an electric shaker cups for protein shakes that can mix water and protein. Not only that, but some flavors are always a little caked. After reading the comments, because this vortex mixer is new, I decided to give it a try. Some complaints are about charging problems and Cup loss of power. Now, if the battery is dead, surprisingly, the voltrx shaker bottle will be powered off, just as your phone screen will darken when the battery is in Fritz state to save power. I didn’t have a charging problem.

  I make sure to do this before the battery runs out. Whenever I do this, we will restore full power! If the electric shaker bottle loses a little charm, it’s no big deal, because the glass protein shaker cup can still play a role. Sports shaker bottle does leave a very small amount of residue on the side of the powder. Personally, I don’t think this is a big problem. The instructions are simple, make sure you follow them. Also know that this protein powder shaker is not a blender. It doesn’t have the blades to shred fruit or frozen food and all the happy jazz.

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