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  In life, running is a common exercise. Of course, a person’s regular running is good for the body. In addition to outdoor running, you can also run indoors. This running is called in-situ running. So, can long-term in-situ running reduce the belly? Let’s follow the editor to learn about running in situ.

  Can running in place reduce my stomach?

  can reduce belly.

  Where can you lose weight by running in place

  1. Reduce belly

  When running on the spot, you need to tighten the abdomen and raise the thighs, which will affect the movement of the abdominal muscles, so it can stimulate the burning of fat in this part, and achieve the effect of tightening the abdomen and reducing the belly.

  2. Stovepipe

  The thighs and calves are the most active in situ running. When you push up hard, the leg fat will quickly break down for energy. People with a lot of fat in the thighs can often practice in-situ running stovepipe. Note! After running on the spot, remember to relax the muscles of the thigh and calf, so as not to affect the line of the leg by the long muscle mass.

  3. Thin arms

  Arm swing is a good thin arm movement. If you want to burn fat faster, the swing amplitude should be slightly exaggerated, and the frequency should also be increased.

  How to run in place

  1. Warm up before running

  Before running in situ, do appropriate body relaxation exercises, such as stretching, kicking, and bending, so that the muscles of the whole body are gradually relaxed, the joints can be moved to a certain extent, and the heart movement can adapt to the human body movement.

  2. The correct posture for running in place

  Raise your head, chest, abdomen, raise your legs, higher than 20 cm from the ground, touch the soles of the feet, and lift the body as far as possible. The forearms are bent at 90°C. The whole movement is mainly the lower limbs, driving the whole body movement, following the rhythm Breathe naturally.

  3. How to run in place

  When running, start jogging first, and then slowly accelerate after the body adapts. The pace of running on the spot can be alternately performed with small steps, high leg runs, and kick runs to avoid the dullness of a single run and increase the interest in running.

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  Supine leg lift is a very effective exercise. When practicing supine leg lift, you must first understand the essentials and benefits of supine leg lift. Only by doing this can you better practice supine leg lift. Of course, if you practice supine leg lift frequently There are many benefits to raising your legs. What are the benefits of lying on the back for women? If you are not sure, you can come and have a look.

  The benefits of lying on your back for women

  1. Promote blood return from lower limbs

  When the human body performs supine leg lifts, the legs will be raised and then move up and down. At this time, the blood of the lower limbs of the human body can flow well, which has the effect of promoting the blood return of the lower limbs of the human body to a certain extent.

  2. Stovepipe

  The main part of the leg lift is the human body’s legs. It is a kind of aerobic exercise with a relatively large amount of exercise. Long-term moderate exercise can help the human body to thin the legs.

  3. Exercise leg lines

  Supine leg lift can not only promote the slimming of the human legs, but also help to train the muscle lines of the human legs, help to shape the perfect leg curve, and have a certain effect of training the human leg lines.

  Supine leg raise action essentials

  1. Lie on your back on a stool or the ground, put your hands under your hips for support, and straighten your feet forward. If you want to make it more difficult, you can lie down with your hips at one end of the stool, that is, your legs will be overhead.

  2. Always keep your legs straight, ascend as much as possible, and pause for a few seconds at the highest point (about 90 degrees between the body and the legs).

  3. Lower your legs under control, return to the starting position, and repeat.

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  In fitness exercises, leaning over birds is a well-known and effective exercise. Of course, there are many benefits if one person trains leaning over birds, but if you want to have these benefits, the correct method of action is very important, but many people I don’t know what to practice leaning over Asuka, how to practice. So, what muscles leaned over Asuka to train? How to practice leaning over Asuka? Let’s take a look at the leaning bird.

  What muscles leaning over Asuka

  The main part of the leaning bird exercises is our deltoid muscle back bundle, and everyone knows that the deltoid muscle back bundle, although it looks like an unobtrusive muscle, it greatly affects the beauty of our shoulders. Generally speaking, the training of the deltoid muscle is very difficult. Once the shape is fixed, it is very difficult to change, and its angle range is also very small, so it is easy to be confused with the trapezius muscle. Therefore, we must remember Staying, leaning over the bird to exercise is the deltoid back beam.

  How to practice leaning over Asuka

  1. Starting position

  When doing this sport, we have to separate our feet, and the width between our feet is the same width as our shoulders. The next two new hands are to face each other, and then to be able to exercise the back of the deltoid muscle and the upper part of the back muscles. First, we hold the dumbbells first, and then the upper body is bent forward to be parallel to the ground. The two legs can be slightly bent, so that the lower part of our back does not have any tension.

  2. Action essentials

  Next, we must do the exercise essentials after the starting position. At the beginning, we need to lift up the dumbbells in both hands, straight up to the side, almost parallel to the back or slightly over the back, then stop, and then Then slowly restore the dumbbells to their original position. However, when doing repetitive movements, raise your elbows, that is, you must first lift and extend your elbows to start. When doing these movements, you must put your own elbows. The three joints of the shoulder, elbow and wrist should be stretched and contracted. Try to be straight and bend in the process, and be retracted in the middle. It is the highest state to be able to exert strength and connotation. And we must concentrate our minds in the process of doing this exercise, it is best not to use force to complete this action, and also to inhale when opening the arms, and exhale when closing the arms. .

  Leaning Asuka Precautions

  1. The leaning posture is not easy to grasp the essentials, so choose a small weight first.

  2. Pay attention to steady movements in the dynamic, and cannot use the power of the swing arm to complete the movement.

  3. Minimize the swing of the waist and concentrate on the back.

  4. When the load increases to a certain level, the waist will feel overburdened.

  5. To ensure safety, keep increasing the load as planned to prevent lumbar muscle strain.

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  Supine arm flexion and extension is a very effective exercise in daily life, and it is also easy to train. Of course, if you regularly train supine arm flexion and extension, there are many benefits to your body, but if you want to have these benefits, the correct method of action is very important. . So, what are the essentials of supine arm flexion and extension? Let’s take a look together below.

  Supine arm flexion and extension action essentials

  1. Lie flat on the bench, hold the crank barbell with narrow hands, straighten your arms, keep the position shoulder-width apart and perpendicular to your body.

  2. Inhale at the beginning of the action. At this time, the upper arm does not move, bend the elbow joint, so that the forearm slowly falls upwards of the head, and when it is two centimeters away from the forehead, use the force of the triceps to straighten the forearm, and at the same time Exhale, when the arm is perpendicular to the body again, pause for a second and then fall again. repeatedly.

  Supine arm flexion and extension matters needing attention:

  1. If the strength of the elbow joint is weak, it is not necessary to fully straighten the arm to avoid injury.

  2. When doing heavy weight exercises to straighten your arms, you should try your best to restrain your body from leaving the flat.

  3. When approaching exhaustion, the vertical forearm can be slightly tilted toward the head. With a little upper chest strength, do it a few times to get more stimulation of the triceps.

  4. The distance between the elbows should be kept the same when the arms are raised and lowered to ensure that the middle part of the triceps is stimulated.

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  High pull down is a very classic movement, it can help us shape a strong back muscle group.

  But many people in the high pull-down will appear back muscles do not feel the phenomenon of too much force arm. A big reason for this is because the movement pattern is wrong, especially the scapula can not be properly recovered down.

  When you can’t start the scapula properly, your back muscles won’t be better involved in the movement, and the arm muscles will be the opposite.

  Correct power sequence.

  You should do a good scapular sinking before starting → then big arm inward retraction (extension) → follow the trend of elbow flexion to pull up the weight

  The action is as follows.

  Grab the bar with both hands, arms straight, natural scapular up, feel the shoulder is about to touch the ear, and then start the back muscles (latissimus dorsi, lower trapezius) so that the scapulae under the gyration, sink. Use the movement of the scapula to drive the load.

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  Once you are familiar with the movement of the scapula, then add the arm pull to make your pull down more fluid.

  Points to note.

  1. Drive your shoulders down during the initial phase of the movement.

  2, then immediately focus on your elbow area, so that the elbow and shoulder in line with the back of the movement.

  3, large arm efforts close to the torso, squeeze the back muscles.

  Note that the elbows immediately after the shoulders to follow, your palms should feel like a hook just hanging on it. In the action of restoration is to maintain tension in the latissimus dorsi, controlled playback, rather than a completely relaxed state of restoration.

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  If you just contact fitness, you may often go to the gym to see, you will find that many people will cry that their fitness has no effect, despite the sweat, but the actual effect is still far from their own expectations, with the passage of time, gradually will lose enthusiasm and motivation for fitness. This is because most of my friends are blindly fitness, blind fitness is not training a good body.

  Fitness is not the more exercise, the better the results will be. Quite the opposite, the same training between the addition of appropriate rest, will have a better training effect. Therefore the preparation stage of fitness can not be less, the most important thing is to develop a fitness plan for their own, so that fitness will have a certain regularity, adhere to it will be easier.

  First, a part should be practiced several times a week

  1, different muscles correspond to different rest time

  If you train your back muscles on Wednesday and wait until the next Wednesday for the second training, you will miss the best stage of the second training because the time interval is too long. For muscles, rest time is about a day to three days, the difference lies in the size of the muscle, like the pectoral muscles, back muscles, these large muscle groups, rest time in about three days is better, for biceps, calf muscles, these small muscles, rest a day can be, a short time to recover.

  2, different training intensity corresponds to different rest time

  Training intensity and rest time is directly related. Training not only to have muscle participation, we must not forget that the nervous system also plays an important role. The muscles may take three days to recover from heavy weight training, but the nervous system is much slower to recover, taking about a week or so. Therefore, the training intensity should try to choose the “sub-maximum” intensity, so that training to maximize the effect. So that the large muscle groups can be trained twice a week.

  Second, what parts of the week should be exercised separately

  1, according to their actual situation

  Because many friends usually life pressure and work pressure are relatively large, so what to practice a few times a week should be based on their actual situation. Many friends will have a relatively heavy work on Monday, this time Sunday do not carry out high-intensity large-weight training, so as not to affect the next day’s mental outlook and work efficiency, the importance of this time the fitness program is reflected.

  2、How to arrange what to practice on week days

  There is a method called body division method, is the upper body and lower body training staggered. For example, Monday bench press, Tuesday squat, Wednesday rest, Thursday dumbbell flying bird, Friday hard pull, weekend rest. This is a staggered upper body and lower body training program. This method can increase the muscle strength and muscle dimension of the gym-goer at the same time.

  Third, how to make a fitness program that suits you and stick to it

  Just contact fitness friends can go to a gym with better facilities to test their physical fitness, or through a fitness coach, to develop a fitness plan for us personally. Whether we can stick to it depends more on our subjective consciousness, fitness can listen to more energetic songs, or find a good relationship with friends to train together, choose a gym with a strong fitness atmosphere will help us to persist.

  Each person’s physical quality is different, the training plan is also different, how many times a week to practice, a few days a week should exercise which part is also different from person to person.

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  There are many kinds of nutritional supplements in life, such as protein powder, muscle building powder and so on. So is it okay to eat only these nutritional supplements, the answer is no.

  Who is suitable to eat protein powder?

  1, the daily diet does not get enough protein, living conditions do not allow. For example, three meals without eggs, beef and other high-protein food supplements, these types of people can eat protein powder to supplement protein.

  2, people who have a higher pursuit of muscle, bodybuilding muscle men need to eat protein powder. Because these muscle men from the daily diet is difficult to get enough protein.

  3, obese weight loss people also need to supplement protein powder. Obese people to lose weight is the need to consume low-calorie, high-protein food. At the same time low calorie intake will also lead to a lower metabolic level, affecting the weight loss effect.

  Protein powder can be supplemented with protein on the premise of low fat intake to ensure normal nutrition of people.

  What three types of people are not suitable to eat protein powder?

  1, patients with poor liver and kidney function

  2、Patients with gout

  3、People with weak constitution

  Protein can make you fat even if you eat too much? So is this true? Let’s take whey protein.

  Eating whey protein is not only easy to digest, but also has high biomass price, high efficiency, high protein efficiency ratio and high utilization rate, which is the best of protein. It contains all the essential amino acids required by the human body, and its amino acid composition pattern is almost identical to that in skeletal muscle Its amino acid composition pattern is almost identical to that of skeletal muscle, which makes it extremely easy to be absorbed by the human body.

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