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  I received this blue electric shaker mixer a few days ago. As soon as I received it, I took it to work and used it. I took the electric shaker machine to work and used it to make milkshakes and smoothies with it. My co-workers liked it so much that I told them where I bought it. They said they also want to buy this portable electric protein shaker bottle because it is also very convenient. I also told my other friends, family and relatives that they drink smoothies and shakes and make fruit and vegetable juices. Finally they were also shown the best electric protein shaker and the wonderful effect they have on smoothies and they really liked it. They are also planning to buy these electric shaker cups for themselves.

  This best electric shaker cup with lid is made of sturdy plastic. It also has a little whipped ball inside to help mix any ingredients you want to shake. I use it with my morning carnation instant breakfast drink. It really works. You pour the milk and powdered drink mix into an electric shock gfuel shaker cup filled with waffle balls, and then you put the lid on. Then it’s time to shake everything up, just push the button and everything will mix together and it’s ready to drink. Cleaning is easy too. I’m really glad I got this electric protein shaker cup.

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  Excellent electric shaker. I use it for water and protein shakes. Just shake it and go! It has a great grip, no balls to help you shake! Dishwasher safe, I love the size of the electric shaker bottle, it works well and the spout is easy to drink from. It’s also durable and I can throw the electric blender bottle in my gym bag without worry.

  The electric mixer bottle allows you to make protein shakes after you do your workout at the gym. The leaves shake up strong and mixes well unlike a lot of other shaker bottles out there. not overpriced and does a great job! Planning on buying another one so I can have an electric shaker cup on the go and at home!

  This is the best value for money electric protein shaker bottle on the market. It’s high quality and perfect for post-workout protein shakes. It’s simple and easy to clean and recommended for anyone interested in fitness.