best protein mixer shaker

  Then I decided to try protein powder and give me a sense of ceremony!

  We all know that in the instructions for the use of protein powder, it is also mentioned to shake it evenly so that the protein can be better absorbed by the human body, which is right. The key point is to shake well. If you use a bowl or an ordinary cup, it is difficult to shake well. This is mainly because there is a professional “stirrer” in the protein mixer, which is usually a spiral spring. In fact, even if you take an ordinary cup and add a stirrer in it, you can shake well.

  Then why do we choose protein mixer bottle?

  1. Material safety. Most of the shake cups are made of the same material as baby bottles, which is more environmentally friendly and does not contain bisphenol A. Bisphenol A can be mixed into drinks when heated, and bisphenol A can disrupt human metabolism and is easy to cause cancer. However, it should be mentioned that many inferior shaking cups sent by buying protein powder can not be included. Many of them not only have poor materials, but also are very easy to leak due to poor sealing, which makes people very embarrassed in the process of shaking powder.

  2. More beautiful and professional. Most shaking cups are provided with layers, and a functional area for protein powder and pill supplement is reserved at the bottom. Used friends know that adding water first and then pouring powder is not easy to form sediment at the bottom. Pour the powder first. If the cup is wet, then add water, it is easy to stick to the bottom and not easy to shake well.

  Therefore, it is recommended that you use a professional protein mixer cup to shake the powder. The purpose is to be convenient, easy to use and safe.

  However, in the process of shaking the cup, a “stealth bomb” will be buried inadvertently.

  I dare say that most people have been influenced by the bad gas in their protein mixer machine. It is because they forgot to clean the shaker bottle in time. As a result, they were crushed by the odor shock wave at the moment of opening the cup cover. If the protein mixer blender is not cleaned in time, it will really kill your appetite every minute.

  As for why it stinks? It’s not because of the quality of the protein powder. This will happen to any protein powder. The main reason is that after drinking protein powder, we don’t remove the residues in the cup in time, while bacteria, molds and other microorganisms in the air survive in the cup. Especially when you close the lid, these bacteria will decompose the residual protein in the cup to form hydrogen sulfide, stink and other substances. When you open it again, these stench will come to your face. Moreover, it is very difficult to remove this peculiar smell after cleaning again, because hydrogen sulfide is corrosive and will penetrate into the inner wall of the cup.

  Cleaning is also very simple. Add some detergent and water. Press the button for 30 seconds and you can get a clean protein mixer shaker.

electric protein blender

  For people who like fitness and sports, a large capacity water cup must be a necessity. For many fitness people who want to increase muscle, they often use water cups to brew protein powder and muscle powder. In fact, ordinary water cups can not meet their needs. Therefore, many fitness people have a special water cup, that is, electric shaker bottle. The biggest difference between the bodybuilder’s vortex protein shaker and the ordinary water cup is that the blender shaker bottle contains a spring device that can swing up and down. The main function of this spring device is to make the protein powder and muscle strengthening powder dissolve into the water better and faster for the bodybuilder to eat.

  However, it often takes a lot of time and effort to achieve rapid dissolution of protein powder and muscle building powder if you use ordinary water cups. And protein powder can not be well dissolved, the intake of the human body will lead to protein powder in granular form. This makes it impossible for the gym goer to absorb it completely, which is the main reason why many gym goers choose best protein shaker bottle. Whey protein shaker bottle are convenient, however, although the shaker is convenient, but many gym-goers electric shaker will stink after a period of use. Why?

  If fitness workers only use protein powder shaker bottle to drink water, it is believed that it will not stink no matter how long it is used. In fact, the reason why protein shakes shaker bottle stinks is related to protein powder. Protein powder and muscle strengthening powder contain a lot of protein powder, Protein will become rotten and smelly over time, especially in the humid and muggy environment of electric mixer cup.

  For example, many bodybuilders tend to use the shake mixer cup at will. After drinking the protein powder, they just flush it with water and put the cup there. However, a lot of protein powder will still remain in the corner of the protein shake mixer electric. Over time, the protein shake mixer machine will become rotten and smelly, and this phenomenon will gradually become more serious, Finally, the electric protein shake bottle cannot be used.

  How to solve the problem of shaker bottle electric stinking

  In fact, the simplest and effective way is to rinse the cup after using the best electric blender bottle. Only after you have carefully studied it, you will find that many protein powder residues will be mixed near the threads in the protein electric shaker. After a long time, you will know where you should focus on washing.

  The most correct way to rinse a vortex blender bottle is to remove its cap. Then put water and detergent in the bottle and press the button. It’s very simple. In addition, the best electric protein shaker must be washed in time. It’s best not to spend the night.