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  Invited to evaluate this electric shaker machine, I also have the habit of drinking milk shake and protein powder instead of meals. I always used to shake it by hand before. This time, I was invited to evaluate this electric shaker cup, and I found how inefficient it was before.

  In the past, hand shaking with milkshake powder and stirring with spoon could not solve the problem of powdery agglomeration and wall sticking. It was difficult to clean every time. This electric shaker motor was beyond my expectation. I tested it with the milkshake powder I usually drink. The mixing was very delicate, no residue and no wall sticking. The key is to save time and effort. The mixing was completed in more than ten seconds, and the drinking nozzle was carefully designed, You can use the cup directly against the faucet. After the protein electric shaker is washed directly against the faucet, it is very clean, which solves the problem of washing and shaking the cup for a long time. It is simply designed for lazy people to charge electric energy and stir it for about 20 times. The only bad thing is that the charging line is only about 40 cm. If it can be designed longer, it will be more convenient to charge.

  This custom portable electric shaker works well without leakage. The marking of ounces and milliliters is helpful to make measurement easier. One suggestion for users is to add protein powder at the end.

  Over the years, I have often used protein and tried different brands according to the availability, taste and transaction I found. Each brand and taste has different degrees of mixability, and most of them will cause a lot of caking when shaking in ordinary bottles.

  The built-in high-speed rotating motor of the protein shaker electric is very good in both speed and solubility. Although it is often stirred with cold water, there is no need to worry about caking, because the electric shaker for gym is mixed evenly. The base is removable and the diameter of the cup mouth is relatively large, so it is particularly convenient to clean.

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  I’ve been using one of those popular protein shake brands, but one of my biggest problems is always forgetting a protein shaker that can mix water and protein. Not only that, some flavors are always a little caked. After reading the comments, because the vortex shaker bottle is new, I decided to try it. Now I realize that this is a novel shaker bottle, so its price may be more expensive than Ordinary bottles, but when you consider its benefits, the price is really an insignificant factor. As people who have used the old blender bottle shaker, this new style is a revolutionary product for them.

  Use this shaker cup so that I can start drinking healthy milkshakes as a substitute for meals. So far, I am very satisfied. It blends my milkshake well. The lid is so tight that it seems leak proof so far. I really like blue.

  Cleaning is also very easy. I just fill the protein shaker bottle with about 3/4 of warm water, push switch, add detergent, and it actually does most of the work for me. This protein shaker cup can make a completely smooth and delicious mixture. There is no agglomeration in the best protein shaker, and the foam is very good. It’s incredible and easy to clean. Soon.

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  What is the best water to mix protein powder with. How to mix protein powder with protein shaker electric? Everyone has a different lifestyle, so everyone mixes their protein powder differently.

  Some fitness supplements have different stirring methods, some can only be stirred with cold water, some can only be stirred with warm water, and some have to use boiling water. If the wrong water is used, it will lead to a decrease in the nutritional benefits of this fitness supplement. So before we drink various fitness supplements, it is best to find out how it uses water. So do you know what water is best to mix protein powder with? Let’s go to the protein powder and see!

  What is the best water to mix protein powder with How to mix protein powder

  What is the best water to mix protein powder with?

  Protein powder comes with a lot of active substances with unique physiological effects, they are afraid of high temperatures, once exposed to heat, they will lose their specificity, and thus significantly reduce the microbial potency. Therefore, whey protein powder should not be cooked and scalded, but only dissolved (mixed) in water, porridge, cream of wheat and other foods below 40°C. It can also be taken as a cold healthy drink.

  How to mix protein powder

  1, a cup of warm water in advance to prepare a cup of warm water, the temperature of the water does not have to be too high, at 20 degrees up and down, too high temperature will make the protein powder mold, so it must be cooler better.

  2, pour in the protein powder generally speaking a cup of 300ml of water with a tablespoon of protein powder is best, a spoon full of a little.

  3, mix with a spoon and the next is to mix the protein powder and water sufficiently, at this moment to be as full as possible, so that the protein powder can be melted into the water as soon as possible. In order to melt the protein powder in the water, then you have to mix it hard, and then mash it without melting, so it can be easier to drink.

  4, remove the foam after mixing and enough will see a lot of foam on top of the water cup, at this moment with a spoon to remove the foam, then drink will be very good, naturally, you can also moderate the sugar will be better.

  Among the 3,4 steps of the traditional protein powder mixing method, we now like to use the best protein shaker electric to mix, so there is no lumps and no foam, the taste is more delicate. I would have lost my patience if I had to bother with a protein shake, thankfully I met my protein shaker electric bottle, which saved me. You can make your own well-mixed shake with the push of a button, and you can try it too. Believe me you will also like the shaker protein electric.