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  This protein shaker bottle is perfect! My boyfriend drinks Kratom every day. His ordinary cup is an electric shaker bottle. Use an ordinary bottle. Hed must shake each drink by hand for 5 to 10 minutes to dissolve all the mixture. Anyone who has drunk Kratom and OJ knows how bad it is to have a mouth full of unmixed Kratom.

  I’m glad I did it. I bought him this electric protein shaker bottle. Vortex cup motor is very powerful and convenient. The rechargeable base and dry storage container make it very easy to carry anywhere, and the milkshake is ready.

  Only with the experience of using vibrator, you have to do it manually. It’s very good! After exercise, it is very convenient to put shakers for protein shakes into my cup holder without worrying about shaking my protein when I go home. It is much better to completely dissolve the powder than using a traditional vibrating screen (I also pre exercise in it). One of the advantages of the vortex blender bottle is that the bottom of the cup is padded, so if they don’t include this contact, you won’t hear too much noise from the device.

  Protein shaker bottle Electric has a light on the motor housing to let you know whether it is charging (red) and when it is fully charged (green). Unfortunately, the beautiful cup in the cup is used to hold powder. It can only hold 1 teaspoon of protein powder I use. I usually take 2 teaspoons after exercise, so I have to use a separate container for this. I definitely recommend this shaker bottle. I’m glad I bought the electric shaker cup. Is this a convenience item? Yes, can you live without voltrx shaker bottle? Yes, but I do think this product is worth it.

  Make protein milkshakes easy. I even took portable shake mixer to work for lunch. I can’t leave home without electric cup mix. Convenient charging and long-lasting battery. Powerful motors sometimes cause confusion. Be careful when adding powder to the cyclone. There may be splashes and spills, but I like challenges! ha-ha. No more shaking. Press the button and watch the voltrx electric protein shaker bottle run! Buy one yourself.

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  Protein milkshake is a popular dietary substitute. This is a way to replenish energy and even help you recover after exercise. But now protein milkshakes can only be sweetened or unsweetened. Some people have a variety of fruit flavors, but many people don’t like these single flavors. They like to use a mini electric shaker to make their favorite milkshake. This is also a very interesting thing.

  Very good in durability! Notice that others have bad luck here. I’ve thrown away my and crashed the protein cup mixer. A few months of owning it. So far, there is no damage, rupture or leakage.

  Now we have just started a new diet plan, including protein milkshake. The protein powder I use can be mixed into the milkshake without using the blender, so this electric protein shaker bottle is very suitable for completing the work!

  Compared with other models of the same brand, the electric protein mixer bottle is very easy to clean because of its large mouth. If you haven’t tried best electric shaker bottle, let’s learn about it.

  These can make milkshakes taste different, and each time they taste different. You can also try to change your taste. You should know that if you keep drinking a taste of wine, you will inevitably get tired of it. If you have different tastes, you are a master. Now you just need a portable electric protein shaker bottle, with the protein shaker bottle, you can easily operate any drink you want. It would be a pity if you hadn’t tried.

  I’m surprised how effective it is. If you use it according to the instructions (liquid, then open, and then slowly pour in the powder), the portable blender bottle works well and mixes well. No lumps or anything. Secretly tell you a little secret. You can also put fruit juice, ice water and other condiments into the electric blender water bottle, and then press the button. After 30 seconds, you don’t have to go to the store to buy juice, because what you do is healthier and more delicious than what they do.

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  Voltrx electric protein blender bottle is well made. Do what electric shaker bottle should do without flash or redundant decoration. Although don’t underestimate, the ring makes it much easier to carry when your hands are full. Miixr bottle is well mixed and will not leak. When the cover is broken, it remains broken and easy to clean.

  Bought this best electric protein shaker bottle for his boyfriend’s birthday because he was looking for a blender bottle to take to the gym. It’s not as cheap as you find in the store, but green is too unique to miss! The shaker bottle is of good quality and very durable. It’s also easy to clean and dishwasher friendly!

  The right size electric protein shaker bottle is suitable for your pre exercise / post exercise supplement. Easy to clean and durable, it is very suitable for the exerciser in your life. VOLTRX electric protein blender mixing my protein milkshake is much better than other brands I’ve tried with different mixers. The seal is good and the cover remains on it. I’m not worried that the protein shake will leak into my lunch bag.

  My boyfriend uses this electric protein blender bottle to pack protein powder almost every day. The effect is very good! He is a pilot, so this best electric protein blender has been taken to all parts of the country. After using it for about a month, so far there is no problem! No spillage or leakage, well mixed powder and liquid, no caking. Easy to clean. These are exactly what you expect in the protein shake blender bottles electric. So far, there are no leaks. The container is the size they say. The price is also good.

best electric blender bottle

  This is a super useful electric portable blender bottle. It has many uses. I love using the electric protein blender bottle to prepare my powdered drinks. I no longer have to take it out and mess up my blender to make sure my powdered supplements dissolve in smoothies, smoothies and water.

  This personalized electric blender bottle comes with a ball with a groove. When it is closed and shaken, the powder dissolves easily and quickly. This is a great way to mix drinks and serve them in the same container. Easy to open and close the drinking spout piece. Less confusion, faster preparation. Best of all, the electric juice blender bottle contains useful and easy to read measurement lines marked on both sides of the gnc electric blender bottle. small electric blender bottle also has a slotted filter on top.

  I like to add fruit, lemons and oranges to the water. The lid keeps them from running out. I also like to add cucumbers. Now I don’t have to worry about cucumber seeds coming out when I drink my drink.

  The portable electric blender bottle is big enough that I can take my flavored water with me to the gym, to the store, and to work. I take it with me everywhere. It has a handle to add a clip for easy carrying. I hang the electric blender bottle cheap on my gym bag and every purse. The electric blender bottle australia is well designed, easy to hold and grasp, easy to clean because it has a wide mouth and all the parts are removable. I have introduced the portable electric protein shaker bottle to my friends and recommended it.