target protein shaker

  I bought this small electric blender bottle about a week ago because I was tired of the clumping on the regular shaker bottle and it really solved my problem. I love this portable electric blender bottle! The protein is no longer thick! And it comes with a scoop! Great for my lemonade and tea mixes too!

  It’s been about a week and this electric protein blender bottle is working great, it mixes things very well and is very easy to use. Overall a very good investment.

  I have used this electric shaker machine to serve two scoops of shake powder and almond milk and have had no problems each time. Gives me a boost of nutrition for the day.

  Also, easy to clean! I just rinse it with a little detergent and it’s ready to go. Blends so smoothly! I’m sure I’ll misplace the charger, but I don’t know of any alternatives. So far, loving this portable electric protein shaker bottle. i need another larger size electric blender water bottle!

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  I usually fill it with 12 ounces of water and it starts swirling with just one click of the electric shaker bottle. It’s a 30 second spin timer; the perfect time to add my powder. Also, the base has 8 LED’s that light up to show the spin, very cool and amazingly powerful spin sure works. The best electric shaker bottle has a rechargeable base that lights up to show the battery level. When you press and hold the button, it will light up briefly to show the charge level, or when you press to turn it on, it will show the spin animation. Definitely recommended!

  I like the design of the voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottle, the portable blender bottle walmart automatically shuts off when the job is done. The light gives a nice feeling and the motor at the bottom is tightly fixed to the unit and mixes my ingredients very efficiently. I was looking forward to the durability of this portable electric protein shaker bottle, I had a different mixer electric shaker bottle and it broke and the motor was broken. So I was very happy that this electric protein blender arrived at my house a day before the estimated arrival time. Thank you for a wonderful product.