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  The protein shaker cup is absolutely perfect. I took the vortex protein shaker to the gym. The blender shaker bottle was filled with protein powder. When I finished my exercise, I filled it with water. The protein shake blender bottle is very easy to clean and waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about leakage. However, the top of your drink may be a little difficult to open.

  Great shake for protein milkshakes! Shake gently for a few times to easily mix the protein powder. Take a lot. Many interesting colors! It works better than any other shake bottle I’ve used before. No powder will be left at the bottom. These are smooth. I bought the best protein shaker bottle for everyone in my family who used the pre exercise and meal shake. We all like this electric shaker cup.

  This is the perfect protein shake! After closing the lid, it is wide enough to easily fill a full spoon. There is a drinking hole of appropriate size on the lid, so it won’t splash on me no matter what angle I hold the cup. It also blends my milkshake into a perfectly smooth mixture. I also like how tight the lid is so that you don’t have to worry about leakage.

  I’ve been using the powder shaker bottle for some time. Whether it’s used for protein milkshakes or things you make in a blender, electric shaker for gym is very effective and often comes in handy. In general, I’m really glad I got this shake shaker cup. I like these bottles. Easy to clean, well sealed when covering the spout, firm and durable.

  One of my protein shake water bottles is almost often knocked on the floor by toddlers, but the electric shaker bottle has been placed for more than a year without any rupture, leakage, etc. Even when I’m not mixing protein drinks, I keep an electric blender bottle full of water on the table all day to make sure I drink enough water. Because the cover is so firm, I don’t have to worry about accidentally knocking down the blender cups (I’ve done so) and damaging my paperwork or my computer.

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  This electric protein blender bottle works well without leakage. The marking of Oz and ml helps to make measurement easier. One suggestion for users is to add protein powder at the end.

  Over the years, I have often used protein and tried different brands according to the availability, taste and trading conditions I found. Each brand and flavor has different degrees of mixability, and most of them will cause a lot of caking when shaking in blender bottles.

  I was invited to evaluate this best protein shakers. I also have the habit of drinking milkshake and protein powder instead of eating. This time, I was invited to evaluate the protein shaker bottle. I found how inefficient it used to be.

  In the past, shaking milk shake powder by hand and stirring with a spoon could not solve the problem of milk powder caking and sticking to the wall. It’s difficult to clean every time. This best vortex protein shaker is beyond my expectation. I tested it with the milkshake powder I usually drink. The stirring is very fine, without residue and wall sticking. The key is to save time and energy. The mixing is completed in more than ten seconds. The drinking nozzle is carefully designed and can be used directly against the faucet. After the cup is washed directly against the faucet, it is very clean, which solves the problem of washing and shaking the cup for a long time. It is only designed for lazy people. It charges the electric energy and stirs it about 20 times. The only bad thing is that the charging line is only about 40 cm. If designed longer, charging is more convenient.

  The vortex electric protein shaker has a built-in high-speed rotating motor, which has high speed and good solubility. An excellent blend of standard protein powder and supplementary powder. I have bought this product twice – because I accidentally dropped the first one and broke the cover. The electric bottom is rechargeable and powerful – more important than the replaceable battery option (I also have that version.) select this option. Value for money.

  I like this vortex shaker bottle! Vortex blender bottle can remove all lumps in my protein shake! Everytime who saw the mixer shaker bottle in my “box” said they wanted one! I also have an older model, and the power of the model can last for a long time. My new one hasn’t arrived yet, so I don’t know how long it will last.Although it is often stirred with cold water, there is no need to worry about caking, because the electric protein blender is evenly mixed. The base is detachable, the diameter of the cup mouth is large, and the cleaning is particularly convenient.

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  Voltrx electric protein blender bottle is well made. Do what electric shaker bottle should do without flash or redundant decoration. Although don’t underestimate, the ring makes it much easier to carry when your hands are full. Miixr bottle is well mixed and will not leak. When the cover is broken, it remains broken and easy to clean.

  Bought this best electric protein shaker bottle for his boyfriend’s birthday because he was looking for a blender bottle to take to the gym. It’s not as cheap as you find in the store, but green is too unique to miss! The shaker bottle is of good quality and very durable. It’s also easy to clean and dishwasher friendly!

  The right size electric protein shaker bottle is suitable for your pre exercise / post exercise supplement. Easy to clean and durable, it is very suitable for the exerciser in your life. VOLTRX electric protein blender mixing my protein milkshake is much better than other brands I’ve tried with different mixers. The seal is good and the cover remains on it. I’m not worried that the protein shake will leak into my lunch bag.

  My boyfriend uses this electric protein blender bottle to pack protein powder almost every day. The effect is very good! He is a pilot, so this best electric protein blender has been taken to all parts of the country. After using it for about a month, so far there is no problem! No spillage or leakage, well mixed powder and liquid, no caking. Easy to clean. These are exactly what you expect in the protein shake blender bottles electric. So far, there are no leaks. The container is the size they say. The price is also good.

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  As we all know, protein is an essential nutrient for the human body. For people who are strengthening their muscles, the muscles will be damaged to varying degrees after training. Protein is the raw material for muscle repair. Supplementing high-quality and sufficient protein after training will make the muscles better repaired and grow.

  For me, in the process of fitness and fat reduction, protein is an important nutrition that can not be ignored. Especially after exercise, supplementing protein is my happiest thing. The process of using electric protein mixer cup to stir the protein powder and drink it down in one gulp is really satisfying.

  Design highlights

  Voltrx portable electric protein mixer bid farewell to the bulky and unsightly design, redefined the mixing cup and presented every detail delicately.

  Reshape the component structure of the electric shaker cup. Multiple improvements make the best protein shake electric mixer more delicate and durable than the ordinary mixing cup, allowing you to enjoy the wonderful combination of convenience and technology.

  Lightweight and convenient design, more suitable for carrying. Strong stirring power is more suitable for protein supplement after exercise. The stirring rod can make the powder more delicate.

  Material analysis

  With innovative R & D design, the cup body and base can be separated at will, which is more ingenious, convenient for cleaning and use, and improves the convenience of users. Electric mixer for protein shakes strictly uses food grade materials to ensure the health of you and your family. The chic shape looks more beautiful and classy.

  Spiral mixing rod design, mixing evenly, more complete functions, creating a more excellent craftsmanship.

  Functional innovation

  The light and convenient design is more suitable for carrying with you. The innovative eddy current technology makes the middle delicate and the mixing efficiency higher.

  It takes the lead in introducing the laminated machine, forms a closed loop with the mixing rod, gets rid of the single mixing mode, and adds a solid body material to make it more solid.

  Eddy current lamination technology, more delicate design. Double lithium battery has longer life, and the protein mixer electric is convenient to use when going out for fitness.

  For the people who lose weight and fitness, it is inevitable to carry out long-term aerobic exercise in the process of losing weight. Long-term aerobic exercise will not only consume human fat for energy, but also lose muscle. Therefore, it is essential to supplement protein after exercise in order to reduce human muscle loss as much as possible.

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  I started using my first vortex electric protein shaker in 2019, so it’s been three years now. It was high school when I got it and put it away after I used it. Recently got it out again and now use it daily. I have seen comments about broken bottoms, but this vortex blender bottle has no damage even when dropped on the floor.

  I use the blender bottle 32oz for pre-workout training, lemonade, and protein shakes. Drink water if you want, because it is too useful even as a beverage container. Some cool things about this small vortex shaker bottle, and i have put it through its paces, are what all it can mix. So, I’m not a big fan of protein powder. These mini vortex mixers are handy, but I like to use the ingredients to make protein shakes.

  As a good example, I took a spoonful of peanut butter, some molasses, a whole banana sliced, malt powder, and milk (a small amount of milk at first). No helimix vortex blender shaker bottle could accomplish this. I also made milkshakes with peanut butter, ice cream, chocolate, and milk. No problem handling these ingredients. I would mix whole frozen blackberries with water and a little sugar (honey might be better) no problem. I think I will always use the voltrx electric protein blender.

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  I bought a lot of wine glasses and Shaker Bottle. I also destroyed a bunch of wine glasses and Shaker Bottle. I threw them away. I left them in the car. I put half of it in the refrigerator until my smoothie is fermented. If it doesn’t smell that bad, it might make me drunk.

  But these? They are perfect. I threw them away, they won’t burst or break. When I left them on the counter for half a night, they were easy to clean. They are the right size. I like the small storage room under it, and I like that the cup doesn’t look weird when I leave. It is the same as 2, so that when I walk, I bring water and shake!

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  Actually, when I bought the voltrx protein shaker, I didn’t know it was two packs, so I was surprised. The voltrx electric shaker bottle is large and can hold enough water. I use them for morning exercises. I really like having a fixed compartment where I can put protein powder after get off work. The only thing to pay attention to is cleanliness. There is a crack at the top with some powder in it. It was shaped once because I missed its cleanliness. It will be cleaned up soon, but I pay more attention to it now.