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  Xiaoyanfei is a very effective action, I believe some people are still familiar with it. If you often do Xiaoyanfei, it can bring a lot of benefits to your body, such as exercising waist, abdomen, back, buttocks, etc., but small Yan Fei is also particular about it. How much do ordinary people do as Xiaoyanfei in a day to be effective? Let’s take a look at it with the editor below.

  Xiaoyanfei has to do as many times a day to be effective

  Generally speaking, if Xiaoyanfei completes 50 movements a day, he can achieve a better fitness effect. When doing the Xiaoyanfei movement, we need to lie on the yoga mat first, let our head lean back, as far back as possible, while our legs are opened and upturned, in this way, our body It becomes an action like a swallow opening and taking off. This is also the origin of the name of Xiao Yanfei’s action. When our body forms a two-headed movement, we can relax and let our body lie down and start the movement again.

  Where does Xiao Yanfei exercise?

  Xiaoyanfei movement is a comprehensive training movement for a person to exercise our waist, abdomen, back, buttocks, neck and legs. Although this action is relatively simple, the effect of the exercise is also very good. We can exercise well to these parts during the exercise. In addition, Xiaoyanfei’s action has a high safety factor and is suitable for a wide range of people, so this action is becoming more and more popular.

  Xiaoyanfei standard action

  First straighten our legs, lie on the ground to relax our body, keep our legs still, use both hands to hug our head and lean back, let our body form a feeling, like the action of a bird taking off. Keep this action still for 40 seconds, then relax in place for 20 seconds, then restart this action, you can complete three sets a day.

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  Your muscles feel different every day, so your massage should be different too. the Voltrx muscle massage gun features 20 intensity levels so you can customize your massage therapy to the way your muscles feel on any given day.

  In addition to customized intensity levels, you can choose from one of six massage heads to target the specific muscle groups and body parts that need the most attention. You don’t have to use one massage head for all your aches and pains; you can use six different massage heads to meet your individual needs.

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  The most popular equipment for relaxing muscles is the massage roller, massage ball and massage gun. The physiotherapist reminded that these massage devices do have the effect of relaxing the muscles and fascia, but it is important to remember not to hit the bone protrusions and vascular nerve convergence, not to over-pain, or to stretch in order to achieve the best effect without causing injury. I think the hand massager is better.

  These popular massage tools can indeed achieve certain muscle relaxation effects, including massage rollers for large areas; massage balls can emphasize a small area; Back massager is similar to massage balls, through mechanical vibration more effort.

  Force should be applied to the fullness of the muscle

  If the muscles are swollen or tight after exercise, mechanical pressure, rolling and vibration can not only stimulate the mechanical receptors in the muscles and relax them to a certain extent, but also squeeze out some space between the muscles and fascia to unblock the adhesion, promote the flow of body fluids and help the muscles contract and slide more smoothly.

  It is important to note that these massage tools should be applied to the fullest muscles and avoid bony protrusions and important vascular and nerve areas to avoid bleeding or nerve damage, such as the crotch, armpits, front side of the neck, eye sockets, knee sockets, are not suitable.

  Massage force in the tolerable range

  In addition, the massage force should be appropriate, the pain should be within the tolerable range, the feeling should be more and more soothing, not more and more pain. If the force is too large to cause excessive pain, but will make the muscles defensive contraction, but more tense after the press. If the body parts have severe pain, twitching, numbness, or the external appearance of obvious swelling or depression and other deformation, may have been injured musculoskeletal, but also can not massage, should seek professional assessment and assistance as soon as possible.

  Massage is a passive pressure, stretching is the active contraction of the muscle, the two purposes are different, can not replace each other. It is recommended that those whose muscles are easily tightened and less flexible should have a slight massage after exercise, and then stretching to promote the relaxation of muscle contraction and sliding.

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  Massage guns can reduce muscle stiffness and pain, improve the overall health of the body’s soft tissues, and can heal inflammation caused by them, where adhesions between fascia and skin can be painful. Muscles can be a difficult area to prevent fasciitis.

  Four massage heads that target all muscle groups attached to the massage gun. Flat adapter for strain targets, bullet adapter for specific muscles, fork adapter for indirect fit with muscle-centered targets, spade adapter for relaxing and shaping different parts of the muscle; air plug adapter for full-body spherical adapter muscles, targeting large muscles

  Easy to operate: one-touch adjustment to the desired mode through the power switch Vibration adjustable, effective massage and relaxation of muscles

  Ergonomically based body massage gun ensures not only durability but also durability The cylinder handle is both soft and easy to handle, and firmly fixed to ensure you have complete control over the frequency and intensity of your muscle treatment. Perfect for relaxing after work or a workout. The muscle massage gun activates muscles and stimulates blood flow, greatly reducing muscle recovery time, reducing pain and relaxing from head to toe.

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  If your idea is still stuck in the head massager is exclusive to fitness and sports people, it is very wrong, nowadays, with the fascia gun fever soaring, more and more people realize that the fascia gun relaxes the muscles of the wonderful use, not only in the sports exercise after the muscle repair, daily sedentary can also be “dislike” at any time, more people are imaginative, will The fascia gun is used to beat the beef, maybe it can really make the taste of beef balls.

  In fact, many people even have the will to buy, but every time you open the shopping site is a confused face, the face of so many similar appearance, but the price is very different fascia gun, how can you pick the performance quality is good enough, the price will not be “ripped off” too much reliable fascia gun?

  That must be said to the core structure of the fascia gun – the motor, which determines both the performance of the fascia gun, but also determines the price of the fascia gun.

  Motors can be divided into two categories – brush motors and brushless motors. The brushless motor can be said to be an upgraded version of the brush motor, with many advantages, low noise, high stability, high safety, not easy to heat, and long life, now buy a fascia gun, basically do not have to consider using a brush motor fascia gun, although cheaper than the brushless motor, but the feeling of use, safety, use time is not guaranteed, it is better to get a “small dolphin “.

  In addition to the brush motor option, the motor should also look at what configuration?

  A. Speed

  Some people think that the higher the speed of the fascia gun, the better, in fact, this is the wrong idea, if the speed is too high, it may be difficult for the body to bear, not only can not relax the fascia may also bring harm, and if the speed is too low, and can not play a role, so the motor speed should be controlled in the scientific, suitable for the human body to bear the range of the interval, in general, the speed of 3200 rpm is already a good fascia gun. As for 6000 rpm or even more, that is most likely a lie. But if the highest speed of a fascia gun is less than 2000 times per minute, I do not recommend buying it. Take some of the better reputation of the fascia gun, such as Voltrx massage gun, for example.

  2, torque.

  Motor torque to a certain extent represents the power performance of the motor, in the experience of the effect is the strength of each hit, so not just a fast frequency can be, the product needs to have a certain torque, generally speaking, the greater the torque, the stronger the power. Because many fascia gun is not clearly marked torque.

  3, amplitude.

  In addition to speed and strength, if you want a better sense of striking, but also depends on the fascia gun amplitude. The higher the amplitude depth, it is easier to reach the deep muscle groups. Generally speaking, the choice of fascia gun amplitude is not less than 10mm, if the amplitude is too small, fascia gun hit the body soft like scratching, no massage to the muscle, there is no feeling of relief. I have also tried some low-cost products on the market, because the amplitude is not deep, the blow only stays on the surface of the skin, just like scratching, so you can say no effect.

  4, noise.

  Noise for the hand massager experience is also very big impact too much noise may not only damage the hearing, but also make the use of experience greatly reduced, therefore, the selection of fascia gun is a major criterion: noise should not be higher than 70 decibels. There are two ways to reduce noise, one is to fundamentally reduce the noise, and one is to add sound insulation materials. The current fascia gun is the first method, work on the motor, too cheap cottage products are often used brush motor, or with the curved saw transformation of the machine, the noise is very large, with a long time easy to damage the hearing. And brushless motors than brush motors do a better job on the noise, which is why the focus of choosing a fascia gun to look at the motor.

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  We can see from various sports events, many athletes in between the game with a fascia gun to relax their muscles, Cousins, Rose, James are using. Then the major gym personal trainer, often sports personnel also began to hand a hand. Many people just get the fascia gun is not clear how it works, do not know how useful it is, think only after training can be used, in fact, not so.

  What is fascia

  Fascia refers to the connective tissue in the motor system and the tough outer membrane that wraps around organs. Think back to when you were cutting meat and you saw some white membrane wrapped around it, or white “tendons” distributed. Yes, this is what we call fascia.

  When we have muscle pain, the problem may not be in the muscle tissue itself, but in the fascia wrapped around it. New research shows that changes and injuries to the fascia are the main cause of muscle pain. This is because strenuous exercise causes changes or damage to the fascia, causing muscle pain that arises from the deep white fascia, not the red muscle tissue.

  What does a fascial gun do: regenerative exercises to relax the fascia

  In response to changes and damage to the fascia, it can be rejuvenated and repaired by means of self-massage. Massage is a purely physical mechanism that promotes fluid exchange in the fascia and helps metabolism** to drain, thus improving the nutritional supply to the fascia as well as to the organs involved.

  The foam shaft rolling and fascial ball massage that we often use utilize this principle for the purpose of repairing fascia, and they are known as regenerative exercises.

  Fascia gun actually plays the same role, but the gun uses the mechanics of vibration, through the fascia gun will be transmitted to the deep fascia muscle, to achieve the effect of relaxation of the fascia, reduce muscle tension. The so-called muscle tone is also the degree of muscle tension when we are not active, high-quality muscles should be strong, elastic, contraction and stretching freely. And some people have high muscle tone, muscle relaxation is also hard, the risk of injury is also greater.

  Fascia gun

  Therefore the fascia gun is ideal for people who work out or exercise regularly. The fascial gun can stimulate the fascial adhesion to weaken, so that the fascia will not be wrapped rigidly around the muscle, affecting muscle movement, thus reducing muscle stiffness and soreness, increasing blood circulation and range of motion. marasil body shaping and slimming massage instrument, about the same size as a home hair dryer; it is very easy to carry and can be used anywhere, anytime.

  In addition, many people face the computer for a long time, lack of physical exercise, fascia gun to expand the intervertebral space, frozen shoulder, lumbar muscle strain, foot massage, increase blood flow has a very good effect; also can be well used to prevent back pain. On the one hand, the deep back muscles can be strengthened, on the other hand, it can also eliminate the painful tensing of the surface muscles of the back and neck.

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  This is where Lao Wang can definitely answer you: Maybe it is really unnecessary!

  Warm up before fitness, and massage and stretch muscles after fitness. These two points are essential knowledge points for iron enthusiasts. If you don’t warm up before exercising, you may be injured during anaerobic exercise. After the workout, if you don’t perform a stretching massage, you may not even be able to get up in bed the next day.

  Is it necessary for people who like to exercise to buy a massage gun?

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  Another example is the strain or stiffness of human muscles caused by long-term incorrect sitting or maintaining a movement for a long time. At this time, there is nothing more comfortable than stretching a waist. Regardless of the little stretch, this is actually just a muscle stretch!

  The appearance of the massage gun is to solve the problem of dispersing and relaxing the myomassage after anaerobic exercise. Its similar products include massage balls, peanut balls and foam rollers and other corresponding relaxing products. Among so many products, the relaxing massage efficiency of the massage gun is the highest. A good massage gun is “strong and powerful, gun to the flesh”, which can quickly break up tight muscles and expel lactic acid.

  As for why, fitness runners do not necessarily have to start with a massage gun. This is because as long as you can perform effective body stretching after finishing your fitness or running, or if someone gives you a very good massage, you don’t have to Get the massage gun!