motorized blender bottle

  I am very happy that I bought this shaker bottle! I have always been a big fan of BlenderBottle, and this electric paint shaker for sale made me a lifetime customer. I’m a star Wars geek through and through, and I like the Stormtrooper bottle of my choice. And! So far, I don’t even need to use the wire stirrer that comes with the electric protein shaker to help me make a protein shake. I just put in my whey and water or almond milk, shake it for about 15 seconds, and it’s ready. No lumps or anything unwelcome in the bottle!

  This is a great shaker bottle. This is a very thick and durable plastic. I use it every day and wash it in the dishwasher at night. Three months later, it still looks brand new. The top is difficult to fix, but all the other mixing bottles I have had are also difficult to fix. I was worried that the decal might wear out, but it was not even scratched. I highly recommend this bottle

  The new round bottom design of the electric water bottle makes it easier to mix supplements and clean after use. It doesn’t seem to make a difference, but it does. The Mandalorian design is great. I really like the transparent black appearance of the electric cherry bottle. Protein shaker bottles make it look very clean. If you hesitate to buy one of the 4000 free and cheap products, you will notice the difference and never look back.


  The electric shaker did what it meant. I like this design best, that’s why I got it. It looks exactly like the photo. The lid always seems not tight enough. You won’t get some satisfying clicks on the electric protein shaker bottle. If you accidentally fall down, it is indeed closed tightly and will not overflow, but I can feel that if you turn the electric protein shaker upside down, it will not be able to hold it.

  My favorite thing about this electric shaker bottle is that when I drink water, the part you drink with the lid will not fall on my face like similar products. I hope that over time, it will remain in this state.

  The electric shaker bottle has a good cap and seal, which is better than other cheap electric blender bottles. The plug-in electric bottle shaker is located on a vertical rod and can be fixed to the lid of the dishwasher. No leakage, the size is suitable for drinking. this is the best. I just hope that the price of the electric shaker is not that high, otherwise I will get a few.