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  For me, in the process of fitness and weight loss, protein is an important nutrition that can not be ignored. Especially after exercise, supplementing protein is my happiest thing. Stir the protein powder in the protein mixer machine and swallow it in one mouthful. The process is very satisfactory.

  Protein is an essential nutrient for human body. For those who are strengthening their muscles, their muscles will be damaged to varying degrees after training. Protein is the raw material for muscle repair. Supplement high-quality and sufficient protein after training will make the muscle repair and growth better.

  Mixer bottle for shakes design highlights

  Voltrx electric shaker mixer bid farewell to the cumbersome and ugly design, redefined the shaker bottle and presented every detail carefully.

  Transformation of electric shaker bottle assembly structure. Many improvements make the best electric shaker bottle more exquisite and durable than the ordinary mixing cup, allowing you to enjoy the perfect combination of convenience and technology.

  The voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottle is lightweight and easy to carry. Strong stirring force is more suitable for protein supplement after exercise. Stirring can make the powder more delicate.

  Personalized electric blender bottle material analysis

  Innovation, research and development; D design, the cup body and cup holder can be separated at will, which is more ingenious, easy to clean and use, and improves the convenience of users. The electric water bottle strictly uses food grade materials to ensure the health of you and your family. The chic appearance looks more beautiful and elegant.

  Portable electric protein mixer screw mixing rod design, uniform mixing, more complete functions and more exquisite technology.

  Functional innovation of electric protein blender bottle

  The lightweight design is more suitable for carrying with you. The innovative vortex technology makes the middle layer thinner and the mixing efficiency higher. It is very suitable for stirring protein drinks. It won’t make those small protein balls like stirring balls. Electric shaker is also useful for amino acid energy because it is hydrophobic and doesn’t like mixing with water. Electric Shakers mix well in this regard. I want them to make a glass version with a small metal blade so that the electric shaker can be used to put coffee and so on.

  The best protein shake electric mixer took the lead in introducing the laminator to form a closed loop with the mixing rod, getting rid of the single mixing mode, and adding solid materials to make it stronger.

  Vortex lamination technology makes the design more exquisite. The dual lithium battery has a longer service life, and the portable electric protein shaker bottle is also the best for going out for fitness.

  For people who lose weight and keep fit, long-term aerobic exercise is inevitable in the process of losing weight. Long term aerobic exercise will not only consume body fat as energy, but also lose muscle. Therefore, in order to reduce the loss of human muscle as much as possible, it is very necessary to supplement protein after exercise.

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  What a cool product! I always buy the regular protein shaker, which doesn’t mix my protein shakes very well. So I bought this bsst electric shaker bottle and was really interested to see the difference. I was curious to see what the difference would be. The difference is huge!

   I was very surprised when I first found this item. Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with my purchase, this voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottle is easy to use and does not make noise.

  No more annoying glass protein blender bottle stirring noises in my house! This thing makes protein shakes so easy and there’s no risk of thick clumps sliding into your mouth! I love the charging feature and the power it has.

  It’s very neat that this product works right out of the box. I have never seen this portable electric protein shaker bottle before and I am very happy with this purchase.

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  Ever since I got into the gym, drinking protein powder has been a problem. When adding protein powder to a glass protein shaker bottle, as long as there is a little water droplet on the wall of the cup, the protein powder will easily turn into a lump attached to the wall of the cup, often with a large piece of unmelted protein powder attached to the bottom of the cup, which is definitely not a good drinking experience. I bought this electric shaker bottle from VOLTRX on the recommendation of a friend who had always wanted to buy an electric shaker that could break up protein powder clumps.

  The best electric shaker bottle looks good. After unpacking there is a protein shaker mixer, a USB charging cable and instructions. Take a look at the cup, there is a scale indication. The bottom of the cup is the motor, which I don’t think is waterproof.

  But this best electric protein shaker is not without its drawbacks, I think the worst is that it does not come with a powder box, some people may not be very convenient to use. If you need to buy a shaker mixer machine with powder box friends, then you need to buy another powder box.

electric shaker bottle

  You can warm up before running in winter, so as not to suddenly become hot when running and catch a cold due to the temperature difference; to keep warm during running in winter, you must first wear sweat-absorbent running clothes, and you can also wear hats, windproof glasses and other equipment; Always use your tongue against your palate and let cold air inhale from both sides of your tongue to avoid cold air irritating your lungs.

  1. Warm up in advance

  Running in winter is very easy to catch a cold, so you must warm up before running, warm up your body before doing vigorous exercise, so as not to cause the body to catch a cold. Don’t take off your clothes when you warm up. You can take off a piece of clothing after you warm up your body slowly. Don’t take off your clothes after running.

  2. Warm-keeping measures

  Do not wear cotton clothes. Running in winter is easy to sweat, so wear sweat-absorbent and breathable clothes. Generally, wearing sweat-absorbent running clothes is the most suitable. If the wind is strong outside, you can also wear a hat to avoid ear frostbite. In addition, you can also wear windproof glasses, gloves and other warm protective gear in winter to protect your body and you can also run.

  3. Breathing method

  Inhalation of cold air in winter will stimulate the lungs, so when you breathe, move your tongue to the top of your palate and inhale cold air from both sides of your tongue, so that you can slightly warm the cold air; when you exhale, you can relax and exhale Up. When warming up, you can breathe in a shared mouth and nose, but also pay attention to the inhalation of cold air.

  D0 Do not put ice cubes or frozen fruits in the best electric shaker bottle! The intermediate for mixing protein powder, tea, dark green or other powder-based healthy blends is just a spinner. It is not designed for frozen food/ice. If you want to add fresh fruit, make sure to muddy it first. If you cut them into small pieces of fruit, what you want to drink/chew is not designed for this purpose. I am very suitable for energy drinks before and after exercise, and also very suitable for meal replacements or any protein shakes that strengthen muscle mass. It is portable for people on the road. Mixer electric shaker bottle charging power base. If you didn’t drink 20 ounces or mix them the night before, a portable electric protein shaker bottle lid to store leftovers so you can grab it when you go out. Do not refrigerate or clean the power base. I like this.

  I like this electric shaker bottle product. I bought pink for myself first, and blue for my favorite mother a week later. If you don’t overpack the promixx miixr electric shaker bottle like me, it will work well. The only problem I encountered was that I did not receive the charger when I bought it for the second time, but I have contacted the seller and hope to hear from them as soon as possible.

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  I have some protein powder. It’s very thin and can’t be mixed with the spoon. The voltrx protein shaker bottle floats on the liquid. When I add bananas or frozen fruits, I use my Vita protein shaker bottle, but sometimes I just want to mix powder and milk. So I want to try Brandt. I suspect it is because I mentioned it just now, but I can’t tell you how happy I am. After making the milkshake, the powder was completely mixed together without any signs of lumps; it was just a smooth, creamy drink. This is a good thing.

voltrx Shaker Bottle

  Voltrx Shaker Bottle 20 ounces is enough for me, but it may be a bit small for some people. When you open the box, the size of the voltrx protein shaker bottle may surprise you.