VOLTRX VortexBoost Electric Protein Shaker Bottle (White)


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VOLTRX® Electric Shaker Bottle

VortexBoost™ Series Ergonomic, Quiet, Lightweight and Highly Effective!

  • – The best gift choice
  • – No lumps with creamy texture
  • – Great blending effect makes the protein easy to absorb
  • – Made of Eastman Tritan, shatter-resistant and wear-resistant
  • – Work with strong motor power by VortexBoost™ Technology
  • – Sporty appearance design and cool glowing base
  • – Electric quantity displays in the base
  • – IPX5 waterproof design
  • – 100% Waterproof seal prevents leakage





VOLTRX® specializes in electric protein shaker. We provides high quality, innovative and cost-effective products for fitness enthusiasts.

Premium Vortex Mixers

VOLTRX VortexBoost vortex mixer is made of Tritan, which is completely safe to infant grade regulations as well as being shatter resistant. No BPA. Use as you please!

Superior Quality Features

Creamy Texture

With strong motor power by VortexBoost™ Tech, our electric shaker bottle mix the protein powder evenly. Say goodbye to caking and enjoy the silky texture, and the protein will be easily absorbed by the body.

Luminous Base

VOLTRX protein mixer features cool luminous base design that adds more fun when you are making fitness drink. Be the center of attention with the vortex-mixing spectacle!

Insane 1 Month Of use From a 2-hour Charge

Enjoy a year of battery life with just one charge (based on a three times a week usage pattern). Powerful motor ensures no remaining chunks (performance may drop slightly when charge is low).

Power display

Indicator shows the current power level and turns off when fully charged

Hassle-Free Clean up

Simply pour in some warm water mixed with detergent, power up the protein shake mixer, and voila, all clean! The bottle body can be washed separately. No need to worry the water will inflow into the electric base. Besides, the detached base can be charged alone that ensures you a more convenient using experience.

The Perfect Gift for Your Gym Friend

For parties, friends’ birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day, Christmas, etc., VOLTRX protein vortex mixer is the smartest gift you can give. If they don’t like it, we’ll give you a full refund.

In the box

Protein powders
Vegan / plant protein powders
BCAA’s / Pre-Workout / Post-Workout

Our mission is to help you fall in love with fitness and focus on bodybuilding without needless distractions and mundane tasks.
This protein shaker bottle was designed to be your fitness buddy, for the fitness buff in you!
Manufactured using the latest in techniques with the most innovative materials.
Now with just the press of a button, the old school, unreliable hand shaking technique is a thing of the past.

Our electric protein shaker assembled with industry leading VortexBoost™ technology, spins at 6000rpm, ensuring smooth mixing with no lumpiness.

Manufactured with the best materials, with your safety in mind. Our 100% BPA free Tritan has been specially developed for sport workout applications. Now you can focus on your workouts without worrying about the hygiene or toxicity of the shaker bottle you use every time.

With a design begging to be on display, you can be sure to be the center of attention! The look is accentuated by the curved body with a luminous base. Couple that with the IPX5 water and dust certification, and you have an electric shaker bottle you can take anywhere with you, suitable for both indoor and outdoor training.

At VOLTRX, we believe in our protein shaker bottle, which is why we back them all with 1 year warranty, partnered with a world-class support team, available to deal with any issues you may have with our products.

Often imitated but never surpassed


  1. I


    I LOVE THIS!!! Perfect for mixing up Muscle Milk without leaving chunks!! I highly recommend this!

  2. M


    I’m in love with this ?️‍♀️ I got the blue one and the lights are mesmerizing. The vortex is so cool too it doesn’t splash any liquid out and blends protein powder perfectly/helps swirl water around to clean the bottle. I got some green coffee bean powder and a bunch of flavored protein powders and this has really helped me with my workouts. I have no complaints, super happy I found this for the price.

  3. M

    Mario Mendoza

    Like the product

  4. W

    William J. Sagaser

    so far so good , mixes just fine and holds a charge for good time

  5. b


    I honestly love this shaker. It has an amazing design and it’s so easy to use. All my friends at the gym are envious. I pour my pre workout supplement into my shaker while the motor is running, and it has really made the whole thing a fun experience, every time. On top of all that, the VOLTRX customer service team is top notch. They reply very quickly and are informative as well as friendly. I see this as the future of gym shakers, it saves you time while also mixing your supplements better than shaking by hand would.

  6. B


    Would’ve been a great product because it was a really nice mixer. Only lasted three months though, so now I’m back to manual protein shaker. You get what you paid for right.

  7. E


    I wanted something that would mix my protein smoothy, unfortunately after a month use, the motor got weaker and weaker until it stopped working. Knowing that the return date had past, I contacted through the company directly to see if they could do anything about it and they kindly gave me a whole new Voltrx Shaker Bottle for free!
    Overall, love the bottle although the motor gave out but their customer service is great!

  8. T

    Tod Jeffers

    Purchased this for my son for his 11th birthday and he was super excited about it. He is a big hit at school with it. There was an issue with the bottom and I reached out to VOLTRX for support and they were awesome, no questions and sent me a new one. Truly amazing service. If you are looking for a mixer like this…you can’t go wrong.

  9. K


    Very well worth the money.

  10. R


    I use this 3x times a day for my protein and I am in love with it. No more shaking and hoping that the powder will be completely broken up. This mixer just guarantees smoothness. I’ve given up on regular shaker bottles (only as an absolute emergency) and will recommend this to all my friends. One charge lasts a long time and even charging the unit is very quick. Even at the 30 second spin length, it will even break up 2x 90cc scoops of protein. Will buy again if this breaks (which I sure hope won’t)!!

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