Massage Gun | Percussion Massager | Muscle Massager | VOLTRX MuscleBoost Pro



  • 30 Speeds: 400 to 3300 percussions per minute
  • LCD display,smart touch button
  • High frequency vibration, deep massage
  • Four kinds of massage head, suitable for different body part
  • charging once, can be used for 8 hours
  • Silence motor,fast heat dissipation and high performance

30 Speed Adjustment:

  • 1-6 speed: Light massage
  • 7-12 speed: Middle massage
  • 13-18 speed: Muscle awakening
  • 19-24 speed: Fascia relaxation
  • 25-30 speed Professional mode

Package Included:

  • 1 x Muscle Massage Therapy Guns
  • 6 x Interchangeable head attachments
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Storage Bag




VOLTRX Massage Gun | Percussion Massager | Muscle Massager | VOLTRX MuscleBoost Pro


VOLTRX Massage Gun | Percussion Massager | Muscle Massager | VOLTRX MuscleBoost Pro

VOLTRX Massage Gun | Percussion Massager | Muscle Massager | VOLTRX MuscleBoost ProVOLTRX Massage Gun | Percussion Massager | Muscle Massager | VOLTRX MuscleBoost ProVOLTRX Massage Gun | Percussion Massager | Muscle Massager | VOLTRX MuscleBoost ProVOLTRX Massage Gun | Percussion Massager | Muscle Massager | VOLTRX MuscleBoost Pro

  • Quantities limited; no rain checks
  • Brand Name: VOLTRX
  • Function: Muscle massage, body slimming
  • Material: Composite Material
  • Name: Massage Gun
  • Working Time: 6 hours when full charged
  • Heads: 6
  • Rotating speed: 1800rpm-3200rpm
  • Rated Voltage: 24V
  • Battery Capacity: 2400mA

Why choose us ?

As featured in GQ, CNET, Runner’s World, Self, Men’s Health as the top tech in health and wellness.

How should i get start ?

Make sure your massage device have been charged up to 6 hours before first use.

Start it before making contact with the body-slowly .apply light pressure and move the massager across your body, then increase the pressure to adjust to the most comfortable state.

How to choose correct massage heads?

Ball Head: Mainly used for large muscle groups.

Flat: Suitable for all parts of the body, such as back and leg.

Fork Head: Mainly used for spine, neck and shoulder.

Bullet Head: Mainly used for joints, deep tissue and trigger points.

Air Cushion Head/ Pot Type Head: Mainly used for soft tissue and sensitive muscle groups.

VOLTRX MuscleBoost deep muscle stimulation provide by vibration can deliver all of the following benefits:

Ease soft tissue pain Stimulate muscle growth.

Accelerate muscle recovery Enhance range of motion quickly.

Improve blood circulation Improve muscle responsiveness.

Release lactic acid.

Choosing the right massage head for targeted muscle treatment.

Move VOLTRX MuscleBoost Muscle Massager slowly when treating, don’t treating the same body part more than 2 min.

Should not use it on your head, bony area ,open wounds, or genital area.


Additional information


Black, Silver, Gold, Carbon Black

Add Charging Base

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  1. E

    Elizabeth Jimenez

    Got this hand held percussion massager for my wife, it is phenomenal gift! nice cordless and variable speed, it works well and comes with different massage head for massaging different body parts, the Air cushion head really can be changed as two heads, easy and convenient to use! It helps to relieve her back pain and ease the knots in her back muscles…Great buy!

  2. G


    9 days delivery to Malaysia. So far tested to operate without problem.

  3. v


    Although other similar items on the market are costing quite a bit more, this massage gun came with everything I needed and has worked solidly since it arrived. I don’t know that you would gain anything from paying more for a similar device. I like that it came with a case to hold everything, it’s a nice touch; much better than having to find a way to organize/store the various attachments.

  4. E

    Emily N. Walsh

    This is awesome! My husband has been on the look out for one of these but the ones he’s wanted have been so expensive! This one works so well and is great for the price! I love the different attachments for different pressure and focused areas. I highly recommend this.

  5. S


    Love this! It is a great product that has brought me a lot of relief. It is a very durable massager and I was surprised how heavy it was but have grown accustom to that.Great massager gun!

  6. R

    Rachelle G.

    Very effective massager, it is a bit heavy, and there is a strong vibration. I constantly do massage to my husband for his back and neck pain, he also likes it very much, kneads all muscles well.Different attachments for desired body parts can massage the muscles more effectively. Really likes this percussion massager. I definitely recommend for purchase.

  7. B

    Beth Markel

    If you need deep massage at home, this is the massage gun of your choice. This massage gun is a bit heavy. So after a while, my hands were tired. However, the power of this massage gun is amazing.The massage gun itself has 30 intensity levels. That’s 30! It’s easy to adjust and has a bright screen showing your location. It charges quickly and has a battery life indicator. Effective for joint pain and any knots that require treatment. I heard that therapists use it too. This thing is worth buying.

  8. A

    Ashton Letch

    Works great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. A

    Ashton Letch

    Works great!!!!!!!!

  10. C


    I love it need to order a second !

  11. G


    Great product!!

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