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  Voltrx is the original creator of the world’s most advanced sports electric shaker bottle. We are the first company to set new standards for protein shaker bottles through eddy current mixing technology innovation.

  With so many protein shaker bottles, choosing the right bottle may be daunting. It is easy to convince you to choose a low-quality, low-cost protein shaker bottle, but you found us, and we are here to tell you why voltrx Is the only option.

  There are four reasons why you should not meet voltrx, because there are four reasons:

  Athletes serve athletes

  ProMiXX Eddy Current Mixer was created when the company’s founder and avid health and fitness enthusiasts participated in Olympic training. As a frequent visitor to protein shakes, he was frustrated with the poor performance of plastic protein shakes and determined to find a better solution.

  After several months of work and contact with other athletes, he found that there is an urgent need for a hybrid sports bottle with better performance, more sustainable use, better quality, and better appearance. After countless months of pursuit and collaboration with designers and athletes, voltrx was born.

  Today, for many years, voltrx has been the mixing bottle of choice for some of the world’s top athletes.

  A real improvement to existing products

  Sports nutrition is a huge market, and the community is one of the most popular markets. When you think the industry is worth billions of dollars, it’s hard to believe that low-quality plastic milk bottles are the standard for many protein milk bottles.

  For anyone who values ​​health and nutrition, the protein shaker bottle is undoubtedly a must. voltrx broke all expectations of this product. It completely exceeds all existing shaker bottles on the market.

shake my bottle

  But that was the situation at the time. Incredibly, as the original creator of vortex mixing technology and the first person to manufacture vortex mixing bottles, voltrx will dominate the field of sports nutrition. They have no similar products similar to the success of voltrx. The standard shake flask pales in comparison to voltrx. Since the market is flooded with similar products and other strange and wonderful ideas, voltrx is still the top choice of 750,000 users worldwide, despite the proliferation of new brands claiming that this is the only way to mix protein shakes.

  Relentless design evolution

  Voltrx’s team of design and engineering experts (and those freaks who think they are small) are not content to simply provide people with a world of mixed bottles that is different from the existing bottled world. Its mission is to continuously develop design. voltrx will continue to improve with every new model, customer/user feedback, and every new revolution in materials or electronics-anything we can improve in design will be discussed or already in use.

  Starting with the less noticeable voltrx, the original black vortex mixer, and the subsequent release of the same bottle in pink and arctic white in two different colors-until the latest release of voltrx XR, the most advanced agitator in the world The bottle-voltrx has always been ahead of the competition, our vision, vision and original design.

  Our bottle is unparalleled. No limit, no imitation!

  Voltrx’s IX-R

  A smoother and more delicious milkshake.

  The genius of   voltrx lies in its unique patented X blade. The rotating plastic blade is specially designed to create a vortex when charged in the bottle-a smooth foaming milkshake that can be mixed together instantly. The problem with the metal blade is that although you can achieve a smooth consistency, the delicate protein structure in the protein powder/whey protein will face irreparable damage. The voltrx X-leaf is invented to maintain the integrity of micronutrients and ultimately provide you with other more delicious smoothies.