Posted on: June 28, 2021 Posted by: voltrx Comments: 0
electric bottle shaker

  To be honest, I have never mixed protein powder so well. This electric shaker bottle is incredible and easier to clean than other shakers.

  Great electric shaker bottle product, carefree and easy to clean. Great value for money! There are no protein chunks. Be sure to release the water first.

  This is a very good electric protein shaker product. It does not leak and is very easy to clean. Again, it is a very powerful product. I will definitely buy this protein shaker bottle electric again. The only complaint is that if you put too many cups in it, your protein powder will stick to the top of the cup. If you put the powder first, it will get stuck at the bottom of the cup, but to be honest, it’s not enough to attract attention.

  I use this protein shake mixer product to make my protein powder, and the effect is 1000 times better than the shake flask I used before. There is no pure power at all. No need to shake the ball to clean is also a big advantage! This electric shaker bottle product is highly recommended!