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massager for cellulite

  How can athletes who use rotational muscles use the massagger to loosen their muscles?

  The massage gun is beneficial for athletes who use rotational techniques, such as golf, tennis, and baseball.

  Basically all sports use rotation, but especially those that involve cross-sectional movements of the body, which use specific muscles: sagittal muscles (straight forward movement), as well as frontal muscles (left and right side movement), and cross-sectional muscles (rotational movement).

  Now we use the massager machine to deal with these key muscles.

  First, the medial thigh adductor muscle group, followed by the lateral hip flexor broad fascia tensor, which links the skeletal tibial bundle, followed by the relaxation of the deep hip rotators.

  With massager wand, the adductors are released first

  The first muscle to be released with the massager wand is the adductor

  The medial thigh, find the pressure point (sensitive sore spot) and stay for 30 seconds to relax it, taking care of both muscle groups.

  massagger relaxes the vastus lateralis tensor fasciae

  Next, the vastus lateralis tensor fasciae

  Feel the external hip bone, to which the vastus fasciae tensor is attached

  Find the pressure point (sensitive sore spot) and stay for 30 seconds to relax.

  Then move down to the skeletal tibial fascia

  Usually the pressure points are in the upper, lateral and back of the thigh, focusing on those areas of sensitive soreness.

  Then the deep hip rotators

  Turning around you can see that the hip bone is also called the skeleton.

  We are going to use massager electric to stimulate the pear-shaped muscle inside deeply and find the pressure pain point to stay for more than 30 seconds to relax.

  Both sides of the rotator muscles should be massaged for relaxation.

  If your movement involves the transverse muscles (rotational movement), then focus on the adductors, broad fascial tensor, skeletal tibial fasciae and hip rotators.