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  The voltrx electric protein shaker series shaking cup adopts the classic design of the classic voltrx electric protein shaker, coupled with professional functions, which is convenient to maintain appropriate nutrition and moisture during travel. Manufactured by Eastman tritan, which does not contain BPA and phthalates, it is a durable, odor free plastic that can prevent residual taste.

  Protein shaker bottle makes today’s smoothie taste like last week’s protein milkshake. The contents and liquid in the bottle are sealed by a tightly threaded screw in cover, and the ergonomic flap can be closed firmly for shaking and transportation (suitable for most cup holders). Using the nozzle guard, the flip can be opened without touching the water outlet.

  Patented mixing system – using 316 surgical grade stainless steel blenderball mixer, which can move inside the protein mixer cup to smooth the mixture – makes it an ideal choice for protein milkshakes, smoothies, fiber drinks and meal substitutes. Wide mouth design, easy to add ingredients, and circular base ensure thorough mixing and easy cleaning. Embossed marks show ounces and milliliters for easy measurement anywhere. Blenderbolt Pro Series shake cups can also be used as water bottles.

  The protein shaker bottle met my expectations. My rating is based on overall appearance, quality and performance. The electric protein shaker bottle looks both sporty and solid, the parts look good and the performance is in place. I found that the protein shaker bottle can be continuously charged for several days, used many times, and charged quickly when the time is ripe. I’ve done partial charging and used it while charging.

  It must be fully charged before the first use, which takes several hours. I like the built-in battery pack and power cord of the protein shaker bottle. The charging port on the electric protein shaker bottle is covered and integrated with the company name on the mixing cup. Since you need to press and hold, it takes several times to master a single on / off button. Best electric shaker cup is a powerful mixer that can easily mix powders such as infant formula or protein powder. The protein mixer machine can also be easily cleaned by washing hands. I’ll also buy the protein shaker bottle.

  I haven’t used it for a long time, but the voltrx premium electric protein shaker bottle is definitely a convenient product. If the protein shaker bottle doesn’t break down for three months, I will say that the electric protein shaker cup is worth it.