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  The pace of modern society is very fast. In such a high-paced life, many people’s physical conditions are not optimistic. Many people are also aware of this problem, so they want to sign up for a fitness class or buy a membership, but they have no choice but to have limited time. So often the idea is only in their mind, and there is a plan that cannot be implemented.

  So, today we are going to teach you a simple and practical way to exercise. It does not require you to spend time to join any fitness class, nor does it need to spend high membership fees to join any club. You only need a chair. Yes, you read that right, just a very ordinary chair in our office or home can be a good fitness exercise. Here are a few exercises using the chair to exercise.

  1. Chair support exercise

  The two chairs are opened side by side, that is, in the same direction, leaving a space for one person in the middle. When starting the action, the person and the chair are in the same direction. In the gaps of the chair, it is not easy for people who have no training foundation to support their entire body, stretch their legs and make them 90 degrees to the body. It is not easy to maintain it for a few seconds.

  After familiarizing with this movement, we should cross the legs up and down on the original basis. The movement here should be gentle and not too hasty. Don’t slow down because it’s fast when you let go and it’s hard to lift up. Do this kind of movement in a gentle, average state. This movement should be performed in groups of 20 up and down at a time, three to five groups at a time, from small to large, from easy to difficult, do it slowly, not in a hurry. Panic.

  2. Simulate the movement of parallel bars with a chair

  This action also requires two chairs, but the direction of the chair should be reversed, that is, the chair should be placed back to back, and the person standing in the middle. In this way, the backrests of the two chairs form a model similar to parallel bars. We just need to look like Practice like that on parallel bars.

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  However, it should be noted here that not all parallel bars can be completed here. It is dangerous. After all, the double chairs are movable. If the parallel bars are not fixed on the ground, then actions like backflips cannot be done. Up.

  What can be done? We can also use both hands to prop up on the top of the backrests of the two chairs, standing in the middle of the two chairs, doing up and down exercises, this is very helpful for practicing our biceps.

  3. Push-ups

  There is only one chair here. What is back push up? It means sitting in front of the chair with your back facing the front of the chair, and then supporting the chair with your hands from behind, stretching your legs straight, and lifting your upper body with the strength of your hands, and putting it down is a process.

  The points to note here are that the legs must be straight, the hands must be stretched to the maximum, the whole body must be lifted, and attention must be paid in the process of lifting, do your best, and put it down in time if you can’t support it, because The arm supports the chair from behind to let the body move up and down. If you can’t hold it down, there is a risk of fracture, so you should stop at it.

  Conclusion: Today I’m sharing some small ways to exercise using a chair. You can try it out, but no matter what, exercise is a process of tempering one’s will. Fishing for three days and drying the net for two days will not make the climate, we want it. It is self-discipline, and only those who are self-disciplined are the winners in life.

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  I have some protein powder. It’s very thin and can’t be mixed with the spoon. The voltrx protein shaker bottle floats on the liquid. When I add bananas or frozen fruits, I use my Vita protein shaker bottle, but sometimes I just want to mix powder and milk. So I want to try Brandt. I suspect it is because I mentioned it just now, but I can’t tell you how happy I am. After making the milkshake, the powder was completely mixed together without any signs of lumps; it was just a smooth, creamy drink. This is a good thing.

voltrx Shaker Bottle

  Voltrx Shaker Bottle 20 ounces is enough for me, but it may be a bit small for some people. When you open the box, the size of the voltrx protein shaker bottle may surprise you.

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  All things are born as primates, except for men and women in this world, although they are all humans, they seem to be very different. The biggest difference is the physiological difference. Due to the physiological differences, boys and girls have different thinking. Thinking is the most basic basis for guiding a person’s behavior. Different thinking behaviors and the purpose behind the behavior are also very different. So when boys and girls are doing the same thing, it is very likely that they have different goals.

  At a time when everyone is clamoring for national fitness, fitness training has long become an integral part of many people’s lives. The size of the fitness crowd is growing every year. This growth is inseparable from men and women who love fitness. Don’t think that the gym is full of sweaty gents. In fact, female bodybuilders also account for a large part of them. Closer to home, then, what is the difference and difference between the purpose of male fitness and the purpose of female fitness?

  1. Get the difference in positive emotions

  Everyone in life produces negative emotions. These negative emotions come from all aspects of life. It may be work or family. However, negative emotions cannot surround a person at all times. Smart people have ways to vent negative emotions. Fitness training is one of them. Fitness is a way for many boys to release stress. The release of strength through strength training can get rid of mental exhaustion, and thus get emotional relief. It is unavoidable to say that it is a bit bitter and sad.

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  The girls are a little different. Most of their negative emotions are talked to the same sex, or dumped to their spouse. Speaking of it, this is really a clever method of transferring negative emotions, which makes people feel a little embarrassed. Therefore, although girls can get positive emotions while exercising, this is not the purpose of their fitness. To a large extent, fitness training is just their habit.

  2. The difference in self-value enhancement

  Most people want their own value to be higher than others, and this is most obvious in men. Believe it or not, we see that in nature, males are always particularly conspicuous, especially in spring, the male bird with beautiful feathers always gets the priority to choose a mate. Its entity is now a human being. A good figure and strong muscles are obviously also bargaining chips to attract the opposite sex.

  The purpose of many boys’ fitness is self-evident, and to a large extent it is to get more high-quality attention from the opposite sex. Strong muscles and a stalwart figure are the purpose of their fitness. From being thin or fat to becoming a muscular man is a transformation that improves their own value. The purpose of fitness for girls is to improve their figure or maintain their health. Although it is also a manifestation of their own value enhancement, the purpose is not to attract the opposite sex. You must know that there are few boys in China who prefer European and American muscular girls.

  3, satisfy hobbies

  I have to say that fitness deserves several benefits in one fell swoop. People who love fitness must feel it. Not to mention satisfying their hobbies, but also improving their physical fitness, and enjoying the praise and admiration of others in the back. Therefore, regardless of whether men or women, fitness training is their hobby, it is often the same on this point, because fitness brings them the same happiness. In short, fitness training does not distinguish between men and women. Although they have different goals, they are all positive and self-improving.

  Finally, can you reveal what your fitness purpose is?

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  My son’s physical condition needs to shake three times a day. Today I am familiar with various electric shaker bottles. Almost everyone has completed the work, but because the mixer is different, it is painful to clean.

electric shaker bottle

  Other brands use relatively soft plastics, which will gradually corrode over time. The gods in the house know what it is, and there is no ball/whiskey/loose phenomenon. I was very impressed by the quality of voltrx, and most importantly, its mixing effect is very good! 7-year-old father approved!

  My only complaint is that the top is huge! I have attached a photo containing a 12-ounce thermos for your reference. However, this is really critical. Great product. Will buy more!

voltrx Shaker Bottle

  The answer to whether you can exercise without going to the gym is yes. But it depends on what your goal is to maintain a firm body shape. Let me share with you some solutions that can be used at home.

  Home exercise for beginners

  The goal of this beginner’s exercise program is to exercise the muscle groups that maintain core stability and core strength. You don’t need any special equipment. You can do it in one training session, or you can split them up several times a day.

  Set 2 to 3 sets of training, and repeat each set 10 to 12 times. If you can only do 4 to 6, that’s okay. Because the purpose of this is to make you tremble a bit during the last practice, which means it is in place. In each subsequent week, increase the repetition of each group until you can finally do 3 groups of 12 reps.

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  Here are four exercises to start a home exercise program:

  Push-ups: When doing push-ups, the correct posture is essential. I won’t go into details about the specific standards. Anyone who uses a bit of a snack will know how to learn from the overwhelming free videos. When you can do it 10 to 12 times without shaking the core instability, you move on to the next stage.

  Step squats: First do a set of simple step squats, which help strengthen the buttocks and thighs. If you can’t finish it, you can use a wall or chair to keep your balance. When you can do 10 to 12 retreat squats without support, try an up squat.

  Squat: Help build firm buttocks and thighs. Keep the hips clamped throughout the process. The feeling of sinking hips imagine that you are sitting on a chair. The two squatting methods in the picture below are correct, and feel for yourself which part is stronger.

  Plank support: Plank support exercises can strengthen the abdominal muscles and those that support the back. First maintain the flat position for 15 seconds. When you become stronger, advance to 30 seconds, eventually 90 seconds, and even load.

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  Shaker Bottle is mainly the material. Generally, the more expensive Shaker Bottle is very solid in your hand.

  Apart from this, I think there are roughly three types of Shaker Bottles.

  Multilayer Shaker Bottle

  Single layer Shaker Bottle

  Electric Shaker Bottle

  I use the multi-layer Shaker Bottle the most, and I have been using it all the time. There are usually 3 layers. One layer contains amino acids/granules/capsules for drinking water, and the other layer contains protein powder. The price generally starts at 30 yuan. The disadvantage is the capacity. Smaller, usually only about 450, and a bit cumbersome. We recommend the SMARTSHAKE signature Shaker Bottle. The price is about 30 yuan. The blender bottle Shaker Bottle is also very good. This brand specializes in Shaker Bottle, and there are many types, but the price is generally not Cheap.

  The single-layer Shaker Bottle is even the most common Shaker Bottle. The price starts at RMB 20. It is impossible to install anything except water at the same time. The advantage is that the capacity is generally larger, about 700ML. Some single-layer Shaker Bottles will have a similar The spring thing is convenient to break up all kinds of protein powder and amino acids. It is better than a simple stirring ball. I recommend Perfect Shaker’s superhero co-branded Shaker Bottle, which is for personal use, and the price is about 30 yuan.

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  Electric Shaker Bottle, the price is at least 50. It looks good, spicy chicken stuff. I regret buying it. It’s okay to use amino acids. It is basically impossible to open a little more protein powder or muscle building powder, and it is basically your own. Repair, cleaning is also very troublesome, it can’t be soaked in water, and it’s very inconvenient to get it to the gym. I bought one a long time ago, and if it breaks, I haven’t studied this spicy chicken stuff.

  My friends often give me some Shaker Bottles. Generally, I keep them for my own use or give them to others. The ones with a bad feel are given away at the gym. So I haven’t bought a few Shaker Bottles. Basically, I use them. Some mid-range gadgets, high-end ones that are more than 80 yuan or more, have basically never been used

voltrx electric shaker bottle

This Shaker Bottle belongs to the quality of one of the brand’s main series. The cup body is made of the brand’s unique Tritan Copolyester material, which has passed the quality inspection, does not contain BPA and phthalic acid, etc., providing the safest and safest use.

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  It contains an exclusive patented design spring stirring ball, as long as you simply pull up the water cup, the stirring ball in the bottle can break the protein powder, muscle building powder, etc., which are difficult to replenish muscle fitness supplements, so as to make it more It is easy to blend into liquid and easy to drink.