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   I have been using the same glass shaker bottle for many years. This is a gift I received when I first purchased a supplement. I like it so much that I didn’t even realize its shortcomings. As time goes by, its flaws become more and more obvious: when vibrating, the liquid leaks to mix the protein powder, and the protein powder does not completely dissolve. After noticing more and more sketches on the floor and gym equipment, I decided to order this pair of glass shaker bottles, one for the gym and the other for home exercise.

   Both containers are marked with the “VOLTRX” brand and belong to Amazon’s large product portfolio. The brand authorizes third-party manufacturers to produce products that can be used in various product categories, including clothing, beauty, household products, electronics, sports, and health. They are made in China, packed in strong recyclable cartons, individually sealed in low-density polyethylene bags, and secured in cartons. The type of packaging used seems to ensure effective resistance to various external factors that may interfere during transportation and storage, including humidity, mold, and dust. Each container with a capacity of 600 ml (equivalent to 567 g) is equipped with a gray “clam shell” nut, which is cut by movement, equipped with a handle (can also be used to hook some handles) and a convenient spout, It is also equipped with an airtight cap (also gray), but the color is lighter. No cleaning accessories and package leaflets.

   However, consumers found basic information on the label attached to the carton. Amazon page also provides more news, its rich text and image content accurately and organically describe the object, as if it is in your hands. On the packaging, the two glass shaker bottles are exactly the same, faithfully responding to the illustrations in the sales announcement. So I won’t describe them in detail, and only focus on their salient features. In most cases, they report the impressions accumulated during the use of these expenses in the past few weeks, hoping to let potential buyers know whether they meet their needs.

   The first thing that attracted people’s attention was the firmness of the container, which first came from the considerable thickness of the mouth and bottom. The firmness of the clear structure actually depends not only on the widely used materials, but also on the types of materials used. It is completely odorless and has the advantage of basically not containing toxic ingredients, such as phthalates and bisphenol a (the so-called ” BPA”). We are talking about polypropylene (a thermoplastic polymer). Because it looks completely non-toxic and recyclable, it can now replace polycarbonate and is an effective choice. The advantage of this material is that it will not degrade even after repeated washing, so it can be reused “indefinitely”. And although it is lighter, it has good impact resistance and thermal shock resistance. In fact, although the shaker is not suitable for being placed in a microwave oven, and its “natural habitat” cannot be found in the refrigerator, it can hold hot and cold drinks at the same time. It’s been so long. In fact, since there is no double wall, the insulation is not special, so the outer surface of the container tends to adopt the temperature of the liquid contained, and in some cases, slight condensation may be found. So, we have universal. In addition, the wide diameter (about 8 cm) also benefits us a lot, making various daily operations (filling, pouring, drinking, emptying, washing, etc.) easier. ). And you can not only introduce various liquids (including particularly strong liquids, such as yogurt or kefir), but also introduce some or all solid foods, such as smoothies, milkshakes, etc.

blender bottle stainless steel

   A closer look reveals the exquisite design and meticulous craftsmanship, completely flawless. There are even no burrs, bubbles, scratches, dullness, stains or other signs of defects; perfect sealing and no play or wobble also prove that the assembly of various components is impeccable. The transparency of the container indicates its considerable thickness, which is related to the technical quality of the constituent materials and is the source of the effective impact resistance, scratch resistance and general abrasion resistance recorded during the experiment. The exterior, opaque and non-slip surface ensures excellent adhesion, which can also be found on lids with rough exterior surfaces.

Generally speaking, the operability of the glass shaker bottle is obvious, not only because of its small size (all accessories are about 23 cm in height, and the largest obstacle point diameter is about 9 cm) and weight (about 200 grams), it also needs to be cut. Drop the cone shape and extend into the side groove for finger positioning. Its compactness makes it easy to place in the refrigerator as needed, not only can be conveniently transported through the handle of the lid or the inside of any bag, but also in the bottle cage of backpacks (and some backpacks), as well as various cars and strollers Transport in cup holders such as, wheelchairs, etc. Satisfactory portability and air tightness are ensured by the special nut provided, and it is also made of non-toxic polypropylene. Food-grade silicone gaskets are provided in a solid, water-tight sealed source, which can keep the sensory characteristics of the beverages in it, and will not be affected by the container inverted or possible shaking and mixing. The lid is easy to open and close, not only because it rotates very smoothly, but also because it opens easily. In fact, we mentioned that its outer surface is relatively rough, so it can be firmly grasped even if the hands are wet. Since this is a so-called “clamshell” hat, the movement context can be clearly seen from the comfortable nozzle. The comfortable nozzle is equipped with a hat with a larger diameter (approximately 2 cm), which is conducive to lowering. Liquid during the drinking phase. In short, this is an embodiment, even during high-intensity sports or competitions, it is easy to drink beverages and rations according to the dosage. This does not mean that the glass shaker bottle is specifically designed for sports purposes. In fact, in the lower area of ​​the two different spiral compartments, one is divided into four parts to accommodate various pill types, and the other is used for powder without internal separation, which makes it a wide range of versatility. The graduations (in millimeters and fluid ounces) that help to engrave on the transparent outer wall of the container. With this indicator, you can pour an appropriate amount of liquid into the container for proper mixing, and then monitor the amount of residual solution while drinking. This means that not only supplements, but also medications or soluble foods taken during the day can also be placed in the two lower compartments, because as I determined, thanks to the spherical protein bottle provided, even those powders that are not easily soluble It can also be dissolved. Following the recommended dosage and shaking the vibrator vigorously for at least 30 seconds, I almost always get a mixture with almost no foam, almost no lumps and suspended particles. To be precise, when placed on a supporting surface, the container has excellent stability, thereby improving the functionality of the container, mainly due to its flat bottom, regardless of whether two additional compartments are used or no compartments are used . It should also be celebrated. It is easy to clean, can be cleaned on the upper rack of the dishwasher, and can be cleaned manually with any brush even if the size is large, because its wide and rounded corners can promote its deep movement. Considering that, at least so far, the composition material of the bottle cap and the composition material of the bottle cap do not seem to be significantly degraded, so it is necessary to perform some simple steps, which allows the bottle to be reused indefinitely. Final consideration.

   As a person who has no expertise in the commodity field, I believe that this article is made of high-quality materials, advanced technology, and can be used for a long time. In my opinion, this did not cause an allergic reaction. I think it is quite satisfactory in terms of function and versatility. This is actually the result of the design scheme. I also believe that because of its obvious refinement and refinement, it fully satisfies the aesthetic appeal. One of the main signs is the exquisite craftsmanship and finishing.

   I think these qualities are enough to support the current market price of this glass shaker bottle (13.33 euros); I believe that the unit price of about 6.67 euros is actually fair and competitive. I made it clear that my assessment did not take into account the lack of documentation in the report, because it was only related to the packaging delivered to me for testing.

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  These protein shake blenders are well-made and versatile. There is an extra screw on these cups or compartments. Screws or screws are fixed at the bottom, you can install protein powder or tonic, dry and fix it until needed. These balls with agitator can mix any powder thoroughly without any effort.

  If someone takes noon medicine, especially those that need to be taken with food, this will be a perfect solution. Simply put the meal replacement powder into the bottle, put the medicine into the screw in the cup, and then simply add the liquid and shake it to easily solve the medication situation in the meal.

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  I’m not sure I want to use blender bottles and solid balls as a morning milkshake, but this is a better protein shake blend than my old blender bottles-and no lumps. Screwing is easier than my old glass shaker bottle. I like to store the protein powder and almond milk or water separately. Each part is washed in the upper level of the sink.

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  If you are a sports enthusiast, you will find a problem, that is, muscle soreness sometimes occurs after exercise! Especially after some heavy-load exercises, the phenomenon of muscle soreness is very obvious, so what should I do about muscle soreness after exercise? In fact, if you want to avoid soreness, prevention is the key, and stretching is the key.

  1. Why do muscle soreness occur after exercise

  I believe that many people have experienced this distress. After long-distance running or squatting, there will be pain in the thigh or calf, which is very uncomfortable. So why does this phenomenon occur after exercise? This is because during exercise, our body will produce lactic acid due to the movement of muscles, and the discharge of lactic acid is not simple, it must be discharged through reasonable stretching exercises.

  For the human body, lactic acid is not a good thing. It can not only cause the appearance of soreness, but also cause the body’s exercise capacity to decline, muscle stiffness and other hazards. Therefore, everyone must take precautions in advance and expel it in time after the accumulation of lactic acid. .

  2. What to do with muscle soreness after exercise

  We have already said before, what should I do if my muscles are sore after exercise? Prevention is the key, stretching is the key. In other words, before exercising, we must take preventive measures, such as adequate preparations. Proper preparation for exercise can make the body quickly adapt to the exercise environment, avoid some discomforts in the body, and the body can exercise better, and the amount of acid products produced is also reduced.

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  Secondly, it is necessary to carry out appropriate stretching exercises, which is the most important thing. Since stretching is so important, how to stretch after exercise has become the focus.

  1. Calf stretch

  First, our body is in a lunge posture, and then the forefoot of the front leg is lifted. At this time, our calf muscles can feel the stretch. Keep the movement for about 30 seconds. Change the legs and perform 2 to 3 times on each leg.

  2. Thigh stretch

  Thigh stretch, mainly for the quadriceps. First we stand on the ground, then bend one leg, stretch the calf back, grab the ankle and pull back. At this time, we can feel the stretch on the front side of the thigh. It lasts for 20 to 30 seconds, and the left and right legs alternate.

  3. Back stretch

  When doing back stretching, we can find an object about 1 meter high, then put our hands on the object, bend down and press down, when the back feels stretched, stay for a few seconds, and then recover.

  In addition to stretching, you should also massage the main muscles, which can accelerate the decomposition of lactic acid. Under normal circumstances, we mainly use kneading to massage the main muscles from top to bottom. At the same time, it can also Perform proper pats. Muscle soreness after exercise is basically due to our lack of stretching. Through the above-mentioned stretching methods, I believe that everyone can well eliminate soreness.

  Conclusion: What to do with muscle soreness after exercise? Prevention is the key, but stretching is the key. Before exercise, necessary preparation activities must be carried out. After exercise, we also need to stretch key parts such as thighs, calves, back, etc., so that we can feel more relaxed, and it can also effectively prevent the appearance of soreness. I hope this article can help you. What other methods do you think can quickly eliminate fatigue? Feel free to comment below.

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  Voltrx protein bottle is the perfect mixture of protein powder, and it is very easy to clean. Almost 99% of the cleaning is only water. If you decide to clean the next day, you only need soap. It is recommended to wash it on the day of use, because the protein powder remains clean after 5 days, which will make the voltrx protein bottle smelly. But if you are an athlete who trains at least three times a week, the time is still very long. I would definitely recommend this brand and voltrx protein bottle people to see a great mixer. The vibrator itself is the best design IMO, because I have used other shapes, and they tend to mix protein powders not very well.

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I like to use this protein shaker bottle to make protein shakes. I usually mix a scoop of powder with 8-12 ounces of vanilla almond milk. This kind of electric shaker bottle helps the two to mix evenly, so no thick lumps are left. Easy to use, clean and water-proof. I happened to get a defective golden protein shaker bottle. I know mine is a fluke, because the company immediately sent a replacement, the golden bottle is perfect. Very good products, backed by excellent prices and excellent customer service. highly recommended.

voltrx protein shaker bottle

  I like to use this protein shaker bottle to make protein shakes. I usually mix a scoop of powder with 8-12 ounces of vanilla almond milk. This kind of electric shaker bottle helps the two to mix evenly, so no thick lumps are left. Easy to use, clean and water-proof.

voltrx protein shaker bottle

  Temperament can be said to be invisible and intangible, but as a member of the lower-headed army, it definitely does not match the temperament. It takes a long time. There is ugly fat on the back of the neck, which is called rich white, the birth of this ugly thing. The temperament has fallen to the bottom and cannot rise. Today, we will use yoga as a springboard to launch a series of actions to save the bowed race. In order to let the sisters of the lower-headed race leave their mobile phones, hold their heads high, and exude the breath of a goddess inside and outside, exercise is not only a slogan, but also a thorough steadfastness. Share three practical yoga, I hope everyone will do well.

  01 How to perform low lunges and how to exercise well

  1. Perform an inhalation exercise

  Inhale, take a step forward with your right leg, the sole of your foot supporting the ground, the heel of your left leg falls to the ground, and the tip of your toe supports the ground.

  2. Perform exhalation exercises

  When exhaling, the left pelvis sinks down, the knees are slightly bent, the hands are supported on the floor, the head is raised, the eyes look forward, and the exercise is maintained for 2 to 3 minutes, and then return to the Downward Dog Pose, switch sides to continue, each group 3 ~ 4 times.

  Temperament is not innate. Yoga can improve the aura by practicing ballet and body shape training. Of course, the simplest and easiest to operate is yoga! Just like ballet, you have to grasp it from an early age. It needs talent. Yoga doesn’t need to be so troublesome. Xiaobai can also start.

  02How to continue the half-dove sport, and according to different movements

  We still use the summer dog pose to enter the half-dove pose. When inhaling, bend the knee forward with the left leg and place the left leg on the front yoga mat. The left leg should be as parallel to the hip as possible. Bend your right knee slightly, leave your calf off the ground, and support the ground with your toes. Hold for 8-10 breaths, and practice 5-8 times on the other side. The reason for the wealthy white is that people and mobile phones have not let go of their hands recently, and the method to prevent wealthy houses is also very simple. Occasionally take time out, raise your head, turn your neck, or buy a special massager for the cervical spine to relieve neck pressure.

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  The understanding of exercise to lose weight is also different, because exercise to lose weight is not as simple as you think, the main reason is that it requires your persistence. As long as you stick to it, you can see certain results. But many people have the trouble that they cannot lose weight. They may choose to diet to lose weight, but the effect is not so obvious. Even if there are obvious changes for a while, they will rebound in the future and become fatter than before. At the same time, dieting to lose weight is also harmful to your health, so this is not a good choice. Therefore, many people choose to exercise to lose weight. This is an exercise that can provide a good way for people who lose weight. This is a better exercise that is conducive to weight loss. But a certain method is needed. A good fitness method is the shortcut to lose weight. Therefore, there must be a good exercise method to better fitness.

  03How do we carry out the double-pigeon exercise?

  Withdraw from the final personal rituals, namely half-dove and double-dove. Bend your right leg with your knee, place your calf on your right knee, keep your head down, look forward, keep it still for 3 to 5 minutes, and practice on the opposite side 4 to 5 times. The styling effect of the double dove body shape is very good. Sitting improperly puts considerable pressure on the spine. This body shape can help us correct our sitting posture, sit gracefully, reduce spine compression, and bend over to improve our back condition. Sisters who have suffered from riches and nobles must not miss this posture.

  Many people have the trouble that they cannot lose weight. They may choose to diet to lose weight, but the effect is not so obvious. Even if there are obvious changes for a while, they will rebound in the future and become fatter than before. At the same time, dieting to lose weight is also harmful to your health, so this is not a good choice. Therefore, many people choose to exercise to lose weight. This is an exercise that can provide a good way for people who lose weight. This is a better exercise that is conducive to weight loss. But a certain method is needed. A good fitness method is the shortcut to lose weight. Therefore, there must be a good exercise method to better fitness.

  Conclusion: People with good temperament can wear simple stalls and the feeling of wearing millions of famous brands. People with bad temperaments can bend over and wear expensive clothes like a stall. So the training ground is a course that all women must learn.

voltrx Shaker Bottle

  We use Le-Val to develop this system. When we use our old electric shaker bottles, their milkshakes always clump. Leaking roofs is also a common problem.

  brand Voltrx quickly and easily solved these two problems. When you seal and twist the top, you can feel a comfortable fit. Use a heavy blow to seal the spout. Really safe (use 2 thumbs).

  We bought “classic” voltrx blender bottles, which are very good for us. Recently, we have seen that the high-tech Shaker Bottle looks really cool and provides better grip. If you are a gym rat, you should check this lineup.

gym water bottle

  I like. I have a smaller version, I use this instead of my fattening milkshake, it contains a lot of big ingredients and helps break any obstacles you may have. If you can use crushed ice, it also helps. The small handle on the lid is very convenient and easy to clean. I like flip-top beverage lids. Without grooves, I can get stuff stuck in it and clean it up later. I bought the black variety for aesthetic reasons, the price is 10/10. Willing to report abuse

Shaker Bottle price

  Voltrx protein shaker is a good material, claiming that BPA is free, I can’t test it out, so I trust the company. In general, the protein shaker is very useful for what I need. It’s actually much more than I thought. 28 ounces is quite large. Easy to clean and use, including stirring balls.

  This is definitely a perfect voltrx protein shaker bottle. I like this handle, so when I wake up in the gym, it feels good to carry… and this protein shaker bottle is easy to clean, without the unpleasant smell, just like other cheap juice bottles.

voltrx Shaker Bottle

  My protein and amino acids are perfectly mixed with the stirring ball. I really like that the nozzle closes with a satisfying click. But if you use this black blender bottle, it is completely easy to drive back.

voltrx protein shaker bottle

  Nowadays, more people have higher requirements for their body. So for a woman, what is the representativeness of a good body? Except for the well-known vest line, it is the hip. I believe everyone has heard the saying, “No buttocks don’t work out. If you don’t have a buttocks, you can’t see that you have a good habit of fitness.”

  Many people will inquire about more lazy weight loss methods on the Internet, which means that they can be done well indoors, because they don’t want to go to the gym or don’t have time to go to the gym, or there is no gym around where they live. At this time, indoor lazy exercises will be more convenient, but you must not underestimate the weight loss effect of these indoor lazy exercises.

  1. Side lunge

  The action is very simple. First of all, we need to stand naturally. When standing, we should pay attention to three points, raise our heads and tuck our abdomen. Take the left foot about a step to the left, and then quickly return to where you started. Then he changed his right foot, and took about one step, and quickly returned to the starting position.

blender shaker bottle

  This action is equivalent to an active action. If you have HIIT experience, you have seen him in many videos, which can make our body quickly adapt to the rhythm of the movement. It’s simple and easy to use. Basically, after doing a few back and forth, you can feel the fever in the whole body. Even the muscles and bones can be stretched along with it. At the beginning, there is no need to pursue speed, but to pursue the standard of movement.

  2. Sofa squat jump

  As the name suggests, we need to use the sofa. First, we need to stand in a standing position, and then sit on the sofa slowly, so that we can put our hands behind our heads at this time. The back movement is very important. First, you need to be straight, and then slightly reverse the bow. It is safer to choose a sofa with a backrest, sit in the deepest part of the sofa, and then use explosive force to make yourself jump up.

  3. Hip bridge

  This is a very common indoor training exercise for lazy people. Lie flat on the bed, then bend the knees and touch the soles of the feet to the ground. At this time, your arms can be placed on both sides naturally. Then slowly lift your hips up to the position of your knees. Here you should pay attention that the abdominal muscles should be in a state of tension at all times. Feel the contraction of our hip muscles naturally.

  The hip bridge is a good exercise for the buttocks. Freehand training will be more convenient and there is no possibility of overload. Except for the hip joint, there are no other joints in the body, so they will not cause damage to the joints. This action can last for one minute each time, and then rest for another 30 seconds. Exercise in bed is the most suitable way of exercise for lazy people. Just set aside five minutes before going to bed to do a hip bridge.

  Conclusion: The indoor lazy training methods mentioned here are more suitable for some beginners who exercise buttocks. If we want to have a more perfect body, want to have a more warped buttocks, then more still need to assist some other equipment. What benefits can hips bring to our body? Not only will the visual effect be better, wearing a dress in summer, even if you wear flat shoes, can also bring you the effect of wearing high heels.

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  It is always said that money should be spent on ideas. For most young men today, it seems that they have never seriously considered this issue. Their pockets are either used as a love fund or used for entertainment, but few people really really Is concerned about the construction of all aspects of their own.

  For boys, as long as the money spent is on the right path and where it can increase personal value, it is not a waste. This is what they consider when they spend money on cosmetics and beauty-their own value. Then there is one way for boys to maintain and build their own value right now, which is fitness. All you have to do is to know where and how to spend. Now let’s take a look at where the money that boys need to spend on fitness is in the end.


  Although fitness can be practiced at home, it is not good to practice because one cannot have comprehensive equipment at home, and there is no training atmosphere. If only these two items are insufficient, half of the people will not be able to persist. Fitness, mindfulness is not the key to persistence. In the future, there will be more and more gyms and more and more professional. As far as the current cost is concerned, it will take a little over one thousand and five to get an annual card in a similar gym. There may be a year for free when there are activities. Professional equipment, positive atmosphere, training is over.

  Fitness supplement

  Fitness supplements are actually a dispensable existence in the whole muscle gaining process. Maybe many people have deified fitness supplements, thinking that they can grow muscles and are indispensable by eating them, but they are not. Common fitness supplements are nothing more than protein powder, muscle-building powder, branched-chain amino acids, creatine, nitrogen pump, etc., a bucket of protein powder or muscle-building powder, the average bodybuilder eats almost 4 buckets a year, an average of 300 per bucket , A total of 1200. The branched-chain amino acid, creatine, and nitrogen pumps are selected according to personal circumstances. The annual consumption of each type will not exceed 2 barrels, with an average of 150 per barrel. If you count 2 barrels of each type, 900 is enough.

workout shaker bottle

  Nutritious meals

  As everyone knows, the most important nutrient that muscle gainers need to take in is protein. Now that the living conditions are better, the acquisition of protein can be said to be as simple as breathing. If you don’t want to satisfy your appetite, but simply want to add protein, then eggs are a great choice. In addition, the chicken breast is also very good. Excluding the normal diet, the nutritional cost is less than 50 yuan a month, which is only 600 a year.

  Fitness coach

  Novices who have never been in fitness, may need a fitness coach in the first few months, but I personally feel that it is not necessary. Watching more fitness videos or looking for a gym brother to take exercises can pass the novice period. The enlightenment fee for the fitness coach is more than the above, and it is about 3,000 for a few classes, but it is not necessary.

  Adding up all the above expenses is no more than 6,000, an average of 500 per month for 12 months, only 16 yuan a day, excluding the cost of hiring a coach, less than 10 yuan a day. So “what’s wrong with boys’ fitness costs?” It’s really just a little bit. Don’t think that fitness costs a lot of money, and it’s still used to build your own value. When it is enough, you will understand that this little money is really not lost.

  What needs to be mentioned is that many people now advocate the “uselessness” of fitness, and they still focus on girls. They say that girls don’t like muscular men, and girls feel that their muscles are terrible, and so on. May I ask, are so many boys doing fitness exercises to win women’s favor? Acknowledge that a minority is for this purpose, but most boys who insist on fitness are passionate about fitness.

  Don’t you see the power zone sweating like rain, thunder can’t move, refusing to talk about sao, never dating, smashing a real man. If it weren’t for true love, who could be so day after day. Therefore, we bodybuilders don’t care about the remarks that fitness is useless. They don’t understand the charm of fitness. If you are not even willing to use this money on yourself, is it possible to save money to contribute bags and lipsticks? Wake up, young man.