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What do you drink in a shaker bottle?

  The invention of protein shake mixer is really a small miracle. It makes protein powder more silky, but it doesn’t seem so useful to spend a lot of money for a bottle that seems to have only one purpose, right?   What if we told you that breaking down protein powder is just one of the […]

Is protein shaker necessary?

  Many people who are new to fitness are thinking that it’s good for me to mix any bottle of my protein powder. Why buy a shaker cup for this purpose? With such questions, some fitness lovers will tell you that exercise and fitness are good for your health. Having a healthy body is more important […]

No other product is better than voltrx

  I started using my first vortex electric protein shaker in 2019, so it’s been three years now. It was high school when I got it and put it away after I used it. Recently got it out again and now use it daily. I have seen comments about broken bottoms, but this vortex blender bottle […]

What a great electric juice blender bottle!

  I love VOLTRX products and I was so excited when I bought this electric protein blender bottle. When I first used it, I had protein shakes everywhere and I realized it was because I didn’t close it properly at first. However, even after mixing it properly there were no leaks and I opened it and […]

The best automatic blender bottle I own

  I like my cold water to stay cold. The electric portable blender bottle is a great color, very sturdy, good quality and I recommend it to my family and friends. This is my first purchase from voltrx.   I really like this amazon blender bottle 28 oz. It doesn’t leak at all. It’s easy to put […]

Favorite electric protein blender ever!

  My favorite electric blender shaker bottle, especially for its smooth look! The portable electric shaker holds 24 ounces of water and has a small blade inside to mix any protein powder or additive you want. All in all, it’s still great!   This is a nice electric shaker for gym. it looks cool and is fun […]

I like the design of voltrx

  I love this electric shaker bottle. the new ergonomic design keeps the powder from sticking to the bottom of the cup itself, and the stirring blade at the bottom makes it easier to mix the powder perfectly. The lid of this bottle is completely leak-free and can be thoroughly cleaned in the dishwasher. This is […]

A nice electric blender bottle adds a new flair to my morning.

  I love this vortex shaker bottle! This thing is made of something very durable and the lid seals well with absolutely no leaks. The vortex protein shaker is even tolerable for my kids to carry around with them.   Great electric shaker bottle. The portable electric blender bottle is a great size and I love the […]

I commonly use the electric protein shaker.

  The VOLTRX products are not like a regular shaker bottle, they just have the dimensions on the side. The lid is easy to open, but I find that if you push the button, the electric mixer parts really well! So far the automatic shaker machine hasn’t leaked, which is a plus.   I bought this protein […]

Best Electric Blender Bottle.

  The 28 ounce best electric blender bottle is the best bottle for pre or post workout mixing. This is a very sturdy electric blender bottle walmart that is easy to read in ml and oz measurements. The mixing blade is a sturdy part that is very easy to clean. It also mixes powder and water […]