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Protein shaker bottle can mix creatine and protein well

  According to research, it is better to take creatine and protein at the same time. Because supplements are often used to prepare for exercise, they help prevent injuries and accelerate recovery after training. When you supplement your diet to improve your exercise, you want to take supplements when they provide the greatest benefit. For protein […]

Want to lose weight? Drinking protein powder can help you.

  All the beauties who want to lose weight look at it. It is well known that obesity not only hurts the body, but also affects the external image. Although we always advocate not to worry about your body, good health and good image will add points to your work and life.   Many people want to […]

Making a different protein shake with blender bottle shakers?

  Protein milkshake is a popular dietary substitute. It is a way to supplement energy after exercise and even help you recover. But now protein milkshakes are only available with or without sugar. Some have a variety of fruit flavors, but many people don’t like these single flavors. They like to make their favorite milkshake with […]

How do you use a shaker bottle with protein powder?

  With people’s pursuit of health, more and more people like to use protein powder, vitamins and other things that are good for human function. According to scientific research, many people are in a sub-health state, so fitness and maintenance is particularly important. The birth of portable electric protein shaker bottle has also changed people’s way […]

How to use the electric protein mixer?

  Many people who have just come into contact with the protein shaker blender bottle do not know how to use the shake bottle. Now, I, the shaker bottle expert, will tell you the correct opening method of the best protein mixer. Well, actually, the shaker is quite simple to use.   Step 1: fill the electric […]

What makes a protein Shaker ?

  Anyone who walks into the gym, group fitness class or community park on Saturday morning has seen one or two protein shaker blenders. These bottles are small and quiet. They can smoothly mix your favorite protein powder or pre exercise supplement with your favorite liquid to help you maintain proper energy before, during and after […]

What makes our protein shake mixer electric different?

  Now you will find dozens of protein shakers of different models, different quality, different colors and different materials in the market. Indeed, many of these blender bottle protein Shakers can complete the work, but they all seem to have slight design defects. When designing our protein shake mixer machine, we tested many products for ourselves […]

What should the best protein shaker and mixing cup look like?

  Are you looking for the best protein shake mixer bottle on the market this year? But I don’t know how to understand, because every brand says its own protein shaker bottle blender is the best. Indeed, if it is not good, others will not produce it, because they know that people now pursue a high-quality […]

Why is voltrx the best protein shaker?

  If you want to keep fit, you need protein and a proper diet so that you can stay healthy. Shaker bottle blender is one of your fitness products. The shake bottle is portable and easy to use. With these shakers or cups, you can easily make a protein shake. You can use these shakers in […]