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Perfect for a morning breakfast shake!

  I love breakfast shakes in the morning because I have a very sensitive stomach, but they are big packets. I use 2% milk and I need a big electronic shaker for this. I like that this electric shaker for gym is solid heavyweight plastic and not metal so I don’t have to replace it or […]

The voltrx was exactly what I needed.

  This is a super useful electric portable blender bottle. It has many uses. I love using the electric protein blender bottle to prepare my powdered drinks. I no longer have to take it out and mess up my blender to make sure my powdered supplements dissolve in smoothies, smoothies and water.   This personalized electric blender […]

Great protein shaker bottle

  This vortex electric protein shaker is really great for outdoor use. I take it to the gym for pre-workout prep and protein shakes. The vortex protein shaker amazon mixes my drinks well without any clumps. And the promixx electric shaker bottle inside the ball works very well, ensuring no powder or clumps are left behind. […]

Love volrx. best brand.

  I am obsessed with electric blender bottles. recently this electric shaker bottle was knocked off the counter and my dog survived trying to eat it. I thought it had tiny teeth marks all over it, but it still looks new!   It’s amazing how well this electric protein shaker can mix my drinks! I used to […]

Awesome when the electric protein shaker bottle is working. 

  Electric shakers work great when it works and mixes well. It’s been working great since I got it. When the electric shaker bottle works, it is spectacular. If you use it to mix powdered drinks, it is very good.   The electric blender bottle is easy to use and mixes well. It’s also easy to clean, […]

Interesting electric bottle shaker

  The cocktail shaker electric is great for making protein drinks as long as the motor, batteries, and plastic rotor last. A protein shaker with electric mixer is better than a shaker with a whisk and is fun to use and watch. Cleaning any container like this isn’t fun per se, but this shaker electric is […]

The magic blender for pre-workouts, protein shakes, all.

  If you’re like me, you’ve tried all the ways to mix your drinks and shakes. I have a lot of protein blender bottle electric. metal balls, spiral shaped, provided free by the supplement company. Regardless of shape or size, they are difficult to mix completely, leaving small pieces behind. Even blender bottles like Huel leave […]

Top electric shaker

  I love the design of this best electric protein shaker! It looks sleek and has a holder for my protein powder that can be used or removed. The portable blender is rechargeable and has a one year warranty, so get it!   Any vortex electric protein shaker I buy like this one always breaks or doesn’t […]

Great product! Works great!

    I bought this electronic blender bottle for my husband as a Christmas gift. I have to say it was worth it! He really likes this electric blender water bottle. it’s easy to clean and not too heavy. He mixes his own stuff in it.   The protein is in there. When the protein shake mixer electric […]

My favorite voltrx electric shaker bottle.

  So voltrx has raised the bar. They took my favorite electric protein shaker bottle and made it even better. The new shape, the rubber variation on the carrying ring, and the ease of opening and closing made me brag to all my friends that I bought another bottle. I highly recommend this brand. I have […]