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  The VOLTRX massage gun is very helpful for CrossFit fitness athletes, warming up before training, speeding up recovery after training, and so on.

  This time I will take everyone to pay attention to some of the key areas that need to be paid attention to before and after CrossFit exercise, including the middle and lateral gastrocnemius muscles, which can optimize ankle dorsiflexion, help squat lower, and also talk about the iliac-tibial band, adductor muscles, and pear shape. Muscles (rotators of the hips), chest muscles of the upper body, trapezius muscles on the shoulders, forearms (because weightlifting can cause these muscles to be very tight, so you must be fully prepared and rehabilitation)

  Use the VOLTRX massage gun to start with the gastrocnemius muscle

  Slide up and down on the back of the calf, avoiding the calcaneus, find the sensitive and sore area and stay there for 30 seconds, because 30 seconds of vibration and pressure will stimulate the muscle receptors, which will relax the muscles and help stretch the tissues. stretch.

  After processing both calves, loosen the iliac-tibial band.

  Use VOLTRX massage gun to process the iliac band

  Starting from the outside of the buttocks, go down the outside of the thigh, and stay at the tender point for 30 seconds. At this time, everyone should avoid the knee joints, hip joints and hip bones. After both sides are loosened, come to the hamstrings.

  Use VOLTRX massage gun to loosen the hamstrings

  The hamstring is a large muscle on the back of the thigh, first on the outside and staying at the tenderness point for 30 seconds; then in the middle, sliding up and down, staying at the tenderness point for 30 seconds, and the piriformis muscles are loosened on both sides

  Use VOLTRX massage gun to massage the piriformis muscle

  The front and back of the hip bone are called the ilia, and the piriformis muscle is deep in the hip and stays at the tender point for 30 seconds. The health of the piriformis helps the squat depth during CrossFit fitness and prevents excessive stress on the knees, hip joints and back.

  After sitting down, relax the upper body, first loosen the chest muscles to avoid the clavicle, shoulder and biceps junction, and the acromion. Use the VOLTRX massage gun to loosen only the chest muscles. The same stay at the tender point for 30 seconds.

massage gun deep tissue

  Next, measure the trapezius muscle on the shoulder, avoid the acromion, clavicle, and cervical spine, and use the VOLTRX massage gun to deeply loosen the trapezius muscle, which is very beneficial for warm-up preparation and sports rehabilitation.

  When relaxing the arm, replace the VOLTRX massage gun with a flat head to loosen the forearm.

  This helps in the recovery after lifting dumbbells, barbells or pull-ups in CrossFit.

  Use the VOLTRX massage gun to slide back and forth on the inside of the front half of the arm, avoiding the wrist bones and elbow joints, and acting on the deep flexors of the forearm. Stay at the tender point for 30 seconds.

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