Massage gun since last year began to catch on around the world, from various types of sporting events, we can see a lot of athletes in the match with massage gun to relax the muscles, massage guns in the United States, the NFL, NBA, MLB NHL professional sports teams, the European football club team, European and American professional athletes from all over the world, the United States Marine corps, IFBB professional bodybuilder, are widely used in sports enthusiasts.

Relaxation is an essential part of your post-workout routine. In addition to relieving fatigue from high-intensity exercise and relaxing your muscles, you can also give them a good rest and reduce pain. Before the advent of the massage gun, there were a number of relaxing devices, such as the fascia ball. These relaxation devices are designed to be self-controlled, and most people feel that if they don’t relax enough, their muscles will still feel tense. The massage gun is popular because it relies on a strong sense of vibration to relax muscles, and many people feel that buying a massage gun makes them look professional.

Massage gun is mainly used for high frequency shock therapy of fascia relaxation. The massage gun relaxes muscles and fascia more deeply and precisely than any other relaxation and treatment we do every day. The massage gun USES the principle of muscle resonance to strike and vibrate deep muscle tissue, thus accelerating blood circulation, relieving pain and accelerating recovery after injury. It is a powerful helper of rehabilitation physiotherapist, pain physician, masseuse, beautician, health therapist and other related personages.


The usage of the massage gun

1,  It has a certain local weight loss effect, muscle fat in the subcutaneous movement and consume a lot of fat and produce heat energy out of the body.

2, with the effect of relaxing tendons, activating blood circulation, clearing collaterals, degree massage, there is no personal professional technical personnel requirements.

3. Its high-frequency oscillations can penetrate deep skeletal muscles, making skeletal muscles instantly relax and the meridians, nerves and blood vessels instantly open.

4. Effectively avoid the skin contact between the hands of the masseuse and the skin of the patient, and avoid contact skin diseases.

The principle of the massage gun

College massage gun principle from deep muscle stimulation, is introduced from the United States in recent years, an effective method for treating soft tissue pain, through mechanical vibration on the deep muscle tissue, stimulate the proprioception function, which have the effect of effective in relieving muscle tension, so as to achieve the purpose of pain relief. Deep muscle stimulator has a maximum vibration frequency of 3600 /min per minute, with a depth of up to 20~60mm to directly hit the lesion, which can effectively relax the muscle spasm effect. It can also be used when you have cramps.

Through the massage gun, the vibration is transmitted to the deep fascia muscle, which can relax the fascia and reduce the muscle tension. The so-called muscle tension is the tension of the muscles when we are not moving. High-quality muscles should be strong, elastic, and relax freely. In some people, muscle tone is high, muscle relaxation is stiff, and the risk of injury is greater.

This is the body’s way of protecting muscles, and also the protective mechanism that prevents muscle recovery. In particular, some deep muscles are difficult to be touched by other instruments. After a workout, the muscles get tight, the joints get tight, it’s like the muscles are being held in one place, and when the muscles want to open up, it’s not only painful, it’s also constricting. The function of the massage gun is to spread out the fascia of the muscles in the tight area, so that the muscles can be stretched more easily without the sense of restraint after a workout.


Local muscle tension, contracture; Relaxation after exercise; Pain points in local muscles; Correcting postural abnormalities due to muscle tension; Such as patella chondromalacia release the lateral overtight muscle fascia, knee joint injury caused by the surrounding muscle spasm caused by tension pain and so on can be used.

How to use massage gun

Now the operation of the massage gun is very simple, the operation does not need to be explained too much. Mainly operationally, the massage gun follows the direction of the muscle, so memorize the anatomy of the muscle you want to relax. During relaxation, the massage gun should be applied to the muscles to make them resonate with the muscles and increase the permeability. Our principle is to push and move slowly, such as a dozen times and then move, each move a small distance. Choose a different tip depending on where you’re relaxing. A massage gun is a great way to relax and use it yourself if you can.

Precautions for use of massage gun

1. Massage guns are used to relax muscles. You can’t use massage guns to relax bones in the elbows, knees, head and back of the hand.

2. In places like our neck, where there are large arteries, under the armpits, and in places close to the blood vessels and organs, such as the abdominal cavity, massage guns should not be used.

3. The use time of massage gun is not the longer the better, it is recommended that the average use time is about 10 minutes.

4. For personal modified massage gun is not recommended to try, you can not guarantee the safety of your own modified manual version of massage gun, you can not get security guarantee.

How to choose a massage gun

There are many kinds of massage guns on the market now, ranging from tens to hundreds of dollars, but how to choose exactly, what kind of fitness for the average person needs.

Today’s massage guns typically come with four or six massage heads. The flat head, small round head and large round head are suitable for the relaxation of muscles of the whole body, while the spinal head is suitable for the massage of the spine. The bullet is aimed at the board point. The choice of massage gun looks at these two points.

1. Resistance frequency

When the machine stops running, we will put pressure on the massage head. If the massage gun can easily get stuck, the resistance frequency is not enough. The massage gun can’t relax well if the relaxation frequency is lower than a certain value.

2. Motor running sound

Every massage gun relaxes its muscles by vibrating. Because the core parts are rotating, if the internal parts of the massage gun do not match or are very rough, the sound will become very big, and the shelf life will be very short. Loud voices can also affect others.

You can combine these two points to choose a massage gun. You don’t need to pay attention to other points, such as bluetooth connection, which is not needed. Massage gun is only used to relax muscles.

What kind of person needs a massage gun

1. Athletic demand

Professional athletes can use a massage gun to relax their muscles during halftime or during intermission to prevent injuries and improve athletic performance. The same is true for most amateur athletes.

2. Fitness experts

In the gym, where some barbell trainers have sore muscles after a high-intensity workout and can’t deeply relieve or relax muscles with regular stretch relaxation, the massage gun is a good choice.


3. Sports enthusiasts

Massage guns are also a good choice for people who keep doing sports all year round, such as running, playing basketball, badminton, etc. Using massage guns during breaks or after exercise can quickly relax muscles, reduce the risk of injury, improve exercise status, and relieve fatigue.

4. The general population

For the general population, no matter what occupation, long-term work at the desk or physical work, the lumbar and cervical spine will be accompanied by a certain degree of strain, put a massage gun in the side often relax muscles, also has a very good relaxation effect.

The massage gun is easy to carry, easy to operate, and can be operated independently without the help of others. The popularity of the massage gun also reflects the growing acceptance and acceptance of the role of the massage gun. For some big strength trainers, muscle relaxation and rest have an important impact on athletic performance. But pay attention to the details when using a massage gun. Don’t use it on bones or near blood vessels.